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List of Adjectives

Adjectives are words that modify nouns. In Thai, they can function in two roles. We are already familiar with the attributive function from English. This is where the adjective modifies a noun which is part of a sentence that additionally has a predicate—a verb phrase.

What we don't have in English is the predicative role for adjectives. In Thai, any adjective can function as a standalone predicate, without needing an additional verb in the sentence. It's actually incorrect to use one of the copula words เป็น   /bpenM/ or คือ   /kheuuM/ (Thai versions of "to be") to join an adjective to a noun, like you would in English.

เด็กสบายยิ้ม  /dekL saL baaiM yimH/   (as an attributive adjective) The content child smiles.

เด็กสบาย  /dekL saL baaiM/   (as a predicative adjective) The child is content.
In Thai linguistics, adjectives are called คำวิเศษณ์  /khamM wiH saehtL/, which is usually translated as modifier. A detailed presentation of the Thai approach to this subject can be found in our reference article on modifiers, which is a translation of the relevant section from a classic Thai grammar textbook.

Below is a list of some of the adjectives in our online dictionary. To remind you of their dual functions, we insert the notation "[is]" at the beginning of each English definition of a Thai adjective. We have chosen this indicative form instead of the infinitive "to be" (which most Thai-English other dictionaries use) because it provides a better example of direct readability in the context of a larger, translated sentence.

ก่งก๊งgohngL gohngH[is] stunned, dazed, confused
กตัญญูgaL dtanM yuuM[Thai customary and dutiful kindness, deference, gratitude, and reciprocation towards elders] [is] deferential; grateful for
กตัญญูรู้คุณgaL dtanM yuuM ruuH khoonM[is] grateful, obligated, thankful
ก่นgohnL[is] absorbed in; [is] deep in; engrossed in
ก้นตะกรนgohnF dtaL grohnM[is] worthless; [is] a waste
ก้นร้อนgohnF raawnH[is] fidgety; unable to sit still; to have ants in one’s pants
กรรมนิยมgamM maH niH yohmMKammatic Buddhism
กรรมพันธุ์gamM phanM[is] congenital
กรอบgraawpL[of taste-texture] [is] crisp; crispy
กระจอกgraL jaawkL[is] shoddy; poor; inferior; low; base; cheap
กระจอก ๆgraL jaawkL graL jaawkL[is] very shoddy; very cheaply made
กระจ่างแจ้งgraL jaangL jaaengF[is] bright; gloriously; clear
กระชับgraL chapH[is] close-fitting; fastened firmly; [is] tight; [is] well-fitting
กระดากgraL daakL[is] shameful; embarrassed; abashed; shy; timid
กระดากใจgraL daakL jaiM[is] ashamed; abashed; embarrassed; disconcerted; humiliated
กระด้างgraL daangF[is] harsh; stiff; rough; coarse; crude; obstinate; rebellious; mutinous
กระดี๊กระด๊าgraL deeH graL daaH[is] jubilant; delighted; joyful
กระดูกgraL duukL[is] difficult to deal with; tough; strict; resolute; unbending; hard-bitten
กระแดะgraL daeL[is] affected; unnatural; artificial; insincere
กระแดะกระแด๋graL daeL graL daaeR[is] affected; unnatural; artificial; insincere
กระโดกกระเดกgraL do:hkL graL daehkL[is] stiff in manner; ill-mannered; harsh in manner
กระตุ้งกระติ้งgraL dtoongF graL dtingF[is] girlish; coquettish; affected
กระทบกระแทกgraL thohpH graL thaaekF[is] sarcastic; disparaging; ironic
กระแทกกระทั้นgraL thaaekF graL thanH[is] sarcastic; ironical; biting; mocking; satirical; snarky
กระบุ่มกระบ่ามgraL boomL graL baamL[is] faltering; stumbling; clumsy; carelessly; awkward
กระเบียดกระเสียรgraL biiatL graL siianR[is] frugal; economical; thrifty
กระฟัดกระเฟียดgraL fatH graL fiiatF[is] angry; excited; agitated
กระวนกระวายgraL wohnM graL waaiM[is] anxious; nervous
กระสับกระส่ายgraL sapL graL saaiL[is] nervous; restless; agitated; uneasy; anxious; impatient; restless; perturbed
กระหยิ่มยิ้มย่องgraL yimL yimH yawngF[is] elated; very happy
กระเหม็ดกระแหม่graL metL graL maaeL[is] thrifty; economical; frugal
กระเหี้ยนกระหือรือgraL hiianF graL heuuR reuuM[is] overwhelmed with indignation; wild or obsessed with ambitious desire
กราดเกรี้ยวgraatL griaaoF[is] furious; infuriated; extremely angry; enraged
กร้านgraanF[is] rough; coarse; hard; rugged
กรุณาปรานีgaL rooH naaM bpraaM neeM[is] benevolent; kind; compassionate
กลมกลืนglohmM gleuunM[is] harmonious; in harmony with
กลับกลอกglapL glaawkL[is] unreliable; undependable; changeable; unstable
กลัวgluaaM[is] afraid (of); scared; frightened
กลัวgluaaM[is] be scared; frightened
กลัวลานgluaaM laanM[is] horrified; terrified; overwhelmed with fear
กลัวหัวหดgluaaM huaaR hohtL[is] horrified; appalled; terrified; overwhelmed with fear
กลั้วgluaaF[is] at the same level (with); even (with); flush (with)
กล้าได้กล้าเสียglaaF daiF glaaF siiaR[is] venturesome; enterprising
กล้ำกลืนglamF gleuunMto tolerate; [is] patient; suppress; endure; bear
กลุ้มgloomF[is] worried; concerned
กลุ้มใจgloomF jaiM[is] depressed; sad; worried
กวดขันguaatL khanR[is] strict
กวนโอ๊ยguaanM ooyHto irritate; annoy; agitate; disturb; trouble; vex; bother; to be looking for a swift kick
กว้างgwaangF[is] wide; broad
กว้างขวางgwaangF khwaangR[is] broad; vast; large
กว้างขึ้นgwaangF kheunF[is] wider
กว้างใจgwaangF jaiM[is] liberal-minded
กอดคอgaawtL khaawMto commiserate; join together; [is] shoulder to shoulder
กอปรgaawpL[is] composed of
กะเดะgaL dehL[of a person] [is] stuck-up; snooty; snobby; aloof
กะตังgaL dtangM[is] matted (as of hair); tossled; unkempt
กะทัดรัดgaL thatH ratH[is] compact, well-proportioned, fit to size
กะทัดรัดgaL thatH ratH[is] fitting, suitable
กะปลกกะเปลี้ยgaL bplohkL gaL bpliiaF[is] tired; feeble; weary; exhausted
กะโปโลgaL bpo:hM lo:hM[is] childish; nonsensical
กะโปโลgaL bpo:hM lo:hM[is] sloppy; slovenly; unkempt; ramshackle; dilapidated
กะรุ่งกะริ่งgaL roongF gaL ringF[is] ragged; tattered; shabby
กังวลgangM wohnM[is] causing anxiety; anxious; worried; distressed; concerning
กังวลใจgangM wohnM jaiM[is] anxious; uneasy; worried
กังวานgangM waanM[is] resonant; sonorous; resounding; echoing
กัตญญูgatL yaH yuuM[is] dutiful [see กตัญญู]
ก่ำgamL[is] vivid; bright
ก้ำกึ่งgamF geungL[is] well-matched; well-balanced; evenly matched; even in strength
กำกวมgamM guaamM[is] vague; doubtful; obscure; ambiguous; unclear; dubious; equivocal; uncertain
กำพร้าgamM phraaH[is] orphaned; abandoned
กำเริบgamM reerpF[is] presumptuous; demanding; insolent, intense
กำเริบเสิบสานgamM reerpF seerpL saanR[is] insolent; impudent; emboldened
กำลังสองgamM langM saawngRsquared, to the second power; i.e., x²
กำสรดgamM sohtL[is] saddened
กำแหงgamM ngaaeR[is] insolent; intense
กิ๊กก๊อกgikH gaawkH[is] poor; bad; inferior
กิจจะลักษณะgitL jaL lakH saL naL[is] formal; businesslike; systematic; seriously; official; regular; methodical
กินข้าวไม่ลงginM khaaoF maiF lohngM[is] unable to eat
กินใจginM jaiM[is] impressive; profound; deep
กินใจginM jaiM[is] distrusting; suspicious; doubtful
กินไม่ลงginM maiF lohngM[is] unable to swallow or consume
กินไม่ลงginM maiF lohngM[is] unable to tolerate (as in "a defeat")
กินแหนงแคลงใจginM naaengR khlaaengM jaiM[are] mutually suspicious
กิ่วgiuL[is] compressed; condensed; contracted; constricted; deflated
กึกกักgeukL gakL(proceeding) in jerks; (bumping) up and down
กุดgootL[is] stubby; cut off; severed; amputated
กุมขมับgoomM khaL mapL[is] worried; concerned
กุลีกุจอgooL leeM gooL jaawM[is] energetic; eager
เก๊กgekH[is] pretentious; stuck-up; haughty; posturing
เก่งgengL[is] skilled; talented; superbly performed; skillful; clever
เก่งกาจgengL gaatL[is] brave; courageous
เก่งเทพๆgengL thaehpF thaehpF[is] as adept as a divine being
เก็บกดgepL gohtL[is] unable to express oneself; [keeps] (one's feelings or comments) bottled up inside; [is] under (emotional or psychological) stress
เก็บตัวgepL dtuaaM[is] introverted; withdrawn
เกรงgraehngM[is] afraid; fearful; inspired with awe; respectful of; fearful; filled with reverence
เกรงกลัวgraehngM gluaaMbe afraid of; scared; fearful
เกรงใจgraehngM jaiM[is] reluctant to impose upon; deferent to; is considerate of (another's feelings); respectful of (another's privacy, space, etc.); fearful to approach
เกรียนgriianM[of length] [is] very short; short; closely cropped
เกเรgaehM raehM[is] mischievous; delinquent; unruly; wayward; intractable
เกลื่อนgleuuanL[is] flooded with; abounding in; teeming; filled with; widespread; glutted with; littered with
เกษมศานต์gaL saehmR saanR[is] happy; peaceful; joyful; cheerful
เก้อguuhrF[is] embarrassed; ill at ease; feel awkward
เก้อเขินguuhrF kheernR[is] shy; awkward; abashed; bashful
เก่าgaoL[of an object] [is] old; antique; decrepit
เก่า ๆgaoL gaoL[is] very old
เก๋าgaoR[is] smart; cool; great; fine; excellent
เกิดอาเพศgeertL aaM phaehtF[is] ominous; [bodes] ill
เกินจริงgeernM jingM[is] unbelievable; incredible
เกินตัวgeernM dtuaaM[is] beyond one's ability or capacity
เกียจคร้านgiiatL khraanH[is] lazy, indolent, idle, slothful, inert, inactive
เกี่ยวgiaaoL[is] entangled with; [is] hugging; [is] embracing
เกี่ยวข้องgiaaoL khaawngF[is] involved; concerned
เกี่ยวเนื่องgiaaoL neuuangF[is] connected (to); involved (with); related (to)
เกี่ยวพันgiaaoL phanMto concern; deal; involve; relate; drag in; get involved
แก่gaaeL[of color] [is] dark
แก่gaaeL[of a person or animal] [is] old; aged
แก่gaaeL[is] mature; ripe
แก่หง่อมgaaeL ngaawmL[is] aged; old
โก้go:hF[is] smart-looking; elegant; chic
โกรธgro:htL[is] mad; angry; pissed off
โกรธเกรี้ยวgro:htL griaaoF[is] angry; furious
โกรธเคืองgro:htL kheuuangM[is] angry; annoyed; indignant; offended; irate
โกรธเป็นฟืนเป็นไฟgro:htL bpenM feuunM bpenM faiM[is] furious
โกรธแค้นgro:htL khaaenH[is] angry; annoyed; indignant; offended; irate
โกร๋นgro:hnR[is] bare; barren; bald; denuded; thin; naked
ใกล้glaiF[is] near; close; close in time
ใกล้ชิดglaiF chitH[is] close; intimate; good friends
ใกล้ ๆglaiF glaiF[is] very near; close by
ไกลglaiM[is] far; distant; far (in the future)
ไกลปืนเที่ยงglaiM bpeuunM thiiangF[is] clueless; unaware; far from reality; not in the know (lit. far from the noon cannon)
ไกลปืนเที่ยงglaiM bpeuunM thiiangF[is] underdeveloped; far from civilization and underdeveloped
ไกลลิบglaiM lipHto be very far; to be out of sight of
ไกลลิบลับglaiM lipH lapHto be far apart; far; distant; remote; almost out of sight
ขดkhohtL[is] coiled; curled up; rolled up; twisted or bent into a coil
ขนางkhaL naangR[is] doubtful; suspicious; abashed; embarrassed
ขนาดย่อมkhaL naatL yaawmFsmall-sized; small
ขนานkhaL naanR[is] parallel; lying parallel
ขบไม่แตกkhohpL maiF dtaaekL[is] unable to solve the problem
ขมkhohmR[is] bitter
ขมขื่นkhohmR kheuunLto feel bitter; [is] embittered; painful
ขมขื่นใจkhohmR kheuunL jaiM[is] embittered
ขมุกขมัวkhaL mookL khaL muaaR[is] dark; blurred; indistict; dusky
ขมุกขมัวkhaL mookL khaL muaaR[is] dim; indistinct; gloomy; dull
ขยองkhaL yaawngR[Isaan dialect] [is] horrible; terrifying
ขยันkhaL yanR[is] diligent; industrious; persevering; (mentally) hard-working
ขยันขันแข็งkhaL yanR khanR khaengR[is] (mentally) hardworking; industrious; diligent; assiduous
ขยั้นkhaL yanF[is] intimidated (by); fearful (of)
ขยาดkhaL yaatL[is] fearful; intimidated; timid; horrified; afraid
ขรุขระkhrooL khraL[is] uneven, bumpy, not smooth
ขลับkhlapL[is] shiny; polished; gleaming; lustrous
ขลาดกลัวkhlaatL gluaaM[is] cowardly; faint-hearted; timid; fearful; spineless; yellow
ขวยkhuayR[is] bashful; embarrassed; shy
ขวัญหนีkhwanR neeR[is] frightened; terrified; scared; startled
ขวัญหนีดีฝ่อkhwanR neeR deeM faawLfrightened; terrified; scared; startled
ขวัญหายkhwanR haaiR[is] scared; startled; fearful
ข้องใจkhaawngF jaiM[is] suspicious; doubt; unclear; wonder; suspect; curious
ข้องใจkhaawngF jaiM[is] filled with wonder (about something)
ข้องแวะkhaawngF waeH[is] involved in; to have something to do with
ขะมักเขม้นkhaL makH khaL menF[is] energetic; diligent; active; positive; enthusiastic; vigorous; determined
ขังkhangR[is] stagnant; stationary; unmoving; static
ขัดข้องkhatL khaawngFto have trouble; have fault; to have a hitch in; to interrupt
ขัดสนkhatL sohnR[is] needy; in need of
ขันkhanR[is] amused; amusing; funny; jocular; comic; comical; humourous; laughable; ridiculous
ขาขาดkhaaR khaatL[is] disabled, crippled
ขาลากkhaaR laakF[is] weary; exhausted; have no energy to walk
ข้างแรมkhaangF raaemM[is] on the wane; on the decline
ขาดkhaatL[is] in short supply; not on hand; lacking; needing
ขาดกันkhaatL ganMto be separated
ขาดแคลนkhaatL khlaaenM[is] lacking of; short of; deficient
ขาดดุลkhaatL doonM[is] unbalanced (as a budget)
ขาดตกบกพร่องkhaatL dtohkL bohkL phraawngF[is] defective; lacking; erroneous; deficient
ขาดสารอาหารkhaatL saanR aaM haanR[is] nutrition deficient
ข่ามkhaamL[Northern dialect] [is] enduring; lasting; invulnerable
ขายไม่ออกkhaaiR maiF aawkL[is] unable to sell
ขายหน้าkhaaiR naaF[is] embarrassed; [has] lost face; [is] disgraced; feel ashamed
ขาวkhaaoR[is] white
ขำkhamR[is] amused or amusing; funny
ขี้กลัวkheeF gluaaM[is a] "scaredy-cat" — "chickenshit"
ขี้เกียจkheeF giiatL[is] lazy, idle, indolent
ขี้ขโมยkheeF khaL mooyM[is] thieving; pilfering
ขี้ขอkheeF khaawR[is] a scrounger; cadger; moocher
ขี้คุกขี้ตะรางkheeF khookH kheeF dtaL raangM[is] a jailbird; suitable to be put in jail
ขี้คุยkheeF khuyM[is] boastful
ขี้แงkheeF ngaaeM[is] whiny; [is a] crybaby
ขี้ใจน้อยkheeF jaiM naawyH[is] over sensitive
ขี้ตั๊วkheeF dtuaaH[Isaan dialect] "Liar!" — to lie
ขี้มันkheeF manM[?] [southern Thai dialect] [is] stingy
ขี้มันkheeF manM[?] [southern Thai dialect] [is] playfully deceptive
ขี้โม้kheeF mo:hH[is] boastful
ขี้ระแวงkheeF raH waaengM[is] suspicious; distrustful; doubtful
ขี้หลีkheeF leeR[is] flirtatious; flirty; [is] flirting
ขี้เหนียวkheeF niaaoR[is] stingy; miserly; parsimonious; cheap
ขี้เหล้าkheeF laoF[of a person] [is a] drunk; [is an] alcoholic
ขี้อวดkheeF uaatL[is] showy; bragging; boastful; exaggerated
ขี้โอ่kheeF o:hL[is] showy; bragging; boastful; exaggerated
ขึงพืดkheungR pheuutF[is] spread out; spread eagle
ขึ้งkheungF[is] angry; annoyed
ขึงขังkheungR khangR[is] serious; determined; vigorous; firm
ขึ้นkheunF[is] dependent (upon)
ขึ้นกับkheunF gapL[is] under; up to; dependent on; under the control of; belong to; responsible to; to report to
ขึ้นมากkheunF maakF[is] much progressed; (of health) not as sick (as before); [has] progressed a lot
ขึ้นสมองkheunF saL maawngR[is] embedded in one's memory
ขึ้นอยู่กับkheunF yuuL gapL[is] under; [is] affiliated with
ขื่นkheuunL[is] bitter-sour tasting
ขุ่นkhoonL[is] turbid; unclear; cloudy; muddy; mucky; murky; gloomy
ขุ่นkhoonL[of a person] [is] disturbed; distressed; vexed; purturbed; gloomy
ขุ่นใจkhoonL jaiM[is] moody; sullen; gloom
ขุ่นมัวkhoonL muaaM[is] melancholy; depressed; gloomy
ขุ่นหมองkhoonL maawngR[is] gloomy; distressed
เข็ญkhenR[of a problem] [is] hard; difficult; troubling
เข็ดเขี้ยวkhetL khiaaoF[is] afraid to do something again
เข้มkhemF[is] dark; concentrated; strong; intense
เข้มแข็งkhemF khaengR[is] vigorous; [is] strong
เขม็งเกลียวkhaL mengR gliaaoM[is] tense; strained
เข้าเกณฑ์khaoF gaehnM[is] appropriate; of standard; qualified
เข้าข่ายkhaoF khaaiL[is] within the scope of something
เข้าแง่khaoF ngaaeF[is] reasonable; rational; sensible
เข้าเจ้าkhaoF jaoF[is] in communion with a spirit; to perform a ceremony to call spirit to dwell in the body
เข้าใจแจ่มแจ้งkhaoF jaiM jaemL jaaengF[is] clearly understood
เข้าตรีทูตkhaoF dtreeM thuutF[is] nearly dead; approach to death
เข้าตาจนkhaoF dtaaM johnM[is] in a hopeless situation; in an impasse; have no way out
เข้าท่าkhaoF thaaF[is] appropriate; be proper; be decent; be suitable
เข้าทีkhaoF theeM[is] sensible; appropriate; decent; suitable
เข้ามาตรฐานkhaoF maatF dtraL thaanR[is] appropriate; of standard; qualified
เข้าหูkhaoF huuR[is] pleasant sounding
เขียวชอุ่มkhiaaoR chaH oomL[is] verdant; green; fresh
เขี้ยวลากดินkhiaaoF laakF dinM[is] tricky; cunning; wily; sly
แขกkhaaekL[is] foreign
แข็งkhaengR[is] hard; solid; stiff; rigid; strong; firm; [of a swimmer] strong
แข็งkhaengR[is] brave; courageous; dense; durable; obstinate; perverse
แข็งแกร่งkhaengR graengL[is] vigorous; strong; unyielding
แข็งข้อkhaengR khaawF[is] obstinate; rebellious
แข็งใจkhaengR jaiM[is] courageous; patient; resolved; determined
แข็งกระด้างkhaengR graL daangF[is] rough; stiff; harsh
ไข้ใจkhaiF jaiM[is] heartsick; lovesick; broken-hearted
ไข้โป้งkhaiF bpo:hngF[is] killed in a political or business dispute
ไขว้ขากันkhwaiF khaaR ganM[general] [has] legs crossed; [is] crossing (his) legs
ไขว้เขวkhwaiF khwaehR[is] confusing; ambiguous; easily misunderstood
ไขว่ห้างkhwaiL haangFcross-legged; to cross (one's) legs (in the Western style)
คงที่khohngM theeF[is] stable; unchanged; constant
คงเส้นคงวาkhohngM senF khohngM waaM[is] stable; constant; consistent; steady; same as before
คงกระพันkhohngM graL phanM[is] invulnerable
คดkhohtH[is] bent; crooked; dishonest; not straightforward; curved
คดโกงkhohtH go:hngM[is] dishonest; deceitful
คนkhohnM[is] mixed
คมkhohmM[is] sharp, not dull, not blunt
ครบองค์ประชุมkhrohpH ohngM bpraL choomMhave a quorum present; have a sufficient number of
ครองใจkhraawngM jaiMto carry favor; govern one's heart; maintain popular morale; win one's heart; control one's emotions
คร่อมkhraawmF[is] straddling; bestride; laying across
คราคร่ำkhraaM khramF[is] crowded with; packed with
คร้ามkhraamH[is] afraid of; scared; afeared; dread
คร่ำkhramF[is] blackened; lacquered; inlaid with gold or silver
คร่ำครึkhramF khreuH[is] old-fashioned; out-of-date; antiquated; outmoded
คร่ำเคร่งkhramF khrengF[is] engrossed in; to immerse oneself; [is] absorbed in; be concentrated in; be up to the eyes in; work hard
ครึกครื้นkhreukH khreuunH[is] merry, jolly, cheerful, jovial, joyful
ครึ้มkhreumH[is] shady; cloudy; overcast; dark; cool; gloomy
ครื้นเครงkhreuunH khraehngM[is] boisterious; rowdy; jolly
ครือkhreuuM[is] snug; well-fitting; perfectly (sized)
ครือกันkhreuuM ganM[is] about the same as; about equal with
คล่องใจkhlaawngF jaiM[is] (feeling) relieved; at ease
คล้องจองkhlaawngH jaawngM[are] compatible; rhyming
คลอนแคลนkhlaawnM khlaaenM[is] unstable; unsteady; infirm
คละปนkhlaH bpohnM[is] intermixed; comingled; blended together; mixed-in with
คลั่งkhlangF[is] delirious; crazy; raving mad; insane; mad; mad about; head over heels in love with; infatuated with; crazed about
คลั่งไคล้khlangF khlaiH[is] extremely enthusiastic about; [is] mad about
คลั่งชาติkhlangF chaaM dtiL[is] chauvinistic
คลางแคลงkhlaangM khlaaengM[is] doubtful; suspicious; suspecting
คลางแคลงใจkhlaangM khlaaengM jaiM[is] in doubt; suspect; unsure
คลาดเคลื่อนkhlaatF khleuuanF[is] mistaken; incorrect; inaccurate; wrong
คลายตัวkhlaaiM dtuaaM[is] slackened; loose
คล้ายkhlaaiH[is] similar (to); resembling
คล้าย ๆkhlaaiH khlaaiH[is] similar (to)
คล้ำkhlaamH[is] dark; dim; darkened; tanned; blurred; obscure
คลื่นไส้khleuunF saiF[is] sick with a stomach ailment
คลุมkhloomM[is] covered (over); hidden; unclear; enveloped; blanketed (with)
คลุมเครือkhloomM khreuuaM[is] vague; obscure; ambiguous
คลุ้มkhloomH[is] cloudy; dark; misty; murky; foggy; dim
คลุ้มคลั่งkhloomH khlangF[is] mad; insane; crazed; crazy; nuts; demented; out of one's mind
ควรค่าkhuaanM khaaF[is] worthy of
คว้าน้ำเหลวkhwaaH naamH laayoR[is] unsuccessful
คอขาดบาดตายkhaawM khaatL baatL dtaaiM[is] serious; fatal; critical; in grave danger; a matter of life and death
คอนkhaawnM[is] askew; lopsided
ค่อนkhaawnF[is] almost; nearly; somewhat; rather; inclined towards; tending towards; leaning towards
คั่งค้างkhangF khaangH[is] overdue; behind schedule; [is] piled up and awaiting action
คับข้องใจkhapH khaawngF jaiM[is] frustrated; feels constrained
คับแค้นใจkhapH khaaenH jaiM[is] resentful; to harbor feeling of anger or resentment
คับแคบkhapH khaaepF[is] narrow-minded, small-minded, unhelpful, ungenerous
คับใจkhapH jaiM[is] discontented; disconcerted; embarrassed; distressed; depressed
คับโพรงkhapH phro:hngM[is] forced to live in too small a den or hole
คับอกคับใจkhapH ohkL khapH jaiM[is] depressed (or melancholic, disconsolate)
คับคั่งkhapH khangF[is] crowded; jammed; congested; crammed; tightly-packed
คามือkhaaM meuuM[is] caught red-handed; in the act; in the open; right there and then
ค้างkhaangH[is] interrupted (as during a meal); unfinished; incomplete; dangling; remaining
ค้างชำระkhaangH chamM raH[is] in arrears; behind in payment
ค้างชำระเงินkhaangH chamM raH ngernM[is] in arrears with one's payment
ค้างเติ่งkhaangH dteerngL[is] unfinished; unsettled; incomplete; undone
คาบเกี่ยวkhaapF giaaoLto overlap; extend over; [is] related; [is] connected
คายตัวkhaaiM dtuaaM[is] itchy; [feels] itchy; [is] having an itchy or irritated feeling
คารัยห์khaaM raiM[is] culpable; [is] to blame
คาราคาซังkhaaM raaM khaaM sangM[is] unfinished; undone; pending; incomplete
คาวkhaaoM[does] stink; [does] smell bad; [is] stinking
คาวkhaaoM[is] appetizing; appealing to the taste; savory
คิกkhikH[is] playful; joking
คิดคดkhitH khohtH[is] traitorous; treacherous
คึกkheukH[is] excited; exuberant; high-spirited; animated
คึกkheukH[is] impetuous; emboldened
คึกคะนองkheukH khaH naawngM[is] impetuous; clamorous; high-spirited; wild; in high spirit
คึก ๆkheukH kheukH[is] clamoring and exuberant
คึกคักkheukH khakH[is] vigorous; active; engergetic; robust; vivacious
คุ้นkhoonH[is] conversant in; familiar with; used to; intimate with
คุ้นชินkhoonH chinM[is] familiar; accustomed ; intimate; get used to; used to
คุ้นหูkhoonH huuR[is] familiar sounding
คู่ขนานkhuuF khaL naanR[is] parallel to; alongside
คู่ควรkhuuF khuaanM[is] fit; suitable; proper; appropriate
คู่คี่khuuF kheeF[are] close; be about equal; nearly equal
เค็มkhemM[is] salty; salted
เค็มkhemM[is] parsimonious; stingy; miserly; penny-pinching; cunning; shrewd; calculating
เคยมือkheeuyM meuuM[is] accustomed to; familiar; intimate; acquainted with
เคร่งขรึมkhrengF khreumR[is] solemn; serious; stern; grave; austere
เคร่งครัดkhrengF khratH[is] strict; serious; stiff; rigorous; stringent; austere
เคลิบเคลิ้มkhleerpF khleermH[same as เคลิ้ม ] [is] fascinating, enchanting, enchant, fascinate, in a rapture over, fancy, attracted to, in a dreamy state
เคลิ้มkhleermH[is] sleepy; drowsy; prone to dozing off; forgetful of oneself; absent-minded; scatterbrained
เคลิ้ม ๆkhleermH khleermH[is] sleepy; drowsy; absent-minded
เคลียร์khliiaM[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] clear; [is] clear; obvious
เคลื่อนคลาดkhleuuanF khlaatFto deviate; [is] different
เคลือบคลุมkhleuuapF khloomM[is] obscured; ambiguous; unclear; not visible
เคลือบแคลงkhleuuapF khlaaengMto doubt; distrust; mistrust; suspect
เคียงข้างkhiiangM khaangF[is] close; abreast; adjacent; side by side
เคืองkheuuangM[is] angry; peeved; indignant; wrathful; irate; offended; annoyed
เคืองkheuuangM[is] sore
เคืองใจkheuuangM jaiM[is] sulking; sulky
เคืองตาkheuuangM dtaaM[is] irritating to the eyes; annoying to the eyes; have a sore eye
แค้นใจkhaaenH jaiM[is] angry; distressed; resentful
แคบkhaaepF[is] narrow
แคระkhraeH[is] dwarfed; stunted; undersized
แคลงkhlaaengM[is] doubtful; suspicious
แคลงkhlaaengM[is] leaning to one side; tilting
แคลงโคลงkhlaaengM khlo:hngM[is] (being) tossed about; rocking and rolling
แคลงใจkhlaaengM jaiM[is] doubtful; suspicious
แคลงระแวงkhlaaengM raH waaengM[is] dubious (of)
แคลนkhlaaenM[is] deficient; lacking
โคลงkhlo:hngM[is] unstable; rolling; unsteady
งงngohngM[is] confused; puzzled; taken aback
งงงวยngohngM nguayM[is] stunned; astonished; perplexed; bewildered; flummoxed
งงงวยngohngM nguayM[is] astonishing; perplexing; bewildering; baffling
งงงันngohngM nganM[is] stunned; dazed
ง่วงงุนnguaangF ngoonM[is] sleepy; drowsy
ง่วงเหงาnguaangF ngaoR[is] tired; [is] sleepy
ง่วงเหงาหาวนอนnguaangF ngaoR haaoR naawnM[is] drowsy; sleepy; dozy; somnolent; listless
งวดnguaatF[of a liquid, stew, or sludge] [is] concentrated by evaporation; dried up; evaporated; nearly dry
งวดnguaatF[is] in tight or short supply
ง่วนอยู่กับnguaanF yuuL gapL[is] absorbed with; engrossed with
งอมืองอตีนngaawM meuuM ngaawM dteenM[is] inert; sit back and do nothing
งอมืองอเท้าngaawM meuuM ngaawM thaaoH[is] lazy; not dilligent
งอมืองอเท้าngaawM meuuM ngaawM thaaoH[is] inert; sit back and do nothing
งอมืองอเท้าngaawM meuuM ngaawM thaaoH[is] gutless; without gumption
งอนngaawnM[is] sulky; petulant; peevish; fractious; huffy; pettish; snappish; grouchy; displeased by an intimate (lover, husband/wife, parent, friend, etc); pouting
ง่อนแง่นngaawnF ngaaenF[is] unstable; unsteady; changeable; variable
งันnganM[is] stumped; at a loss; halted; stopped; paused; stunned
งามngaamM[is] beautiful; pretty; attractive; gorgeous; fine; complete
งามตาngaamM dtaaM[is] pleasing; pleasant; nice; delightful
งามหน้าngaamM naaF[is] disgraceful; shameful; dishonorable; deplorable
ง่ายngaaiF[is] easy; not difficult; simple
ง่ายมากngaaiF maakF[is] simple, very easy
ง่ายดายngaaiF daaiM[is] very easy; very simple
งี่เง่าngeeF ngaoF[derogatory] [is] stupid; foolish; unintelligent; brainless; dense; dim; half-witted; moronic; obtuse; simple; simple-minded; slow; slow-witted; thick; asinine; daft (informal); idiotic; imbecilic; inane; nonsensical; pointless; rash; senseless; unintelligent
งุนngoonM[alliterative term] [is] sleepy
งุนงงngoonM ngohngM[is] doubtful; unsure; uncertain; baffled; perplexed
งุ่นง่านngoonF ngaanF[is] vexed; aroused; worried; annoyed; harassed
งุ้มngoomH[is] hook-shaped; hooked; bent downward; curved in upon itself
เงอะnguhH[is] awkward; clumsy; maladroit; inept
เงอะงะnguhH ngaH[is] awkward; clumsy; maladroit; inept
เงี่ยนngiianF[is] horny, [has] lust or aroused libido; craves
เงียบngiiapF[is] quiet; peaceful; silent
เงียบเหงาngiiapF ngaoR[is] lonely
เงี้ยวngiaaoH[is] crooked; tortuous; bent; curved
เงื่องngeuuangF[is] sluggish; slothful; slow; tardy; inactive; indolent
เงื่องหงอยngeuuangF ngaawyR[is] slothful; sluggish; slow; inactive; tardy; indolent
แง้มngaaemH[is] ajar; partly open
แงะงามngaeH ngaamM[is] beautiful; pretty; handsome
โง่ngo:hF[is] stupid; silly; dumb; foolish; vain
โง่เง่าเต่าตุ่น!ngo:hF ngaoF dtaoL dtoonL[derogatory] [is] unintelligent; brainless; dense; dim; half-witted; moronic; obtuse; simple; simple-minded; slow; slow-witted; thick; foolish; asinine; daft (informal); idiotic; imbecilic; inane; nonsensical; pointless; rash; senseless; unintelligent
จงรักภักดีjohngM rakH phakH deeM[is] faithful to one's master; keep the faith with; [is] loyal to
จนใจjohnM jaiM[is] baffled; confused; at a loss to understand
จนด้วยเกล้าjohnM duayF glaoF[is] baffled; baffling
จนตรอกjohnM dtraawkL[is] cornered; maneuvered; checkmated; stalled; held at bay
จนแต้มjohnM dtaaemF[is] cornered; maneuvered; checkmated; stalled; held at bay
จนปัญญาjohnM bpanM yaaM[is] at one's wit's end; at a loss to know what to do
จมปลักjohmM bplakL[is] stagnant; stuck; glued to one's place
จมูกโด่งjaL muukL do:hngL[has] a prominent nose (like a European)
จรดjaL rohtL[is] abutting; joined with; touching against; contiguous with
จริงใจjingM jaiM[is] honest; sincere
จรุงjaL roongM[is] fascinating; refreshing; attracting; alluring
จรุงใจjaL roongM jaiM[is] aroused; enticed; desirous
จ้วงจาบjuaangF jaapL[is] insulting; insolent; disrespectful; offensive
จ๋องjaawngR[is] lonely; lonesome
จองหองjaawngM haawngR[is] conceited; arrogant; haughty; condescending
จองหองพองขนjaawngM haawngR phaawngM khohnR[is] conceited; arrogant; haughty; condescending
จอแจjaawM jaaeM[of a street, office] [is] busy; noisy; congested; bustling; crowded
จะจะjaL jaL[is] laid out in an obvious and straighforward manner; easily seen; not complicated; explicit and clear
จักรผันjakL phanR[is] rapid; dextrous; quick
จังงังjangM ngangM[is] stunned; dazed
จัญไรjanM raiM[is] accursed; doomed; ill-fated
จัดขึ้นjatL kheunF[was] arranged (as a party or event)
จัดจ้านjatL jaanF[is] strong (taste); intense; bold
จ้าjaaF[of light] [is] intense, strong, bright
จากjaakL[is] away from
จารีjaaM reeM[is] wandering; moving about; roaming about
จำใจjamM jaiM[is] reluctant; unwilling
จำเป็นต้องjamM bpenM dtawngFmust; have to; need
จำเจjamM jaehM[is] monotonous; tedious; uninteresting; repetitious
จำเพาะjamM phawH[form of เฉพาะ ] [is] specific
จำยอมjamM yaawmM[is] be unwilling; reluctant
จิตสำนึกjitL samR neukH[is] conscious
จิ๊บจ๊อยjipH jaawyH[is] minor; trivial; petty; unimportant
จิ้มลิ้มjimF limH[is] lovely; good-looking; beautiful; pleasing
จึงทำให้ไม่แปลกอะไรที่รัฐจะเห็นแก่ว่า การนำใครที่ยังไม่บรรลุนิติภาวะมาฝึกทหารนั้นเป็นสิ่งอันสมเหตุสมผลjeungM thamM haiF maiF bplaaekL aL raiM theeF ratH jaL henR gaaeL waaF gaanM namM khraiM theeF yangM maiF banM looH niH dtiL phaaM waH maaM feukL thaH haanR nanH bpenM singL anM sohmR haehtL sohmR phohnR"So, we should not be surprised that the state would believe that it is just and reasonable that even underaged children would get military training."
จืดjeuutL[is] bland; tasteless; not salty
จุกเสียดjookL siiatL[has] colic; angina
จุ่นjoonL[is] protruding; bulging
จุ้นjoonF[is] nosy; meddlesome; (apt to) snoop
จุ้นจ้านjoonF jaanF[is] meddlesome; impudent; obstructive; saucy; blatant; undisguised
จุ๋มจิ๋มjoomR jimR[is] cute; tiny; amiable (used to describe a girl's face); delicate; lovely; dainty; cute
เจนจัดjaehnM jatL[is] skillful; experienced; through
เจ็บjepL[is] sore; hurt; injured; in pain; in emotional pain
เจ็บแค้นjepL khaaenHto bear someone malice; bear someone a grudge; harbour a grudge against someone; [is] indignant
เจ็บใจjepL jaiM[is] (emotionally) hurt and resentful; feel hurt
เจ็บช้ำjepL chamH[is] bitter; distressed; pained
เจ็บป่วยjepL bpuayL[is] ill; sick
เจริญใจjaL reernM jaiM[is] joyful; happy
เจริญตาjaL reernM dtaaM[is] pleasant to the eyes; pleasing
เจริญตาเจริญใจjaL reernM dtaaM jaL reernM jaiM[is] pleasing; look good; pleasant; delightful
เจริญพันธุ์jaL reernM phanM[is] fertile; able to reproduce
เจ่อjuuhrL[is] swollen; bulging; enlarged
เจ้าคารมjaoF khaaM rohmM[is] an eloquent speaker
เจ้าเล่ห์jaoF lehF[is] tricky; cunning; sly; wily
เจิ่งนองjerngL naawngM[is] flooded; inundated
เจิดjeertL[is] magnificent; be beautiful; be splendid
เจียมjiiamM[is] humble; modest
เจียมกะลาหัวjiiamM gaL laaM huaaR[is] modest; moderate; humble; know one's place
เจียมตัวjiiamM dtuaaM[is] humble; modest; moderate; to know one's place
เจี๊ยมjiiamH[is] humble, modest, moderate
เจี๊ยวjiaaoH[is] noisy; rambunctious
เจือจางjeuuaM jaangM[is] diluted, thin
แจ้jaaeF[is] squat; low; dwarf; diminutive
แจงjaaengM[is] scattered; expanded; disassembled
แจ๊ดjaaetH[is] intense; excessive; extreme; strong; bright
แจ่มใสjaemL saiR[of weather] [is] clear; fine
แจ่มใสjaemL saiR[of mood] [is] alert; awake; untroubled; cheerful; bright
โจ่งjo:hngL[is] open; unconcealed; blatant; obvious
ใจจดใจจ่อjaiM johtL jaiM jaawL[is] mindful (of); engrossed (in); focused (on); attentive (to)
ใจจืดใจดำjaiM jeuutL jaiM damM[is] unsympathetic; callous; unfeeling; uncaring
ใจดำjaiM damM[is] mean
ใจเด็ดjaiM detL[is] firm; undaunted; steadfast; unwavering; resolute
ใจเดียวjaiM diaaoM[is] faithful; constant in love; single-minded
ใจเดียวjaiM diaaoM[is] constant; steadfast; faithful; single-minded
ใจเต้นjaiM dtenF[is] excited
ใจถึงjaiM theungR[is] brave; daring; courageous; fearless; undaunted; bold
ใจทรามjaiM saamM[is] immoral; evil of heart; mean
ใจน้อยjaiM naawyH[is] easily irritated or offended; sensitive; touchy
ใจบาปjaiM baapL[is] wicked; evil; immoral; ungodly; bad; depraved; sacreligious
ใจป้ำjaiM bpamF[is] brave; daring; courageous; liberal
ใจฝ่อjaiM faawL[is] downcast; scared; frightened; disheartened; despondent
ใจสกปรกjaiM sohkL gaL bprohkL[is] dirty-hearted
ใจสู้jaiM suuF[is] brave; courageous
ใจเสาะjaiM sawL[is a] scaredy-cat; [is] faint-hearted; faint-of-heart
ใจหวิวjaiM wiuR[is] stunned
ใจหายใจคว่ำjaiM haaiR jaiM khwamF[is] startled; frightened
ใจจตใจจ่อjaiM johtL jaiM jaawL[is] determined; concentrated; single-minded; absorbed (in something)
ฉงนchaL ngohnR[is] in doubt (about); uncertain (of); doubtful (of)
ฉบับพิสดารchaL bapL phitH saL daanMunabridged version
ฉลาดchaL laatL[is] smart; intelligent; clever
ฉ้อฉลchaawF chohnR[is] deceptive; fraudulent; dishonest
ฉ้อราษฎร์บังหลวงchaawF raatF bangM luaangR[is] corrupt (in a government position); to embezzle; peculate; swindle
ฉะฉานchaL chaanR[speaks] distinctly and clearly; [is] lucid and forceful (in articulation)
ฉ่าchaaL[is] boisterious; tumultuous
ฉานchaanR[is] bright; brilliant
ฉานchaanR[is] widespread; scattered; diffused; spread out
ฉาวโฉ่chaaoR cho:hL[is] notorious; rumored; widespread
ฉิบหายchipL haaiR[is] ruined; destroyed; damaged; to go to the dogs
ฉิวchiuR[is] moving quickly without stopping
ฉีกแนวcheekL naaeoM[is] unique; uncommon; unusual; odd
ฉึ่งcheungL[is] rotting; stinking
ฉุนchoonR[of aroma] [is] pungent; acrid; strong-smelling
ฉุนchoonR[of taste] [is] piquant; [i.e. of cheese] sharp; strong-tasting
ฉุนเฉียวchoonR chiaaoR[is] bristly; irascible; irritable; quick-tempered; furious
เฉchaehR[is] distorted; slanted; deviant
เฉพาะchaL phawH[is] specific; particular; limited; provisional
เฉพาะกิจchaL phawH gitL[is] special; special purpose
เฉยcheeuyR[is] silent; still; unmoved; calm; collected; indifferent; cold
เฉยชาcheeuyR chaaM[is] indifferent; cold; still; ignorant; unconcerned; detached
เฉยเมยcheeuyR meeuyM[is] indifferent; unconcerned; passive; negligent
เฉย ๆcheeuyR cheeuyR[is] calm; impassive; indifferent (feeling or being so); peaceful; relaxed; feeling so-so
เฉลียวใจchaL liaaoR jaiM[is] suspicious; [has] an inkling; to suspect; realize; understand
เฉอะแฉะchuhL chaeL[is] wet; muddy; slushy; slimy; moist; damp
เฉิ่มcheermL[is] uncool; dumb; clueless; embarrassingly unfashionable and unsophisticated (mainly of dress and manner)
เฉียดฉิวchiiatL chiuR[is] near; very close
เฉียบขาดchiiapL khaatL[is] resolute; determined; absolute; decisive
เฉื่อยแฉะcheuuayL chaeL[is] slow; relaxed; sluggish; slow moving
เฉื่อยชาcheuuayL chaaM[is] inactive; slow; inert; sluggish
แฉกchaaekL[is] forked; notched; serrated; jagged; indented; bifurcated
แฉะchaeL[is] wet; muddy
โฉงเฉงcho:hngR chaehngR[is] noisy; with a lot of sound and fury
ไฉไลchaiR laiM[is] pretty; glossy; shiny; gleaming
ชอกchaawkF[combining form with ช้ำ ]
ชอกช้ำchaawkF chamH[is] hurt; bruised; shattered
ชอนchaawnM[is] winding; indirect; bent; sinuous
ชอบใจchaawpF jaiM[is] content; gratified; pleased; satisfied
ชอ่ำchaH amL[is] dark; gloomy
ชะง่อนchaH ngaawnF[is] projecting outwards; protruding
ชะง้ำchaH ngaamH[is] projecting; protruding; overhanging
ชะโงกchaH ngo:hkF[is] protruding; projecting outwards
ชะลูดchaH luutF[is] erect; very tall; slender; tapered
ชั่งใจchangF jaiM[is] considering; thinking over; weighing in the mind
ชัดchatH[is] sharp; clear; focused; concise
ชั้นดีchanH deeM[is] top grade; first-quality; foremost
ชาchaaM[is] numb
ช้าchaaH[is] slow
ช้า ๆchaaH chaaH[is] very slow; very slowly
ช่างหนักหนาchangF nakL naaR[is] so hard to bear, tough to take
ชาตchaatF[is] born; existing; appearing; grown; arisen; produced; manifest; extant; [does] exist
ช้ำchamH[is] sore; injured
ช่ำชองchamF chaawngM[is] expert (in); skilled; seasoned; professional (at); adept; proficient (at); deft (at); experienced (in)
ชำนาญchamM naanM[is] experienced; skilled; expert; adroit
ชำนิchamM niH[is] experienced; expert in; proficient; skilled; dexterous
ชินหูchinM huuR[is] familiar sounding
ชินชาchinM chaaM[is] apathetic; indifferent; unconcerned
ชี้cheeH[is] pointed; pointy (in shape)
ชืดcheuutF[is] tasteless; dry; flavorless; tame
ชื่นcheuunF[is] joyful; cheerful; happy; buoyant; glad; refreshed
ชื่นใจcheuunF jaiM[is] cheerful; glad; pleased; pleasant; refreshing
ชื่นชมcheuunF chohmM[is] appreciative; pleased
ชื่นชอบcheuunF chaawpF[is] satisfied; pleased; impressed; like; love; fond of
ชื่นบานcheuunF baanMcheerful; happy; delighted; joyful
ชื่นมื่นcheuunF meuunF[is] cheerful; happy; delighted; joyful
ชุกชุมchookH choomM[is] plentiful; abundant; ample; abounding
ชุ้งchoongH[is] bent; crooked; curved
ชุ่มchoomF[is] joyful; happy; cheerful
ชุ่มฉ่ำchoomF chamL[is] moist; moistened; damp; soaked; wet and juicy; humid; succulent; watery; luscious; refreshing; refreshed; fresh
ชุ่มชื่นchoomF cheuunF[is] refreshing; happy; joyful; cheerful; moist; damp; soaked; wet
ชุ่มชื้นchoomF cheuunH[is] moist; damp; soaked; wet
ชุลมุนchoonM laH moonM[is] disorderly; undisciplined; chaotic
ชูคอchuuM khaawM[is] conceited; arrogant; proud; haughty
เช้งchengH[is] showy; elaborately dressed
เชยcheeuyM[is] like a bumpkin; simpleminded; foolish-looking; old-fashioned; out-of-date; in bad style; rustic; countrified
เชิดหน้าชูตาcheertF naaF chuuM dtaaMto enhance a reputation of
เชียบchiiapF[is] quiet
เชี่ยวชาญchiaaoF chaanM[is] expert; skilled; experienced; proficient
เชี่ยวชาญchiaaoF chaanM[is] be skilled; be proficient; be expert at/in; be experienced
เชื่อใจcheuuaF jaiM[is] trusting; confident (in another person)
เชื่อมั่นcheuuaF manF[is] fully convinced; confident
เชื่อมั่นในตัวเองcheuuaF manF naiM dtuaaM aehngM[is] self-confident
เชื่อมซึมcheuuamF seumM(of a person) [is] depressed; down in the dumps
แช่แข็งchaaeF khaengR[is] frozen
แช่เยือกแข็งchaaeF yeuuakF khaengR[is] deep-frozen
แช่มชื่นchaaemF cheuunF[used with human emotions only] [is] cheerful; gleeful; delighted; joyful; pleasant; bright; satisfied
โชติcho:hM dtiL[is] bright; shining
ใช้งานchaiH ngaanM[is] usable; accessible; practicable
ซนsohnM[is] mischievous; naughty; bad
ซ้นsohnH(of a joint) [is] dislocated; sprained
ซมซานsohmM saanM[is] pathetic; desperate
ซวดเซsuaatF saehM[is] staggering; unstable; tottering
ซวดเซsuaatF saehM[is] unsteady; [is] unstable
ซอกแซกsaawkF saaekF[is] winding; indirect; crooked; tortuous
ซ่อนเงื่อนsaawnF ngeuuanF[is] secretive; furtive; cunning; [acts] mysteriously
ซอมซ่อsaawmM saawF[is] shabby; worn
ซำบายsamM baaiM[Isaan variant (rare) of] สบาย 
ซี้ซั้วseeH suaaH[is] careless; indiscriminate; slipshod; "going through the motions"
ซึ่งปรับตัวได้seungF bprapL dtuaaM daiF[is] adaptable
ซึมseumM[is] drowsy; sleepy; dazed
ซึมเซาseumM saoM[is] drowsy; dull; be inactive
ซึมเศร้าseumM saoF[is] depressed; depressing; bleak; disheartening; dismal; dispiriting; gloomy; sad; saddened
ซื่อสัตย์สุจริตseuuF satL sootL jaL ritL[is] honest; faithful; true; devoted; upright
ซุกซนsookH sohnM[is] naughty; mischievous
ซุ่มซ่ามsoomF saamF[is] clumsy; blundering
ซู่suuF[is] (feeling) "goosepimples" or "goose flesh"; [is] (having a) tingling (sensation)
ซูบผอมsuupF phaawmR[is] thin; lean; skinny; gaunt; scrawny; emaciated
ซูฮกsuuM hohkH[is] submissive; amenable; tractable
เซซวนsaehM suaanM[same as ซวนเซ]
เซถลาsaehM thaL laaR[is] tottering; leaning; sagging
เซ็งsengM[is] bored
เซอะsuhH[is] very stupid or silly
เซื่องซึมseuuangF seumM[is] sleepy
แซบsaaepH[Isaan dialect] [is] delicious; tasty; savory; palatable; อร่อย
โซมso:hmM[is] soaking wet
ญาติดีyaatF deeM[is] reconciled (with a formerly estranged person); [is] on good terms (with)
ฐิติthiL dtiL[is] immovable; permanent; enduring; steady
เฒ่าthaoF[is] aged; very old
ดกdohkL[is] fertile; prolific; fruitful; productive
ดกdohkL[is] plentiful; abundant
ดกดื่นdohkL deuunL[are] plentiful; abundant
ดักดานdakL daanM[is] unmitigated; complete
ดังdangM[is] loud; noisy
ดังdangM[is] famed; famous; well-known; renowned
ดัง ๆdangM dangM[is] loud, noisy
ดาdaaM[is] abundant; plentiful; ample; teeming; profuse; numerous
ด่างดวงdaangL duaangM[is] spotted; mottled; dotted; dappled
ด่างพร้อยdaangL phraawyH[is] blemished; stained; spotted; tarnished; tainted; not clean; covered with spots
ดาดdaatL[is] common; general; run-of-the-mill
ดาด ๆdaatL daatL[is] very common
ดาด ๆ ธรรมดาdaatL daatL thamM maH daaM[is] homely; commonplace; nothing special
ด้านdaanF[is] callous; hard; hard-hearted; hardened; shameless
ดาษdaatL[is] abundant; plentiful; widespread
ดาษดื่นdaatL deuunL[is] plentiful; abundant; numerous; bountiful
ดาษดาdaatL saL daaM[is] found everywhere; common
ดำdamM[is] black; dark; dusky
ดำdamM[is] submerged
ดำdamM[is] merciless
ดำปิ๊ดปี๋damM bpitH bpeeR[is] jet-black; pitch-black; very black
ดำ ๆdamM damM[is] dark-skinned; dark complexioned
ดิ่งdingL[is] plumb; straight up and down
ดิบdipL[is] raw; unripe; green; [of meat] undercooked; rare; uncooked; half-cooked; unfinished; half-finished; crude; unrefined; untreated
ดิบdipL[of a carcass] [is] uncremated
ดิบdipL[of jungle, forest, woods] [is] dense and overgrown
ดิบ ๆdipL dipL(of meat, fruits) [is] undercooked; unripe; raw
ดีdeeM[is] good; well; fine; nice; excellent; high
ดีใจdeeM jaiM[is] delighted; happy; glad; pleased
ดี ๆdeeM deeM[is] very good
ดึกดำบรรพ์deukL damM banM[is] primeval; prehistorical; ancient
ดึงดันdeungM danM[is] stubborn; obstinate
ดึ่มdeumL[is] deep
ดื่นdeuunL[is] plentiful; abundant; numerous; bountiful
ดื่นดาษdeuunL daatL[ดาษดื่น]
ดื้อdeuuF[is] stubborn
ดื้อดันdeuuF danM[is] stubborn; obstinate
ดื้อด้านdeuuF daanF[is] stubborn; obstinate
ดื้อดึงdeuuF deungM[is] stubborn; obstinate; reluctant or hesitant to do something
ดื้อแพ่งdeuuF phaaengF[is] stubborn; disobedient; resistant; intransigent; obstinate; obdurate
ดุ้งdoongF[is] bent or curved upwards or outwards; arched outwards
ดุนdoonM[is] embossed
ดุลdoonM[is] equal; similar; comparable; [are] alike; balanced
ดุษฎีdootL saL deeM[is] satisfied; joyful
ดูดายduuM daaiM[is] indifferent; unconcerned; not taking any interest; take no heed; disinterested
เด้งdengF[has been] dismissed; [was] discharged; fired
เด่นdenL[is] prominent; distinguished; conspicuous; evident
เด่นชัดdenL chatH[is] clear; obvious; distinct
เด๋อduuhrR[is] clumsy; spastic; dense
เด๋อด๋าduuhrR daaR[is] clumsy; spastic; dense
เดาะdawL[is] cracked; splintered; fractured
เดินสะพัดdeernM saL phatH[is] widespread; disseminated
เดิมdeermM[is] original; initial; first
เดียวดายdiaaoM daaiM[is] alone; lonely; solitary
เดือดร้อนdeuuatL raawnH[is] agitated; irked; distressed; disturbed; complaining; be in trouble
แดกdaaekL[is] sarcastic; ironic
แดกดันdaaekL danM[is] sarcastic; ironic
โดนใจdo:hnM jaiM[is] to one's taste; on the same wavelength; to one's liking; to resonate with one
โดนด่าdo:hnM daaL[is] told off; sworn at; cursed
ได้ดีdaiF deeM[is] successful; [has] attained prominence; [has] meet with success
ได้ผลdaiF phohnR[is] effective; accomplished the task
ตกกระป๋องdtohkL graL bpaawngR[is] out of favor; fall into misfortune
ตกกระป๋องdtohkL graL bpaawngR[is] out of fashion; old-fashioned
ตกใจdtohkL jaiM[is] startled; shocked; scared; frightened
ตกตะลึงdtohkL dtaL leungM[is] dumbfound; stupefied; at a loss; stunned; taken aback; spellbound
ตกต่ำdtohkL dtamL[is] in decline; be depressed; in recession
ตกทอดdtohkL thaawtF[is] descended; inherited; handed down; passed on
ตกทุกข์ได้ยากdtohkL thookH daiF yaakF[is] in distress; in low circumstances
ตกนรกdtohkL naH rohkH[is] in hell; fallen
ตกเป็นเหยื่อจากdtohkL bpenM yeuuaL jaakL[is] victimized by
ตกอยู่dtohkL yuuLto become
ตงฉินdtohngM chinR[is] upright; sincere; of high integrity; loyal
ต้นdtohnF[is] first; chief; original; foremost; cardinal; principal; base; fundamental; elementary; beginning
ตรงเกณฑ์dtrohngM gaehnM[is] appropriate; of standard; qualified
ตรงจุดdtrohngM jootL[is] direct to the point; reasonable
ตรงใจdtrohngM jaiM[is] on the same wavelength; compatable; see things the same way
ตรงเวลาdtrohngM waehM laaM[is] on time
ตรมใจdtrohmM jaiM[is] sad; sorrowful; disconsolate
ตรอมdtraawmM[is] be sad; sorrowful; disconsolate
ตรอมใจdtraawmM jaiM[is] broken-hearted, grieving, despondent from losses
ตระการdtraL gaanM[is] beautiful; graceful; pretty
ตระการdtraL gaanM[is] strange; queer; diverse
ตระการตาdtraL gaanM dtaaM[is] pleasing to the eye; pretty to look at
ตระหง่านdtraL ngaanL[is] eminent; prominent; important; foremost; dominant
ตรำdtramM[is] enduring (hardships); suffering
ตรึงใจdtreungM jaiM[is] fascinated (by); takes great interest (in)
ตรึงตาdtreungM dtaaM[is] pleased with
ตลกdtaL lohkL[is] funny; comedic
ตลกจริงdtaL lohkL jingM[is] very funny
ต้องคดีdtawngF khaH deeM[is] charged with a crime
ตอนปลายdtaawnM bplaaiMupper level [as with "upper-level secondary education"]
ตะขิดตะขวงdtaL khitL dtaL khuaangR[is] embarrassed; hesitant; [is] reluctant; bashful; shy; ashamed
ตะบันdtaL banM[is] persistent; obstinate; stubborn; pig-headed; obdurate
ตะลึงdtaL leungM[is] dumbfound; stupefied; at a loss; stunned; taken aback; spellbound
ตะลึงพรึงเพริดdtaL leungM phreungM phreertF[is] surprised; astonished; amazed; astounded; petrified
ตั้งใจdtangF jaiM[is] attentive; determined; resolute
ตั้งฉากdtangF chaakL[is] perpendicular to
ตั้งตรงdtangF dtrohngM[is] erect; standing upright
ตั้งหน้าdtangF naaF[is] engrossed (/deep) in; [is] absorbed in
ตันdtanM[is] blocked (road, pipe, sink); solid; choked; clogged
ตัวกลมdtuaaM glohmM[is] round bodied; round body
ตัวร้ายdtuaaM raaiH(of a person) [is] sassy; fierce; crude
ตั้วdtuaaF[is] big; large
ตาคมdtaaM khohmM[is] sharp-eyed; sharp-sighted
ตาดีdtaaM deeM[is] keen-eyed; eagle-eyed
ตาต่ำdtaaM dtamL[is] not perceptive; blundering
ตาถึงdtaaM theungR[has] an eye for something; [has] keen judgement
ตาสั้นdtaaM sanF[is] shortsighted; [has] myopia
ตากยุงdtaakL yoongM[is] exposed to mosquitoes
ตากลมdtaakL lohmM[is] exposed to the air [compare to ตากลม]
ต่างถิ่นdtaangL thinL[is] nonlocal; of other locality; of different locality
ตามใจชอบdtaamM jaiM chaawpFas you like it; as you please; as your heart desires; depending on your taste
ตามตำนานdtaamM dtamM naanM[is] legendary; according to legend
ตามแบบdtaamM baaepL[is] conventional; following the model
ตามลำพังdtaamM lamM phangM[is] secluded; alone; solitary
ตายdtaaiM[is] dead; lifeless; terminated
ตายโคมdtaaiM kho:hmM[of an egg] [is] infertile; unable to develop
ตายใจdtaaiM jaiM[is] complacent; overconfident; assured [see notes]
ต่ำdtamL[is] low; short; depressed; base
ต่ำdtamL[is] evil; bad; rotten; foul
ต่ำกว่าเกณฑ์ปกติdtamL gwaaL gaehnM bpaL gaL dtiL[is] below average; below normal
ต่ำใจdtamL jaiM[is] despairing; feeling inferiority or despair
ติ๋งdtingR[onomatopoeia] sound of dripping water
ติงต๊องdtingM dtaawngH[colloquial, perhaps crude] [is] crazy-headed; "(You) weirdo!"
ติดdtitL[is] close to; attached to; clinging to; adjacent to; side by side with; snuggled up to; enclosed within; (of traffic) [is] jammed
ติดdtitL[is] (physically) stopped; caught in; stuck; blocked; obstructed; interfered with; interrupted; halted; brought to a standstill
ติดกับดักdtitL gapL dakL[is] caught in a trap
ติดใจdtitL jaiM[is] suspicious; doubtful
ติดใจdtitL jaiM[is] enthralled by; attracted to; enamored of; yearning for; in love with; crazy for
ติดตาdtitL dtaaM[is] trapped in (a net, for example)
ติดบุหรี่dtitL booL reeL[is] addicted to cigarettes
ติดฝิ่นdtitL finL[is] addicted to opium
ติดพ่อdtitL phaawF[is] close—and often dependent—on one's father [implying derogation]
ติดพันdtitL phanM[is] be infatuated with; in love with
ติดแม่dtitL maaeF[is] close—and often dependent—on one's mother [implying derogation]
ติดหนี้dtitL neeF[is] behind in one's debt payments
ติดเหล้าdtitL laoF[is] addicted to alcohol
ติดอกติดใจdtitL ohkL dtitL jaiM[same as ติดใจ]
ตีคู่dteeM khuuF[are] adjoining; neck and neck; side by side; in tandem; abreast of (each other)
ตีฉิ่งdteeM chingL[is] lesbian
ตีบตันdteepL dtanM[is] constricted; narrow; contracted (down in size)
ตึกๆdteukL dteukL[is] throbbing; beating (as a heart)
ตึงdteungM[is] taut; tense; tight; stretched; strained
ตึงdteungM[is] deaf; hard of hearing
ตื่นตะลึงdteuunL dtaL leungM[is] petrified; dumbfounded; histerical
ตื้นdteuunF[is] shallow; not deep (of water)
ตื้น ๆdteuunF dteuunF[is] shallow; not deep
ตื่นกลัวdteuunL gluaaMpanic-stricken; frightened; scared
ตื้นตันdteuunF dtanM[is] excited; nervous; panicked; thrilled; delighted
ตื่นตูมdteuunL dtuumM[is] panic-stricken
ตุ๊ต๊ะdtooH dtaH[is] ponderous; chubby; fat; plump
เต่งdtengL[is] ripe; round; well-developed
เต็มขอบdtemM khaawpL[is] filled to the edge
เต็มเปี่ยมdtemM bpiiamL[is] full of; perfect
เต็มไปด้วยdtemM bpaiM duayF[is] filled with
เต็มฝั่งdtemM fangL[is] up to the edge of the [river] bank
เต่อdtuuhrL[is] short [of duration]; [of pants] too short, pulled up too high
เตะตาdtehL dtaaM[is] eye-catching; be striking; strike the eyes; noticeable; attractive
เตะฝุ่นdtehL foonL[is] unemployed; jobless
เติ่งdteerngL[is] adrift; left in the lurch
เตี้ยdtiiaF[is] short; low [used to describe people or objects]
เตี้ย ๆdtiiaF dtiiaF[is] very short or low; not tall
แตกdtaaekL[is] broken; shattered
แตกฉานdtaaekL chaanR[is] proficient in; sharpen; expert at/in; dexterous; masterful
แตกฉานdtaaekL chaanR[is] scattered; dispersed
แตกฉานซ่านเซ็นdtaaekL chaanR saanF senM[is] separated; scattered; dispersed
แตกต่างกันdtaaekL dtaangL ganM[is] different from each other
แตกแยกdtaaekL yaaekF[is] separated; discordant; disunited
แตกสลายdtaaekL saL laaiR[is] damaged; broken; chipped
แตกทัพdtaaekL thapH[is] defeated in the war; lost
โตdto:hM[is] big; large; grown
โต ๆdto:hM dto:hM[is] grown up
ถกลthaL gohnM[is] beautiful
ถดถอยthohtL thaawyR[is] discouraged; disheartened; depressed; dispirited
ถนัดใจthaL natL jaiM[is] at ease; feel comfortable; feel right about
ถลอกthaL laawkL[is] scraped; abraded; scratched
ถวัลย์thaL wanR[is] big; large; huge; mighty
ถอดใจthaawtL jaiM[is] discouraged; disheartened
ถ่อมตนthaawmL dtohnM[is] modest; humble
ถ่อมตัวthaawmL dtuaaM[is] humble; modest
ถึงเกณฑ์theungR gaehnM[is] qualified; [is] passing a criterion
ถึงลูกถึงคนtheungR luukF theungR khohnM[is] strong enough; forceful
ถือใจtheuuR jaiM[is] convinced; certain
ถือโชคถือลางtheuuR cho:hkF theuuR laangM[is] superstitious
ถือผิวtheuuR phiuR[is] racist; segregationist
ถูกthuukL[is] true; correct; right; conforming
ถูกthuukL[is] cheap; inexpensive; having a low price; economical
ถูกกันthuukL ganM[is] compatible; gets along well with; agree (each other)
ถูกใจthuukL jaiM[is] pleasing; to one's liking
ถูกโดดเดี่ยวthuukL do:htL diaaoL[has] become isolated
ถูกฟ้องthuukL faawngH[is] charged with a crime
ถูกมองด้วยสายตาหยามเหยียดthuukL maawngM duayF saaiR dtaaM yaamR yiiatL[is] looked at distainfully
ถูกหางเลขthuukL haangR laehkFto get caught up in something; to become implicated in
ถูก ๆthuukL thuukL[is] very true; very correct
เถลิกthaL leerkL[is] uncovered; exposed
เถียงไม่ขึ้นthiiangR maiF kheunF[is] unable to convince (someone)
เถียรthiianR[is] strong; constant; stable
เถือกtheuuakL[is] intensely covered; dazzling
ทดท้อthohtH thaawH[is] discouraged
ทโมนthaH mo:hnM[is] overgrown; big; dominant; assertive
ทรงกลดsohngM glohtLbe encircled by a halo; have a halo; [is] surrounded by a corona
ทรงธรรมsohngM thamM maH[is] virtuous
ทรยศชาติthaawM raH yohtH chaatF[is] a traitor to one's country
ทรสายthaawM raH saaiR[is] unkempt; messy
ทรสายทรสุมthaawM raH saaiR thaawM raH soomR[same as ทรสาย ]
ทรสุมthaawM raH soomR[is] bunched together; clustered
ทรสุมทรสายthaawM raH soomR thaawM raH saaiR[same as ทรสุม ]
ทรหดthaawM raH hohtL[is] tough; able to endure or tolerate; able to stand up to or resist
ทรหวลthaawM raH huaanR[is] being blown or carried away
ทรหึงthaawM raH heungR[is] boisterous; loud; noisy
ทรหึงthaawM raH heungR[is] of long duration; enduring; sustained; long-lasting
ทรหึงทรหวลthaawM raH heungR thaawM raH huaanR[is] tumultuous
ทรอึงthaawM raH eungM[is] conceited; overly proud; haughty
ทรอุ้มthaawM raH oomF[is] dark; overcast; gloomy
ทรุดเสื่อมsootH seuuamL[is] deteriorated; devastated; damaged
ท้วม ๆthuaamH thuaamH[is] plump; full-bodied
ท้อthaawH[is] discouraged; disheartened; sad; fearful
ท้อใจthaawH jaiM[is] discouraged; sad; disheartened
ท้อถอยthaawH thaawyR[becomes] discouraged; [feels like] giving up; [does] lose courage; [is] disheartened
ท้องแขวนthaawngH khwaaenRhave an empty stomach; [is] famish; starving
ท้องร้องthaawngH raawngH[is] hungry; [has] a rumbling stomach
ทอดthaawtF[is] deep-fried
ทะนงตัวthaH nohngM dtuaaM[is] proud; proud oneself; self-confident
ทะยาทะแยแสthaH yaaM thaH yaaeM saaeR[is] generous; concerned about; interested in; caring
ทะเยอทะยานthaH yuuhrM thaH yaanM[is] ambitious; aspiring
ทะลึ่งthaH leungF[is] impertinent; insolent; impudent; bold; forward; sassy; fresh; naughty
ทะเล้นthaH lenH[is] giggly; with a broad grin; a little naughty; pert; cheeky; saucy
ทั้งกลมthangH glohmM[are] dead both mother and child
ทัดthatH[is] equal to
ทัดเทียมthatH thiiamM[is] equal; equivalent to; tantamount to
ทันใจthanM jaiM[is] expeditious; efficient; speedy; rapid
ทางการthaangM gaanM[is] formal
ทารุณโหดร้ายthaaM roonM ho:htL raaiH[is] cruel; fierce; brutal; savage
ทำงานส่วนตัวthamM ngaanM suaanL dtuaaMself-employment; [is] self-employed
ทำไม่ทันthamM maiF thanM[is] unable to keep up with; [is] innundated with
ทำเนาthamM naoM[is] tolerable
ที่ต่ำที่สูงtheeF dtamL theeF suungR[is] (acting) unaware of [one's] place or social standing
ที่ต่ำสูงtheeF dtamL suungR[see ที่ต่ำที่สูง]
ที่อยู่อาศัยtheeF yuuL aaM saiR[is] residential
ทึ่งtheungF[is] interested (in); satisfied (with); enjoying; absorbed (with)
ทึ่งtheungF[is] surprised; impressed; amazed; astonished; wonder
ทื่อtheuuF[is] blunt; dull; not sharp
ทุกข์ทรมานthookH thaawM raH maanM[is] miserable
ทุกข์ระทมthookH raH thohmM[is] agonized; suffer; [is] distressed; tormented; tortured
ทุจริตthootH jaL ritL[is] corrupt; dishonest; deceitful
ทุพพลภาพthoopH phohnM laH phaapF[is] disabled; crippled; deformed; maimed
ทุรนทุรายthooH rohnM thooH raaiM[is] disturbed; uneasy; agitated
ทุราคมthooH raaM khohmMsomewhere faraway; a place difficult to approach
เท่อthuuhrF[is] blunt; dull-witted; obtuse; inactive; slow
เท่าthaoF[is] equal; equivalent; even; as much as
เท่าเทียมthaoF thiiamM[is] equal; equivalent; [is] on a level with; comparable
เทียบเท่าthiiapF thaoF[is] equal to; equivalent to; [is] the same as
เทียมthiiamM[is] artificial; false; imitation
เทียมเท่าthiiamM thaoFto equal; keep up with; keep pace (with); make equal with others; place on the same level; parable; [is] equivalent to
แท่งthaaengF[is] solid
แท่ง ๆthaaengF thaaengF[is] solid
แทรกซ้อนsaaekF saawnH[has] complications
โทง ๆtho:hngM tho:hngM[is] naked; unclothed; undressed; nude; stripped; unclad; disrobed; unrobed
โทสะtho:hM saL[is] angry; in a rage
ธรรมดาthamM maH daaM[is] usual; ordinary; normal; average; plain; regular; natural; common
ธรรมิกthamM mikH[is] virtuous; devout; pious; saintly
นปุงสกnaH bpoongM saL gaLeunuch; [is] gender-neutered
นปุงสกลิงค์naH bpoongM saL gaL lingM[is] gender-neutered
น่วมnuaamF[is] mushy; squishy; pliable; flaccid
นอกคอกnaawkF khaawkF[is] off track; [has] gone astray
นอกใจnaawkF jaiM[is] unfaithful to another person; adulterous; disloyal
นอกทางnaawkF thaangM[is] off track; off-base
นอกลู่นอกทางnaawkF luuF naawkF thaangM[is] off the track; [has] gone astray; [is] unconventional
นอกลู่นอกรอยnaawkF luuF naawkF raawyM[is] unconventional; different
นอนกินnaawnM ginM[is] rich; wealthy (one who need only eat and sleep, not being required to work)
น้อยnaawyH[is] little; small; minor; tiny; less; few; slight; a little bit; a small amount
น้อยลงnaawyH lohngM[is] smaller; lower; less
น้อย ๆnaawyH naawyH[is] very little; very tiny
นั่งขัดสมาธิnangF khatL saL maatL[is] sitting (on the floor) with legs crossed full-lotus (as for meditation)
นั่งไขว้ขากันnangF khwaiF khaaR ganMsitting cross-legged (i.e. in a chair)
น่าเกรงขามnaaF graehngM khaamR[is] in awe of; imposing (e.g. personage); dignified; prestigious
น่าเกลียดnaaF gliiatL[is] hateable; ugly; horrible; disgusting; awful
น่าขบขันnaaF khohpL khanR[is] comic; funny; comical; amusing; humourous
น่าขันnaaF khanR[is] ridiculous; cockamamy
น่าใจหายnaaF jaiM haaiR[is] astonishing; frightening; startling; alarming
น่าทึ่งnaaF theungF[is] impressive
น่าประทับใจnaaF bpraL thapH jaiM[is] cool; awesome; impressive
น่ามองnaaF maawngM[is] attractive; appealing; alluring; charming; nice to look at/watch
น่ายินดีnaaF yinM deeM[is] pleasant
น่ารักน่าชังnaaF rakH naaF changM[is] cute; pretty; attractive; lovely
น่ารับประทานnaaF rapH bpraL thaanM[is] appetizing; delicious-looking
น่ารำคาญnaaF ramM khaanM[is] annoying; irritating
น่ารู้naaF ruuH[is] interesting; worthy of knowing or investigating
น่าเร้าใจnaaF raaoH jaiM[is] excited; thrilled; stimulated
น่าลองnaaF laawngM[is] worth a try; worth trying
น่าวิตกnaaF wiH dtohkL[is] worrisome
น่าเวทนาnaaF waehtF thaH naaM[is] pitiful
น่าเศร้าnaaF saoF[is] sad; regrettable; sorrowful; lamentable
น่าสนใจnaaF sohnR jaiM[is] interesting
น่าสบายnaaF saL baaiM[is] giving a sense of comfort; able to produce a comfortable feeling
น่าหดหู่naaF hohtL huuL[is feeling or subject to feeling] depressed; dejected
น่าเหนื่อยnaaF neuuayL[is] exhausting; tiring; wearying
น่าอนาถnaaF aL naatL[is] tragic; pathetic; sad; pitiful; miserable
น่าอายnaaF aaiM[is] embarrassing
น่าเอ็นดูnaaF enM duuM[is] cute; lovely; charming
น่าฮักnaaF hakH[Isaan dialect] [is] lovable; cute
น่าเคารพnaaF khaoM rohpH[is] respectable; venerable; honorable
น่าอัปยศnaaF apL bpaL yohtH[is] shameful; disgraceful; embarrassing; humiliating
น้ำตาคลอเบ้าnamH dtaaM khlaawM baoF[is] teary
นิ่งningF[is] still; immobile; silent; motionless; quiet
นิ่งเฉยningF cheeuyR[is] indifferent; calm
นิยมniH yohmM[is] fond of; admiring; interested in
นุ่งน้อยห่มน้อยnoongF naawyH hohmL naawyH[sexual connotation] [is] naked; nude; scantily clad
นุ่งลมห่มฟ้าnoongF lohmM hohmL faaH[is] stripped completely naked; in the nude
นูนnuunM[is] convex; bulging out; curving out; swollen
เนรคุณnaehM raH khoonM[is] ungrateful; go against; betray
เน่าnaoF[is] rotten; decayed; dead; putrid; spoiled
เน่าตัวหนอนชอนไชnaoF dtuaaM naawnR chaawnM chaiM[is] rotten and worm-infested; wormy
เนืองแน่นneuuangM naaenF[is] crowded; packed
เนื้อหอมneuuaH haawmR[is] in demand; popular; attractive to the opposite sex
แน่แก่ใจnaaeF gaaeL jaiM[is] confident
แน่จริงnaaeF jingM[is] certain; sure
แน่นnaaenF[is] crowded; busy (restaurant, etc); tightly packed
แนบชิดnaaepF chitHto snuggle up to; nestle; press close to; [is] close to; bring into close contact
แนบสนิทnaaepF saL nitL[is] close to; [is] on intimate terms with; [is] accustomed to; [is] on very familiar terms with
แนมnaaemM[is] insulting; insolent
แน่วแน่naaeoF naaeF[is] firm; determined
บกพร่องbohkL phraawngF[of a person] [is] negligent
บทbohtLchapter of a book; lesson of a schoolbook; article in a magazine; verse; stanza
บรรลัยจักรbanM laiM yaH jakLutterly destroyed
บริสุทธิ์baawM riH sootL[is] innocent; pure; uncontaminated; virgin; fine
บวรbaawM waawnM[is] sublime; glorious; superb; exalted; top; best
บ้อbaawF[is] destitute; penniless; impoverished
บ้องตื้นbaawngF dteuunF[is] idiotic; dumb
บ๊อง ๆbaawngH baawngH(of a person) [is] crazy; mad
บอบbaawpL[is] completely disabled; badly injured; totally exhausted; fagged; run-down; beat
บอบช้ำbaawpL chaamH[is] bruised, sore, battered
บักโกรกbakL gro:hkL[is] dry and desiccated; wasted; out of energy
บังหน้าbangM naaFto act as a cover for; [is] a facade to achieve something
บังอาจbangM aatL[is] disrespectful; insolent; impertinent; impudent
บัญญัติbanM yatLlegal act; law; decree; ordance; regulation
บันดาลใจbanM daanM jaiM[is] inspired
บันลือbanM leuuM[is] reknowned; [is] widely celbrated; widely known
บ้าbaaF[of a person] [is] crazy; mad; insane
บ้าคลั่งbaaF khlangF[is] insane; mad; crazy; demented; deranged
บ้าเลือดbaaF leuuatF[is] bloodthirsty; cruel; blood crazed
บ้า ๆbaaF baaF[of a person] [is] very crazy
บ้า ๆ บอ ๆbaaF baaF baawM baawM[of a person] [is] crazy; insane
บางตาbaangM dtaaM[is] thinned out; dwindled; faded (in amount); declined (in number)
บาดใจbaatL jaiM[is] (feeling) hurt; grieve; offended
บ้านbaanF[is] domestic; domesticated
บิ่นbinL[is] chipped
บี้beeF[is] crushed; flattened
บึ้งตึงbeungF dteungM[is] sullen
บุบบิบboopL bipL[is] distorted; deformed; dented
บุพกาลboopL phaH gaanM[is] undeveloped; primitive
บุ๋มboomR[is] dimpled; indented; pock-marked
บุ่มบ่ามboomL baamL[is] pushy; uncouth; rash; imprudent
บู้buuF[is] flattened; dented; bashed-in
บู้บี้buuF beeF[is] distorted; deformed; dented
เบ่งบานbengL baanM[is] cheerful; joyful; happy
เบญจพรรณbaL yaehtL phanM[is] miscellaneous
เบลอbluuhrM[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] [is] unclear or indistinct; blurred; blurry
เบ้อเร่อเท่อbuuhrF ruuhrF thuuhrF[is] big; huge; large
เบาbaoM[is] light; gentle; soft; (of volume) soft, lower; (of speed) slow
เบาbaoM[of speed] [is] slow; not speedy
เบาbaoM[of weight] [is] light; not heavy
เบาตัวbaoM dtuaaM[is] (feeling) relaxed; (feeling) relieved
เบา ๆbaoM baoM[is] gentle; soft
เบิกบานbeerkL baanM[is] joyful; cheerful; happy; merry; delighted
เบิกบานใจbeerkL baanM jaiM[is] cheerful
เบียดเสียดยัดเยียดbiiatL siiatL yatH yiiatF[is] crowded; congested; thronged
เบี้ยวbiaaoF[of shape] [is] distorted
เบื่อbeuuaL[is] bored; depressed; fed up; downhearted; miserable; frustrated
เบื้อbeuuaF[is] unable to speak; quiet; dumb
แบ่งแยกbaengL yaaekF[is] divided; split; separate
แบนbaaenM[is] flat
แบบรวมศูนย์baaepL ruaamM suunR[is] centralized
แบเบาะbaaeM bawL[is] infantile; innocent
โบ๋bo:hR[is] pitted; dented-in; sunken; dimpled
โบ๋bo:hR[is] perforated; containing gaping holes
โบ.bo:hM[dictionary abbreviation for] โบราณ ; archaic
โบแดงbo:hM daaengM[is] admirable; praiseworthy
ใบ้baiF[is] dumb; mute
ปฏิภาคbpaL dtiL phaakF[is] proportionate to
ปฏิสนธิbpaL dtiL sohnR thiH[is] born; taken birth
ปฏิสนธิในครรภ์ของนางbpaL dtiL sohnR thiH naiM khanM khaawngR naangM[Biblical] [is] conceived in her
ปรองดองbpraawngM daawngMto harmonize; get along with; reconcile with; compromise with
ประจักษ์bpraL jakL[is] evident; certain; convinced; obvious
ประจักษ์แจ้งbpraL jakL jaaengF[is] evident; certain; convinced; obvious; clear
ประจำbpraL jamM[is] assigned; permanently placed; constant; fixed
ประจำการbpraL jamM gaanM[is] serving; stationed; posted; assigned to; on active duty
ประจำตัวbpraL jamM dtuaaM[is] individual; personal; private
ประจิ้มประเจ๋อbpraL jimF bpraL juuhrR[is] disgraceful; precocious; childish
ประเจิดประเจ้อbpraL jeertL bpraL juuhrF[of conduct] [is] shameless; unconcealed; unduly exposed to the public eye
ประชดประเทียดเสียดสีbpraL chohtH bpraL thiiatF siiatL seeR[is] satirical; ironical; acid; biting; caustic; cynical; sardonic; sarky (Brit. informal)
ประดักประเดิดbpraL dakL bpraL deertL[is] long-struggling; long-suffering
ประดังbpraL dangM[is] multitudinous; crowded; overwhelmed in quantity; squeezed in
ประทับใจbpraL thapH jaiM[is] impressed; pleasantly surprised
ประมาทbpraL maatL[is] careless; remiss; negligent; overconfident
ประโลมโลกbpraL lo:hmM lo:hkF[is] melodramatic; overly sensational; with exaggerated drama; without subtlety; common; universally appealing (lit. consoling the world)
ประสบทุกข์bpraL sohpL thookH[is] in distress; in low circumstances
ประสบภัยbpraL sohpL phaiM[is] a disaster victim
ประสมbpraL sohmR[is] mixed; compounded; mingled; combined; amalgamated
ประสาทกินbpraL saatL ginM[is] nervous
ประเสริฐbpraL seertL[is] excellent; glorious; sublime; superb; outstanding
ประหม่าbpraL maaL[is] timid; shy; bashful; nervous; abashed; lacking confidence
ประหยัดbpraL yatL[is] cheap; thrifty; frugal; parsimonious; economical
ประหยัดมากเกินไปbpraL yatL maakF geernM bpaiM[is] parsimonious; stingy; miserly; penny-pinching; penurious
ประหลาด ๆbpraL laatL bpraL laatL[is] very strange
ปรักbpaL rakL[is] ruined; broken
ปรักหักพังbpaL rakL hakL phangM[is] ruined; wrecked
ปรานีbpraaM neeM[is] nice; kind; compassionate; merciful; truthful
ปราศbpraatL[is] deprived of; free from; without; rid of
ปราศจากbpraatL saL jaakL[is] without; separate from; [is] rid of; [is] free from
ปริ่มbprimL[is] pleased; delighted; glad
ปริ่มใจbprimL jaiM[is] pleased; be glad; be delighted; be gratified
ปริ่มยิ้มbprimL yimH[is] pleased; delighted; glad
ปริมณฑลbpaL riH mohnM thohnM[is] circular; round
ปริ่มเปรมbprimL bpraehmM[is] pleased; delighted
ปริมิตbpaL riH mitH[is] exactly specified; limited (to); fixed (at)
ปริยbpaL riH yaH[is] liked; beloved; dear
ปริเยศbpriL yaehtF[is] fond of; beloved (to); dear (to)
ปรีดาbpreeM daaM[is] delighted; pleased; joyful
ปรีดิ์เปรมbpreetL bpraehmM[is] pleased; delighted
ปรีตะbpreeM dtaL[ปรีดา]
ปฤจฉาbpritL chaaR[is] interrogative; inquiring
ปลงbplohngM[is] stoic regarding something (a Buddhist way of reconciling with life's suffering)
ปลดกลางอากาศbplohtL glaangM aaM gaatL[is] suddenly fired from one’s job
ปลอดโปร่งbplaawtL bpro:hngL[is] clear (of the weather), fine, sunny bright
ปล่อยปละละเลยbplaawyL bplaL laH leeuyMto neglect; abandon; leave; [is] careless
ปลาบbplaapL[is] thrilling; flashing; shining
ปลาบปลื้มbplaapL bpleuumF[is] pleased; happy; joyful; delighted
ปลื้มbpleuumF[is] pleased; glad; delighted
ปลื้มใจbpleuumF jaiM[is] pleased; glad; delighted
ปลุกใจbplookL jaiM[is] encouraged; emboldened; heartened (by)
ปวกเปียกbpuaakL bpiiakL[is] weak; limp; flimsy; feeble; flabby
ปวดใจbpuaatL jaiM[is] in anguish; in pain
ป่วนbpuaanL[is] turbulent; in a state of turbulence
ป่วนปั่นbpuaanL bpanL[is] in turmoil; greatly confused
ป่วยbpuayL[is] sick; ailing; ill; diseased
ป่วยการbpuayL gaanM"It is a waste of time" — "It is not worthwhile"
ป้อแป้bpaawF bpaaeF[is] weak; sluggish; feeble; flabby
ปักใจbpakL jaiM[is] firmly convinced and confident; set and firm in belief
ปั้นปึ่งbpanF bpeungL[is] pompous
ป่าbpaaL[is] wild
ปากตลาดbpaakL dtaL laatL[is] vulgar; foul-mouthed; coarse
ปากพาจนbpaakL phaaM johnM[is] harmed by one's own words
ป้ำๆ เป๋อๆbpamF bpamF bpuuhrR bpuuhrR[is] clumsy and stupid; foolish; muddle-headed
ปิดbpitL[is] closed
ปุ้มbpoomF[is] rather round-shaped
ปุ้มปุ้ยbpoomF bpuyF[a polite way of saying] [is] fat; chubby
ปุ้ยbpuyF[is] chubby-cheeked
เป็นการbpenM gaanM[has] succeeded; accomplished; completed
เป็นง่อยbpenM ngaawyF[is] handicapped
เป็นจุณbpenM joonM[is] powdery; fine
เป็นเจ้ายิ่งกว่าเจ้าbpenM jaoF yingF gwaaL jaoF[is] an ultra-royalist
เป็นชั้นเป็นเชิงbpenM chanH bpenM cheerngM[is] layered; overlaid
เป็นชิ้นเป็นอันbpenM chinH bpenM anM[is] substantial; tangible; considerable
เป็นตัวของตัวเองbpenM dtuaaM khaawngR dtuaaM aehngM[is] self-confident; self-assured; independent; self-reliant
เป็นแถวbpenM thaaeoR[is] in rows; [is] in large numbers
เป็นที่ชื่นชอบbpenM theeF cheuunF chaawpF[is] pleasing; a favorite [of]
เป็นทุกข์เป็นร้อนbpenM thookH bpenM raawnH[is] worried; concerned; anxious; bothered
เป็นธรรมbpenM thamM[is] fair; just; equitable; impartial; justified
เป็นปฏิปักษ์bpenM bpaL dtiL bpakL[is] the enemy of; the antagonist of; be hostile
เป็นปากเป็นเสียงbpenM bpaakL bpenM siiangR[is] a spokesperson for; a mouthpiece
เป็นไปได้bpenM bpaiM daiF[is] possible; feasible; to progress, move forward
เป็นไปไม่ได้bpenM bpaiM maiF daiF[is] impossible; unfeasible
เป็นผงbpenM phohngR[is] powdery; fine
เป็นผลสำเร็จbpenM phohnR samR retL[is] successful
เป็นผู้เป็นคนbpenM phuuF bpenM khohnM[is] like a normal person
เป็นไม้เบื่อไม้เมาbpenM maaiH beuuaL maaiH maoM[is] inimicable or inimical (to); antagonistic (with); [is] arch-enemy (with)
เป็นระเบียบbpenM raH biiapL[is] nice and tidy; nice and orderly
เป็นระเบียบเรียบร้อยbpenM raH biiapL riiapF raawyHnice and tidy; nice and orderly
เป็นเรื่องbpenM reuuangFis something [that]
เป็นเวลาbpenM waehM laaM[is] on time; not late
เป็นศัตรูbpenM satL dtruuM[is] the enemy of; the antagonist of; be hostile
เป็นศูนย์bpenM suunR[is] nothing; absent; a nullity
เป็นหนี้บุญคุณbpenM neeF boonM khoonM[is] morally obligated to someone else
เป็นหลักฐานbpenM lakL thaanR[is] of good standing
เป็นเหตุเป็นผลbpenM haehtL bpenM phohnR[is] reasonable
เป็นเหตุผลbpenM haehtL phohnR[is] reasonable
เป็นใหญ่bpenM yaiL[is] in charge of; is "the big kahuna"; is the big boss
เป็นใหญ่bpenM yaiL[is] a major issue
เป็นใหญ่เป็นโตbpenM yaiL bpenM dto:hM[is] the boss; more important than others
เป็นอัมพาตbpenM amM maH phaatF[is] paralyzed
เป็นเอามากbpenM aoM maakF[is] serious; severe; critical; acute
เปรอะเปื้อนbpruhL bpeuuanF[is] stained; blot; spotted; soiled; tarnished
เปรียวbpriaaoM[is] nimble; agile; elusive; brisk; quick
เปรี้ยวจี๊ดbpriaaoF jeetH[is] avant-garde
เปรี้ยวหวานbpriaaoF waanR[is] sweet and sour
เปลวbplaayoM[is] fragile; delicate; weak
เปล่าใจbplaaoL jaiM[is] lonely; lonesome
เปล่าดายbplaaoL daaiM[is] useless
เปล่าเปลี่ยวbplaaoL bpliaaoL[is] lonely; lonesome
เปล่า ๆbplaaoL bplaaoL[is] unmarried; single; without a family
เปลี้ยbpliiaF[is] worn out; fagged; weak; tired; exhausted
เปลี่ยวใจbpliaaoL jaiM[is] (feeling) lonely; lonesome; forlorn
เปลี่ยว ๆbpliaaoL bpliaaoL[of a place] [is] lonely; deserted; vacant
เปลืองเงินbpleuuangM ngernM[is] a waste of money
เปลืองตัวbpleuuangM dtuaaM[is] injurious to oneself; [is] self-destructive; [has] self-detrimental tendencies
เปลืองสมองbpleuuangM saL maawngR[same as เปลืองหัว]
เปลืองหัวbpleuuangM huaaR[is] mentally challenging; mentally consuming
เปลื้องbpleuuangF[is] deprived of; stripped of
เปลือยกายbpleuuayM gaaiM[is] naked; unclothed
เป้อเย้อbpuuhrF yuuhrH[is] boastful; bragging; swaggering
เป๊ะbpehH[is] precise; accurate; exact
เปิดbpeertL[is] open; not closed
เปิดใจกว้างbpeertL jaiM gwaangF[is] open-minded
เปิดผนึกbpeertL phaL neukL(of a letter) [is] open; [has been] unsealed
เปียกแฉะbpiiakL chaeL[is] soaking wet; soaked; dripping wet
เปี่ยมล้นbpiiamL lohnH[is] full; filled; completely filled; full to the brim
เปื้อนbpeuuanF[is] dirty; soiled; filthy; stained; bespattered
แปbpaaeM[is] flat; [of a hand or foot] deformed
แปร่งbpraengL[of sound or voice] [is] unnatural; discordant; jarring; out of tune; dialectal; with a foreign accent; butchered; [of a situation] vague; different
แปร่งปร่าbpraengL bpraaL[is] strange tasting
แปร่ง ๆbpraengL bpraengL[is] very unnatural (sounding)
แปรปรวนbpraaeM bpruaanM[is] variable
แปลกbplaaekL[is] strange; unusual; queer; weird; peculiar; odd; curious
แปลกใจbplaaekL jaiM[is] amazed; astonished
แปลกใหม่bplaaekL maiL[is] strange; new; novel; exotic; alien; unknown
แปลก ๆbplaaekL bplaaekL[is] very strange
แป้วbpaaeoF[is] flat; flattened; deflated
แป๊วbpaaeoH[from the sound of a kitten] [is] cute
แป๋วbpaaeoR[is] innocent; artless; unaffected; unsophisticated
แป๋วbpaaeoR[is] glittering; sparkling; glistening
โป๊เปลือยbpo:hH bpleuuayM[is] bare-assed; naked; completely nude
โปร่งbpro:hngL[is] airy; clear; transparent; spacious
โปร่งตาbpro:hngL dtaaMlook bright and airy; look pleasant; have a clean look
โปร่งโล่งbpro:hngL lo:hngF[is] cleared out; spacious; airy
โปร่งใสbpro:hngL saiR[is] bright; clear
โปร่งใสbpro:hngL saiR[is] transparent
ผยองphaL yaawngR[is] arrogant
ผวาphaL waaR[is] scared
ผ่องphaawngL[is] bright; clear; shiny
ผ่องใสphaawngL saiR[is] cheerful; bright; pure; fine; fresh
ผ่อนผันphaawnL phanR[is] indulgent
ผอมphaawmR[is] thin; lean; not fat; skinny; slender; slim
ผะอืดผะอมphaL euutL phaL ohmM[is] nauseated; sick; disgusting to suffer from nausea; retch; feel like vomiting
ผ่าเหล่าphaaL laoL[is] (like an) ugly duckling; (like a) black sheep
ผาดเผิน ๆphaatL pheernR pheernR[is] glancing; incidental; superficial
ผ่านเลยไปphaanL leeuyM bpaiMto pass unnoticed; pass by without thought; [is] ignored
ผ่าเผยphaaL pheeuyR(of one's conduct or demeanor) [is] dignified
ผ่ายผอมphaaiL phaawmR[is] thin; emaciated
ผ่าวphaaoL[is] intensely hot; burning
ผิดphitL[is] incorrect; wrong; mistaken; false; faulty; guilty
ผิดใจphitL jaiM[is] in disagreement; adversarial; on bad terms
ผิดพวกผิดพ้องphitL phuaakF phitL phaawngH[are] heterogeneous; various; diverse
ผิดสำแดงphitL samR daaengM[is] poisonous
ผิด ๆphitL phitL[is] very wrong; very incorrect
ผิวขาวphiuR khaaoR[is] light-skinned
ผิวเผินphiuR pheernR[is] superficial
ผีไม่มีศาลpheeR maiF meeM saanR[metaphor] wandering; without a fixed place to live; without permanent residence
ผึ่งpheungL[is] spread-out (for drying); hung-out
ผึ่งpheungL(of the chest) [is] broad; muscular; built
ผุกร่อนphooL graawnL[is] decayed; rotten; decomposed; putrefied
เผ็ดphetL[of food] [is] spicy-hot; tasting of chilli pepper; pungent
เผ็ด ๆphetL phetL[of food] [is] very spicy
เผด็จการphaL detL gaanM[is] dictatorial
เผลอphluuhrR[is] reckless; incautious; rash; absent-minded; forgetful; unaware; off one's guard; error-prone; unintentional
เผลอสติphluuhrR saL dtiL[is] absent-minded
เผอเรอphuuhrR ruuhrM[is] careless
ฝ่อfaawL[is] seized with fear; terrified; scared; frightened; alarmed
ฝักฝ่ายfakL faaiL[is] inclined to; attracted toward; [is] a supporter of; side with
ฝาดfaatL[is] astringent; sour; acidulous
ฝึกปรือfeukL bpreuuMto drill; [is] well-trained; [is] in constant drill
ฝืดเคืองfeuutL kheuuangM[is] in distress; hard-pressed (for money); difficult;
ฝืนใจfeuunR jaiM[is] reluctant; unwilling;
แฝงเร้นfaaengR renH[is] hidden; concealed; invisible
ใฝ่สูงfaiL suungR[is] ambitious for great achievement; aim high; fly high; crave for greatness and success
พกphohkH[is] fatigued
พ้นกำหนดphohnH gamM nohtL[is] overdue
พ้นความผิดphohnH khwaamM phitL[is] acquitted; found not guilty of charges
พ้นผิดphohnH phitL[is] acquitted; found not guilty of charges
พ้นวิสัยphohnH wiH saiR[is] beyond one's power or help; beyond human control; be impossible
พยับphaH yapH[of the sky] [is] gloomy; dark; overcast
พรหมจารีphrohmM maH jaaM reeM[is] virgin(al); unused; unspoiled
พร่องphraawngF[is] depleted; partly used; not full
พระบรมphraH baL rohmM[prefix indicating] royalty
พรั่นphranF[is] afraid; fearful; frightened; daunted; scared
พรั่นใจphranF jaiM[is] afraid; frightened; daunted
พรั่นพรึงphranF phreungMto fear
พรั่นพรึงphranF phreungM[is] afraid; frightened; scared; terrified
พรากจากกันphraakF jaakL ganM[is] separated; scattered; parted; apart; divided; dissociated
พร่างพรายphraangF phraaiM[is] sparkling; glittering; twinkling; shinning; shimmering
พรายแสงphraaiM saaengR[is] brilliant; shimmering
พราวphraaoM[is] sparkling; glittering
พริ้งเพราphringH phraoM[is] pretty, beautiful, cute
พล็อมแพล็มphlawmM phlaemM[is] (shining or appearing) intermittently
พลอยฟ้าพลอยฝนphlaawyM faaH phlaawyM fohnRto get someone into trouble; [is] involved (in); become mixed up with
พลัดถิ่นphlatH thinL[is] displaced; exiled
พลัดพรากphlatH phraakF[is] separated from; parted from; estranged from
พลุกพล่านphlookH phlaanF[is] busy; crowded; congested
พลุ่ยphluyF[is] loose; slack
พอphaawM[is] sufficient; [does] suffice; [is] adequate; enough
พอกันทีphaawM ganM theeM[is] enough; hard to bear; to have enough
พอใจphaawM jaiM[is] content; contented; satisfied; pleased; happy
พอที่phaawM theeF[is] suitable; appropriate; sufficient
พอฟัดพอเหวี่ยงphaawM fatH phaawM wiiangLwell-matched; be just equal; evenly matched
พอมีกินมีใช้phaawM meeM ginM meeM chaiH[is] not poor but not extravagant; [has] some money for savings
พอเลี้ยงปากเลี้ยงท้องphaawM liiangH bpaakL liiangH thaawngH[is] not poor but not extravagant; [has] some money for savings
พอวัดพอเหวี่ยงphaawM watH phaawM wiiangLwell-matched; be just equal; evenly matched
พองphaawngM[is] inflated; filled up
พ้องphaawngH[is] synonymous; alike-sounding; identical; in agreement; coincident; simultaneous; allied
พะรุงพะรังphaH roongM phaH rangM[is] disheveled; disorderly; tattered; messy
พะวงphaH wohngM[is] anxious (for); worried; concerned
พะว้าพะวังphaH waaH phaH wangM[is] worried; anxious; distraught; overwrought
พะอืดพะอมphaH euutL phaH ohmMin a difficult situation; [is] in a dilemma
พัวพันphuaaM phanM[is] involved; implicated; related; connected
พากเพียรphaakF phiianM[is] dilligent; perservering; taking pains; industrious; patient; unremitting
พิกลพิการphiH gohnM phiH gaanM[is] deformed; crippled
พิการphiH gaanM[is] disabled; handicapped; crippled; lame; deformed; maimed; deficient
พิถีพิถันphiH theeR phiH thanR[is] punctilious; careful; meticulous; fastidious
พิทูรphiH thuunM[is] clever; well versed; erudite; wise
พินาศวอดวายphiH naatF waawtF waaiM[is] ruined and razed to the ground
พิรามphiH raamM[is] beautiful; handsome
พิรุธphiH rootH[is] suspicious-looking
พิรุธphiH rootH[is] suspicious; doubtful; dubious
พิเรนphiH raehnM[is] abnormal; unusual; queer; odd; extraordinary; uncommon
พิโรธphiH ro:htF[is] angry; furious
พิลึกphiH leukH[is] uncanny; queer; weird; odd; grotesque
พิลึกกึกกือphiH leukH geukL geuuM[is] queer; fantastic; odd
พิลึกพิลั่นphiH leukH phiH lanF[is] weird; bizarre; very strange; peculiar
พิศวงphitH saL wohngR[is] puzzled about; bewildered; suspicious of
พิศวงงงงวยphitH saL wohngR ngohngM nguayM[is] puzzled; confused; surprised
พิศวาสphitH saL waatL[is] loving; affectionate; tender
พิศาลphiH saanR[is] broad, wide
พิษphitH[is] poisonous; toxic; venemous
พึงพอใจpheungM phaawM jaiM[is] satisfied; pleased; contented
พึ่งเสร็จpheungF setL[has] just finished
พืดpheuutF[is] webbed; expansive
พืดpheuutF[is] uninterrupted; continuous
พุงกางphoongM gaangM[is] chubby; paunchy
พุ่มม่ายphoomF maaiF[is] widowed
พูดยืดยาดphuutF yeuutF yaatF[is] long-winded
เพริดphreertF[of an animal] [is] lost; stray; estranged; returned to the wild
เพรียงphriiangM[harmonious suffix for พร้อม ]
เพรียบพร้อมphriiapF phraawmH[is] fully prepared; ready
เพรียวphriaaoM[is] slender; thin; tapered
เพรียวลมphriaaoM lohmM[is] streamlined
เพิกเฉยpheerkF cheeuyR[is] inattentive; inactive; negligent; heedless; indifferent
เพี้ยนphiianH[is] inaccurate; distorted; off; untrue; [of sound or voice] out of tune; with a foreign accent; butchered
เพียบphiiapF[is] overloaded; heavily loaded; too full
เพียบพร้อมphiiapF phraawmH[is] fully equipped with; provided with; full of; well-prepared
เพียรphiianM[same as พากเพียร]
เพียรพยายามphiianM phaH yaaM yaamM[is] diligent; industrious
แพ้phaaeH[is] defeated; lost
แพ้คะแนนphaaeH khaH naaenM[was] voted down; [did] lose an election
แพ้เปรียบphaaeH bpriiapL[is] handicapped; [is] differently-abled
แพ้ผมphaaeH phohmR[is] balding; [is] losing hair; [is] "going grey"
แพ้ผัวphaaeH phuaaRhaving many husbands all of whom died earlier.
แพ้ฟันphaaeH fanM[has] tooth rot; tooth decay
แพ้ภัยphaaeH phaiM[is] overwhelmed by
แพ้เมียphaaeH miiaMhaving many wives all of whom died earlier.
แพ้เมียphaaeH miiaMdescribing a husband who is afraid of his wife
แพ้รู้phaaeH ruuH[is] outwitted; deceived
แพงphaaengM[is] expensive
แพงหูฉี่phaaengM huuR cheeL[is] very expensive
แพ่งphaaengF[is] beautiful; pretty
แพร่สะพัดphraaeF saL phatHto spread; become widespread; [is] widely talked about
แพรวphraaeoM[is] luminous; sparkling
แพรวพราวphraaeoM phraaoM[is] shiny; sparkling; dazzling; glittering
แพรวพราวphraaeoM phraaoM[of a person] [is] tricky; wily
แพล็มphlaemM[is] protruding; showing a small part of; revealing a portion of
แพล็มตาหนูphlaemM dtaaM nuuR[is] post-pubescent (i.e. retractable foreskin)
โพนเพนpho:hnM phaehnM[is] swaying
โพลงphlo:hngM[is] vivid; stark
โพลนphlo:hnM[is] bright; glowing
ไพโรจน์phaiM ro:htF[is] bright; sparkling; shiny; brilliant; flashing; lustrous
ไพเราะเพราะพริ้งphaiM rawH phrawH phringH[is] tuneful; euphonious; euphonic
ฟกfohkH[is] contused; bruised; beaten
ฟังfangM[does] sound (like...); sounds (like...); [seems to] sound (similar to...)
ฟังดูfangM duuMto sound like; "seems like..." — to seem; appear
ฟังทันfangM thanM[is] able to understand (spoken language)
ฟูมfuumM[is] soaked; flooded; saturated
ฟูมฟายfuumM faaiMextreme; extravagant
เฟอะfuhH[is] oozing; rotten; muddy; putrid; decomposed
เฟือfeuuaM[is] excessive; is left over; is in excess
เฟื่องfeuuangF[is] diffused, widespread or disseminated; [is] prosperous; [is] blooming
เฟื่องfeuuangF[is] intelligent but nerdy
เฟื้อยfeuuayH[is] long and flowing
แฟ่faaeF[is] flashy; luxurious; smart-looking
แฟบfaaepF[is] deflated; flat; out of air
ภาวะหลังชนฝาphaaM waH langR chohnM faaRto have one’s back up against the wall; [is] cornered
ภิรมย์phiH rohmM[is] pleasing; pleasurable; satisfying
ภูมิใจphuumM jaiM[is] proud of; feel proud; have a feeling of accomplishment; take pride in
มธุรสmaH thooH rohtH[is] sweet; sugary; honeyed
มธุรสmaH thooH rohtH[is] melodious
มโนรมmaH no:hM rohmM[is] satisfying; pleasing; likeable; cute
มวนmuaanM[Isaan dialect] สนุก 
ม่วนmuaanF[is] having fun; fun; amusing
ม่วนmuaanF[is] melodious; pleasant-sounding; sweet-sounding
มหัศจรรย์ใจmaH hatL saL janM jaiM[is] amazed; astonished
มโหฬารmaH ho:hR laanM[is] magnificent; vast; grandiose; gigantic; titanic; enormous
มอดmaawtF[is] extinguished; [has] perished
มอมmaawmM[is] shabby
มะงุมมะงาหราmaH ngoomM maH ngaaM raaRslowly; sluggishly; tardily; clumsily; awkwardly
มักคุ้นmakH khoonH[is] acquainted (with); [is] familiar with; [is] intimate with
มักมากในกามmakH maakF naiM gaamM[is] sexually promiscuous; slutty
มักใหญ่ใฝ่สูงmakH yaiL faiL suungR[is] over ambitious; aspire; be wild with ambition
มั่งมีmangF meeM[is] rich; wealthy; affluent; opulent
มัธยัสถ์matH thaH yatH[is] thrifty; frugal; economical
มันmanM[is] oily; fatty; greasy; nutty; crisp; starchy (taste)
มันmanM[is] flashing; shining; sparkling; glowing; bright; shiny; audacious; interesting; provoking (positive connotation)
มั่นใจmanF jaiM[is] confident; assured (in one's or another's ability)
มั่นใจในตัวเองmanF jaiM naiM dtuaaM aehngM[is] self-confident
มัวmuaaM[is] cloudy; dim; gloomy; indistinct; blurred; not clear; obscure
มัวพะวงmuaaM phaH wohngM[is] overly anxious for; worried or concerned about
มัวหมองmuaaM maawngR[is] tarnished; tainted
มั่วซั่วmuaaF suaaF[is] slipshod in one's work; jumbled, messed up, hectic, muddled, tangled
มัวซัวmuaaM suaaM[is] dim; indistinct; gloomy
มาจากปลายกระบอกปืนmaaM jaakL bplaaiM graL baawkL bpeuunM[is] under duress; to act under force
มานุษธรรมmaaM nootH thamM[is] humane
มารยาmaanM yaaM[is] deceptive; pretend; feigned; false
มิบังควรmiH bangM khuaanM[is] inappropriate; should not, ought not to; not fitting and proper
มีกระดูกสันหลังmeeM graL duukL sanR langR[is] (a) vertebrate; has a spinal column
มีแก่ใจmeeM gaaeL jaiM[is] considerate; thoughtful; [is] willing to; benevolent; kind-hearted
มีความยินดีmeeM khwaamM yinM deeMis delighted; is pleased
มีความสำคัญอย่างยิ่งmeeM khwaamM samR khanM yaangL yingF[is] extremely important
มีเงินmeeM ngernM[is] rich; wealthy
มีชื่อเสียงmeeM cheuuF siiangR[is] famous
มีน้ำใจmeeM namH jaiM[is] kind; generous; thoughtful
มีประโยชน์meeM bpraL yo:htL[is] beneficial; useful; advantageous; [has] advantages
มีผลบังคับใช้meeM phohnR bangM khapH chaiH[has] become effective; [is] effective
มีมลทินmeeM mohnM thinM[is] spotted; mottled; dotted; dappled
มีมากมายmeeM maakF maaiM[has] a lot; [is] wealthy
มีมานุษธรรมmeeM maaM nootH thamM[is] humane
มีมูลค่าสูงmeeM muunM khaaF suungR[is] very valuable; dear
มีฤทธิ์มีเดชmeeM ritH meeM daehtL[is] powerful; forceful
มีสกุลmeeM saL goonM[is] high class; honourable; socially prominent
มีอันตรายmeeM anM dtaL raaiM[is] dangerous
มีอารมณ์meeM aaM rohmM[is] in the mood for
มีระดับmeeM raH dapL[is] high class; elaborate; lavish; luxurious; fancy; first-class
มืดmeuutF[of night] [is] dark; black; having no light
มืด ๆmeuutF meuutF[is] very dark; darkly
มือขึ้นmeuuM kheunF[is] ascendant; rising; [is having] good luck
มือตกmeuuM dtohkL[is] unlucky; on the outs; declining; in decline
มือเติบmeuuM dteerpL[critical of the way one spends his/her money] [is] lavish; liberal; open-handed; large-handed; generous; free; unstinting
มือถือสากปากถือศีลmeuuM theuuR saakL bpaakL theuuR seenRhypocrite; a santimonious person
มือไม่ถึงmeuuM maiF theungR[is] incapable (of)
มือใหม่meuuM maiL[is] untrained; amateur; inexperienced; [is] a beginner
มืออ่อนmeuuM aawnL[is] well-mannered; respectful; submissive; humble; reverent
มุกmookH[is] boastful
มุ่งมั่นmoongF manF[is] engrossed (in); [has] immersed oneself (in); [is] absorbed (in); concentrating (on); working hard (on)
มุ่งมาดmoongF maatF[is] determined
มุ่นmoonF[is] anxious; concerned; apprehensive; worried
มุ่ยmuyF[is] frowning
เมาmaoM[is] drunk; intoxicated; inebriated; dizzy; sick; [has] nausea
เมามันmaoM manM[is] frantic; in a frenzy; lunatic; insane
เมามัวmaoM muaaM[is] addicted (to); infatuated (with); blinded (by); [is] crazy about
เมาหัวราน้ำmaoM huaaR raaM naamH[is] dead drunk; extremely drunk
เมาเหล้าmaoM laoF[is] drunk on alcohol
เมียงmiiangM[is] circumspect; cautious; looking sideways, [is] looking from the corner of the eyes
เมื่อยmeuuayF[of a muscle] [is] stiff; tight; sore
แม่นmaaenF[is] exact; precise; correct; accurate
แม่นปืนmaaenF bpeuunM[is] a good shot with a gun
โม่งmo:hngF[is] abnormally big; abnormally large; gigantic; over-sized
ไม่เกี่ยวmaiF giaaoL[is] unrelated, unconnected, irrelevant
ไม่เข้าเรื่องmaiF khaoF reuuangF[is] impertinent, irrelevant
ไม่ครบองค์ประชุมmaiF khrohpH ohngM bpraL choomM[is] lacking a quorum
ไม่คาดฝันmaiF khaatF fanR[is] unexpected
ไม่ชอบมาพากลmaiF chaawpF maaM phaaM gohnM[is] suspicious; mistrustful; distrustful; suspecting; doubting
ไม่ชอบธรรมmaiF chaawpF thamM[is] illegitimate
ไม่ได้maiF daiF[is] unable to, cannot
ไม่ได้ผลmaiF daiF phohnR[is] inefficient; wasteful; ineffective
ไม่ได้เรื่องmaiF daiF reuuangF[is] ineffectual; good for nothing; worthless
ไม่ได้เรื่องได้ราวmaiF daiF reuuangF daiF raaoM[is] good for nothing; ineffectual
ไม่ถือโทษโกรธmaiF theuuR tho:htF gro:htLto be forgiving; not hold a grudge against; not become angry
ไม่แท้maiF thaaeH[is] false; artificial
ไม่น่าเชื่อmaiF naaF cheuuaF[is] incredible; amazing; unbelieveable
ไม่น่าให้อภัยmaiF naaF haiF aL phaiM[is] inexcusable; unpardonable; unjustifiable; unforgiveable
ไม่แน่ไม่นอนmaiF naaeF maiF naawnM[is] erratic; inconsistent; unpredictable
ไม่เป็นชิ้นเป็นอันmaiF bpenM chinH bpenM anM[is] unsubstantial; worthless; meaningless
ไม่เป็นโล้เป็นพายmaiF bpenM lo:hH bpenM phaaiM[is] disorganized; lacking is substance; ineffectual
ไม่เปลี่ยนใจmaiF bpliianL jaiM[is] certain of mind; steadfast; unwavering in opinion
ไม่โปร่งใสmaiF bpro:hngL saiRnon-transparent; difficult to fathom; politically murky
ไม่เผ็ดmaiF phetL[is] mild (tasting); [is] not spicy
ไม่พูดไม่จาmaiF phuutF maiF jaaM[is] mute; unable to speak
ไม่มีกระดูกสันหลังmaiF meeM graL duukL sanR langR[is] (an) invertebrate; does not have a spinal column
ไม่มีขื่อแปmaiF meeM kheuuL bpaaeM[is] undisciplined; unruly; uncontrolable
ไม่มีงานทำmaiF meeM ngaanM thamM[is] unemployed; out of job; out of work
ไม่มีพิษมีภัยmaiF meeM phitH meeM phaiM[is] harmless; innocuous
ไม่แยแสmaiF yaaeM saaeR[is] indifferent; silent; keep one's peace; apathetic; unconcerned
ไม่ไยดีmaiF yaiM deeM[is] indifferent; apathetic; unconcerned; uninterested
ไม่รู้คุณmaiF ruuH khoonM[is] ungrateful; unthankful; unappreciative
ไม่รู้เดียงสาmaiF ruuH diiangM saaR[is] innocent in the ways of the world
ไม่รู้ประสีประสาmaiF ruuH bpraL seeR bpraL saaR[is] ill-mannered; unsophisticated; unpolished; uncultured
ไม่รู้ไม่ชี้maiF ruuH maiF cheeH[is] indifferent; unresponsive; careless; heedless; apathetic
ไม่รู้ร้อนรู้หนาวmaiF ruuH raawnH ruuH naaoR[is] unperturbed; calm; not subject to being ruffled
ไม่ว่างานของเขาจะล้มเหลวและก่อให้เกิดความเสียหายเพียงใด เขาก็กอดเก้าอี้แน่นmaiF waaF ngaanM khaawngR khaoR jaL lohmH laayoR laeH gaawL haiF geertL khwaamM siiaR haaiR phiiangM daiM khaoR gaawF gaawtL gaoF eeF naaenF"Notwithstanding the fact that he has failed and no matter how much damage he has caused, he refuses to step down from his position."
ไม่สบายใจmaiF saL baaiM jaiM[is] discontented; disturbed; upset; troubled; unhappy
ไม่สมศักดิ์ศรีmaiF saL maH sakL seeR[is] beneath one’s dignity; unsuitable for one’s station
ไม่สอดคล้องลงรอยกันmaiF saawtL khlaawngH lohngM raawyM ganM[is] out of step [with]; not in harmony [with]
ไม่สะอาดmaiF saL aatL[is] not clean; dirty
ไม่สุกmaiF sookL[of cooked meat] [is] rare; undercooked; still red with blood
ไม่เหลวไหลmaiF laayoR laiRreliable; steadfast; concise; understandable
ไม่อยู่กับร่องกับรอยmaiF yuuL gapL raawngF gapL raawyM[is] disorganized; inconsistent
ไม่ออกเสียงmaiF aawkL siiangR[linguistics] [is] not pronounced; silent
ไม่เอาถ่านmaiF aoM thaanL[is] a good-for-nothing; a ne'er-do-well; no good
ไม่เอาไหนmaiF aoM naiR[is] useless; incompetent; irresponsible
ยกกำลังสองyohkH gamM langM saawngRraised to the second power; squared
ย่อyaawF[is] shortened; abbreviated; reduced; abridged
ย่อท้อyaawF thaawH[is] discouraged; disheartened; intimidated; lacking in will power
ยอดด้วนyaawtF duaanF(fig.) [is] sterile; infertile
ยอมกันyaawmM ganM[is] reconciled; [is] in harmony; to compromise; come to terms; [is] in concord
ย่อมเยาyaawmF yaoM[is] moderate; inexpensive; low-priced; modestly priced
ย่อยยับyaawyF yapH[is] totally destroyed; [has] gone to ruin; [has] fallen to pieces
ยัดเยียดyatH yiiatFto crowd; [is] crowded; [is] crammed; jammed; flock; congregate; gather; mass; throng
ยันyanM[is] drunk on betel
ยับyapH[is] crushed; crumpled; wrinkled
ยับเยินyapH yeernM[is] damaged; wrecked; crushed; crumpled
ยับยั้งชั่งใจyapH yangH changF jaiM[is] restrained; be cautious; be careful; be guarded; be prudent; be careful
ยากyaakF[is] difficult; hard; not easy
ยากเย็นyaakF yenM[is] very difficult; very hard; complicated; miserable; toilsome; laborious; arduous
ยากแค้นyaakF khaaenH[is] impoverish; poor; indigent; impecunious; destitute; needy; penniless
ยานคางyaanM khaangM[is] drawn out; lengthened in speaking
ย่ามyaamF[usually followed by ใจ ] [is] emboldened; encouraged; over-confident; unscrupulous; reckless; unbridled; wilful; unrestrained
ย่ามใจyaamF jaiM[negative connotation] [is] encouraged; emboldened; rash; bold; overconfident; [is] becoming emboldened; [is] becoming bolder
ยาวyaaoM[of geometric length] [is] long
ยาวyaaoM[of time duration] [is] long
ย่ำแย่yamF yaaeF[is] unbearable; beyond toleration
ยิ่งหย่อนyingF yaawnL[is] inferior to; fewer than; less than
ยินดีyinM deeM[is] delighted; glad; happy; pleased; satisfying
ยิ้มแย้มแจ่มใสyimH yaaemH jaemL saiR[is] cheerful; in good spirits; cheery
ยืดหยุ่นyeuutF yoonL[is] elastic; flexible; resilient
ยืนยาวyeuunM yaaoM[is] enduring; long-standing; lifelong
ยืนหยัดyeuunM yatL[is] steadfast; persistent; persevereing; insistent
ยุคหินเก่าyookH hinR gaoL[is] stone age; paleolithic
ยุ่งyoongF[is] involved or entangled with in a complicated way; [people, things] muddled; messed up; [hair] tousled, untidy; mixed up
ยุ่งขิงyoongF khingR[is] highly confused
ยุ่งเหยิงyoongF yeerngR[is] messy; confused; complicated; complex; tangled
ยุ้ยyuyH[is] chubby; protruding
เย็นyenM[of an object, atmosphere, liquid, or time of day] [is] cool; cold
เย็นใจyenM jaiM[is] relaxed
เย็นยะเยือกyenM yaH yeuuakF[is] frigid; freezing; cold
เย็น ๆyenM yenM[of an object, etc.] is very cold
เย่อหยิ่งyuuhrF yingL[is] arrogant
เยิงyeerngM[is] of the woods; wild; barbaric; feral
เยือกแข็งyeuuakF khaengR[is] frozen solid
เยื้องyeuuangH[is] oblique; (on a) diagonal
เยื้องyeuuangH[has] poise; [is] graceful; elegant (esp. of walking)
แย้yaaeH[is] hanging; sagging (down)
แยงใจyaaengM jaiM[is] (emotionally) touching; moving; causing verklempt
โยyo:hM[is] provocative; instigating
โยนyo:hnM[is] gentle, tender [when combined with with อ่อน ]
รมrohmM[is] glad (with); pleased (with)
ร่มrohmF[is] sheltered; shady; protected; cloistered; isolated; quiet; screened; secluded; shaded; shielded
ร่มเย็นrohmF yenM[is] cool and shady
ร่มเย็นrohmF yenM[is] peaceful; secure
ร่มรื่นrohmF reuunF[is] shady; cool; (of weather) pleasant
รรท.rakH saaR raatF chaH gaanM thaaenM[abbreviation for รักษาราชการแทน]
รวดเร็วruaatF reoMfast; quick
รวดเร็วปานสายฟ้าruaatF reoM bpaanM saaiR faaH[is] lightning fast
รวนruaanM[is] provokative; belligerent; quarrelsome
รวนruaanM[of, for example, a frame, chassis or machine, is] askew; out of whack; haywire; [of an engine, is] troublesome
ร่วมruaamF[is] part of; joined with; of the...; united with
รวยรื่นruayM reuunF[is] refreshing
รสขมrohtH khohmR[has a] bitter taste
รอดพ้นraawtF phohnH[is] saved; liberated from; freed from
ร้อนraawnH[of temperature] [is] hot
ร้อนraawnH[of taste] [is] spicy (peppers and spices other than chilli)
ร้อนเงินraawnH ngernM[is] having financial difficulties; short of funds; in dire need of money
ร้อนจี๋raawnH jeeR[is] feverish; [does] have a high fever; [is] hot with fever
ร้อนใจraawnH jaiM[is] anxious
ร้อนผ่าวraawnH phaaoL[is] intensely hot; scorching hot
ร้อนผ่าวraawnH phaaoL[is] scorched; burned
ร้อนรนraawnH rohnM[is] uneasy; impatient; worried; anxious
ร้อนระอุraawnH raH ooL[is] sweltering; (of weather) [is] unbearably hot
ร้อนรุ่มraawnH roomF[is] impatient; enthusiastic; vehement
ร้อนวิชาraawnH wiH chaaM[is] "hot to trot" — [is] eager to show [one's] knowledge or tricks
รอบรู้raawpF ruuHexpert; skilled; well-versed; proficient, intelligent, omniscient
รอมraawmM[is] curved; bent around itself
ร่อยraawyF[is] almost used up; worn away; consumed
ระกำraH gamM[is] sad; mournful; mourning; grieving
ระกำใจraH gamM jaiM[is] filled with grief; sad; grieving
ระคายหูraH khaaiM huuR[is] irritating to one's ear; harsh; noisy
ระทดraH thohtH[is] sad; in mourning
ระทดระทวยraH thohtH raH thuayM[is] be in sorrow; saddened; sorrow-stricken; be sad
ระทวยraH thuayM[combining term with ระทด]
ระทึกraH theukH[of the heart] [is] beating quickly; [has] a quick and weak pulse (i.e. from fear)
ระทึกใจraH theukH jaiM[is] excited; shook up; disturbed; worried
ระบือraH beuuM[is] well known; famous
ระมัดระวังraH matH raH wangM[is] careful; cautious
ระรื่นraH reuunF[is] joyful; happy; delightful; cheerful
ระวังraH wangM[is] careful; cautious; wary
ระแวงraH waaengM[is] doubtful; suspicious (of)
ระส่ำระสายraH samL raH saaiR[is] disorganized; disordered; in a state of unrest; in a state of chaos
ระหกระเหินraH hohkL raH heernR[is] in exile; away from home perhaps involuntarily; unsettled
ระโหยraH hooyR[is] exhausted; debilitated; weakened; tired; enfeebled (as by hunger or illness)
ระอาraH aaM[is] fed up; bored with
ระอิดระอาraH itL raH aaM[is] fed up; fed up with; tired of; bored with
รักษาราชการแทนrakH saaR raatF chaH gaanM thaaenM[is] acting in the official capacity (of)
รังเกียจrangM giiatL[is] bothered (by); disturbed (by); averse (to), hostile or repugnant (toward); hateful; prejudiced against, disgusted with; abject to; against
รัดratH[is] encircling; binding (together); (having the effect of) gathering (up)
รัดกุมratH goomM[is] circumspect; be cautious
รันทดranM thohtH[is] sad; depressed
รันทดใจranM thohtH jaiM[is] sad; depressed; to feel sad
รับrapH[is] on defensive
รับทราบrapH saapF[is] aware; informed
รับโทษrapH tho:htF[is] punished, penalized, chastised, sentenced
รับไม่ได้rapH maiF daiF[is] unacceptable; unable to accept as a fact
ราคาถูกraaM khaaM thuukL[is] low-priced; cheap; low-cost
ร่างเล็กraangF lekH[is] small of figure or form; smallish; small-bodied
ร้างraangH[is] abandoned; deserted; separated; abandoned; desolate; uninhabited; forsaken; vacant tenantless; empty; unoccupied
รานraanM[is] cracked
ราบคาบraapF khaapF[is] subdued; crushed
ร้ายraaiH[is] bad; very bad; fierce; cruel; harmful; evil; wild
ร้ายแรงraaiH raaengM[is] serious; major; severe; harsh
ร้ายกาจraaiH gaatL[is] ferocious, malignant, harsh, terrible, vicious, wicked, severe, savage, cruel, lethal
ร่าเริงraaF reerngM[is] high-spirited; joyful; happy; merry
ร้าวรานraaoH raanMto regret; grieve; lament; feel sad
ร้าวรานraaoH raanM[is] disunited; an enemy with
ร่ำรวยผิดปกติramF ruayM phitL bpaL gaL dtiL[is] accumulating unusual wealth
ร่ำลือramF leuuM[is] rumored; repeatedly whispered around (that)
รำไพramM phaiM[is] beautiful; pretty
ริบripH[is] sharp
ริบหรี่ripH reeL(of light) [is] dim; flickering; faded; faint
รี ๆ รอ ๆreeM reeM raawM raawM[is] hesitant; uncertain; wavering; reluctant
รื่นreuunF[is] joyful; joyous; (feeling) fresh or refreshing; comfortable; enjoyable
รื่นเริงreuunF reerngM[is] cheerful; merry; jovial; hilarious
รื่นหูreuunF huuR[is] euphonious; euphonic; euphonical
รุกrookH[is] on offense
รุงรังroongM rangM[is] messy; unkempt; untidy; disordered
รุงรังroongM rangM(of fur or hair) [is] bushy; shaggy; thick
รุ่งริ่งroongF ringF[is] ragged; tattered; shabby
รุนแรงroonM raaengM[is] forceful; harsh; violent; serious; severe; strong; radical; extreme
รุ่นราวคราวเดียวกันroonF raaoM khraaoM diaaoM ganMof the same age; contemporaries
รู้คุณruuH khoonM naH[is] grateful; thankful; show gratitude
รู้จักมักคุ้นruuH jakL makH khoonH[is] acquainted with; know someone well; [is] familiar with
รู้แน่แก่ใจruuH naaeF gaaeL jaiM[is] very confident; certain; sure of
รู้มากruuH maakF[is] shrewd; selfish; greedy
รู้หนังสือruuH nangR seuuR[is] literate; able to read
รู้จักมักจี่ruuH jakL makH jeeL[is] familiar with; [is] acquainted with; know (somebody) well
รูปทรงกลมruupF sohngM glohmM[is] round- or spherical-shaped
รูปหล่อruupF laawL[is] handsome; attractive; good-looking (of a young man)
รูปหลายเหลี่ยมruupF laaiR liiamL[is] polygon-shaped
เรรวนraehM ruaanM[is] uncertain; hesitate; waver
เร็วจี๋reoM jeeR[is] very fast
เร็ว ๆreoM reoM[is] very fast; "hurry up!"; very quickly
เร่อร่าruuhrF raaF[is] awkward; clumsy
เร้าใจraaoH jaiM[is] dramatic; sensational; stimulating; exciting; exhilarating; provocative; rousing; stirring
เริงreerngM[is] cheerful; merry; joyful; hilarious; gay; fun
เริงใจreerngM jaiM[is] cheerful; jolly; spirited
เริงรื่นreerngM reuunF[is] happy; cheerful; merry; jovial
เริงรมย์reerngM rohmM[is] mirthful; entertaining; amusing
เรียดriiatF[is] in a row; [is] in line
เรียบriiapF[is] even; orderly; tidy; simple; neat; smooth
เรียบร้อยriiapF raawyH[is] neat; ready; all set; all in order; orderly; tidy
เรียบร้อยriiapF raawyH[is] polite and well mannered
เรียบง่ายriiapF ngaaiF[is] plain and simple; unambitious; carefree
เรี่ยรายriiaF raaiM[is/are] scattered about; strewn
เรื้อreuuaH[is] neglected; out-of-use; disused
เรืองนามreuuangM naamM[is] famous; well-known
เรื่องมากreuuangF maakF(fig.) [is] finicky; picky; (lit.) [does] have a lot of stories
แรงสูงraaengM suungR[is] high tension; high strength
แรดraaetF(of a person) [is] snooty; snobby; pretentious
แร้นแค้นraaenH khaaenH[is] poverty-stricken; indigent; poor; penniless
โร่ro:hF[of a color] [is] intense; dazzling
โรงเรียนเหล่าro:hngM riianM laoLmilitary academy
ไร้raiH[is] without; lacking; devoid of; in need of
ไร้สาระraiH saaR raH[is] ridiculous; nonsensical — "Balls!" (nonsense, stupid); "Blah!"
ฤชุreuH chooH[is] straightforward; upright; honest; trustworthy
ลงตัวlohngM dtuaaM[is] well laid-out
ลงพุงlohngM phoongM[is] pot-bellied
ลงสมัครรับเลือกตั้งlohngM saL makL rapH leuuakF dtangF[is] a candidate to run in an election
ล้นเหลือlohnH leuuaRsurplus; excess; superabundant
ลมจัดlohmM jatL[is] windy
ลม ๆlohmM lohmM[is] futile; empty
ลม ๆlohmM lohmM[is] very windy
ล่มจมยับเยินlohmF johmM yapH yeernM[is] wrecked and in ruin
ล้มเจ็บlohmH jepL[is] ill; sick
ล้มหมอนนอนเสื่อlohmH maawnR naawnM seuuaL[is] ill; bedridden; confined to bed; to fall sick
ล้มหลามlohmH laamR[is] crowded; jammed; congested; crammed; tightly-packed
ลวงตาluaangM dtaaM[is] delusive; deceptive
ล้วนluaanH[is] pure; absolute; pristine
ล่อใจlaawF jaiM[is] tempting; alluring; inviting
ล่อแหลมlaawF laaemR[is] dangerous; [is] risky; [is] unsafe
ล่อกแล่กlawkF laekF[is] restless; uncertain; shifty; roving
ลองใจlaawngM jaiM[is] testing another person's feelings; [is] testing another person's resolve
ล่องลอยlaawngF laawyM[is] drifting; uncertain
ล่องหนlaawngF hohnR[is] invisible; into thin air
ล่อนแก่นlaawnF gaenL[is] bankrupt; destitute
ลอยlaawyM[is] floating; transient
ลอยนวลlaawyM nuaanM[is] at large; free; free to go; unencumbered; unhampered; scott free
ลอยแพlaawyM phaaeM[is] adrift on a raft; adrift
ละอ่อนlaH aawnL[is] a novice; inexperienced; child-like
ละอายใจlaH aaiM jaiM[has a feeling of] shame
ละเอียดยิบlaH iiatL yipH[is] delicate; exquisite; fine
ลักลั่นlakH lanF[is] unsystematic; out of order; not in proper order
ลักลั่นlakH lanF[is] mismatched; incongruous
ลังเลใจlangM laehM jaiM[is] uncertain, hesitant
ลับตาlapH dtaaM[is] beyond eyesight; out of sight; not visible
ลับ ๆ ล่อ ๆlapH lapH laawF laawF[is] stealthy; sneaky; furtive; secret
ล่าlaaF[is] slow; late; tardy
ล้าlaaH[is] exhausted; fatigued; tired
ลานlaanM[is] dazzled; flustered
ลามlaamM[is] brusque; (prone to) taking liberties with a woman; forward; fresh
ลายตาlaaiM dtaaM[is] dazzling
ลำlamM[Northern dialect] [is] delicious
ล้ำสมัยlamH saL maiR[is] ultramodern; modern; up-to-date; novel
ลำบากใจlamM baakL jaiM[is] worried; depressed; distressed
ลิบลิ่วlipH liuF[is] far, far away
ลิบลิ่วlipH liuF[is] exorbitant; excessive; unreasonable; immoderate
ลี่leeF[is] pointed
ลึกleukH[is] steep
ลึกสุดหยั่งleukH sootL yangL[is] abysmal; at the furthest depths
ลืมตัวleuumM dtuaaM[is] forgetful; absent-minded
ลือชื่อleuuM cheuuF[is] famous; well-known; renowned; celebrated; eminent
ลือชาleuuM chaaM[is] well-known; celebrated; renowned; famous
ลือชาปรากฏleuuM chaaM bpraaM gohtL[is] well-known; celebrated; renowned; famous
ลุกไหม้lookH maiF[is] in flames; on fire
ลุ่มหลงloomF lohngR[is] infatuated (with); [is] enamored (with)
ลุ่มลึกloomF leukH[is] prudent; careful; discreet
ลุยluyM[of attitude or habit] [is] fearless; "ready-to-rumble"
ลุ่ยluyF[is] disjointed; dislocated; disconnected
ลุ่ยluyF[is] badly mismatched; unable to contend
ลุ้ยluyH[is] enveloping
เล็กlekH[is] small; tiny; fine; little
เล็ก ๆlekH lekH[is] very small
เล่นประชันกันlenF bpraL chanM ganM[of theater shows, for example] [are] scheduled at competing (the same) times
เล่นเพื่อนlenF pheuuanF[is] lesbian; [does] engage in lesbian acts
เล่นสวาทlenF saL waatL[is] a (male) gay person; [does] engage in (male) homosexual acts
เลวร้ายlaayoM raaiH[is] bad; evil; immoral; wicked; depraved
เลอะluhH[is] dirty; soiled; stained; messy; unclean
เลอะเทอะluhH thuhH[is] stained; soiled; dirty; filthy; stained; soiled; dirty; filthy; blemished; spotted
เละlehH[is] soft; pulpy; mushy; soggy; sodden; sloppy
เละเทะlehH thehH[is] dirty; filthy; untidy; soggy
เละเทะlehH thehH[is] disordered; disarranged
เล่าลือlaoF leuuM[is] be rumored; be widely spoken
เลากาlaoM gaaM[euphonious suffix used in กองเป็นภูเขาเลากา]
เลิกลั่กleerkF lakF[is] generally bewildered (looking); unnatural (acting or behaving); suspicious (acting)
เลินเล่อleernM luuhrF[is] careless; heedless; negligent; remiss
เลี่ยนliianF[is] fatty; oily; greasy
เลี่ยนliianF[is] flat; level; smooth; even
เลื่องleuuangF[is] rumored; suspected; speculated
เลื่องลือleuuangF leuuM[is] well known; famous; celebrated
เลือดขึ้นหน้าleuuatF kheunF naaF[is] red in the face; flushed
เลือดเข้าตาleuuatF khaoF dtaaM[is] in a rage; infuriated; enraged
เลือดตกยางออกleuuatF dtohkL yaangM aawkL[is] bloodied
เลือนรางleuuanM raangM[is] becoming dim and indistinct
แล้laaeH[is] sagging; burdened
แล้งlaaengH[is] dry
แล้งlaaengH[is] in drought [conditions] (often with a prefix of น้ำ )
แล้งน้ำlaaengH naamH[is] in drought [conditions]
แล้งน้ำใจlaaengH namH jaiM[is] without kindness; treat someone ungenerously or unkindly; not be helpful or considerate
แล้ง ๆlaaengH laaengH[is] very dry
แล้วแล้วlaaeoH laaeoH[is] completed, done, finished
โล้นlo:hnH[of the head] [is] shaven; shaved; hairless
โลเลlo:hM laehM[is] hesitant; uncertain; unsteady; changing; wavering; vacillating; fluctuating; unreliable
ไล่เลี่ยlaiF liiaF[is] just about the same; [is] on a par with
ฦาชาleuuM chaaM[ancient spelling of] ลือชา
วอกแวกwaawkF waaekF[becomes] distracted
ว่องwaawngF[is] quick; light; nimble; agile
วอดwaawtF[is] exhausted; run out; ruined; consumed; dead; completely destroyed
วับwapH[is] flashing; sparkling; twinkling; glistening
ว้าwaaH[is] lonely; (feeling) empty; [having a feeling of] solace
ว้าวุ่นwaaH woonF[is] agitated; perturbed; confused; upset
ว้าวุ่นใจwaaH woonF jaiM[is] serious; tense; strained; nervous
วางใจwaangM jaiM[is] certain; assured; (having put one's mind) at ease
วางอยู่waangM yuuL[is] located; placed at; dependent on
ว่างงานwaangF ngaanM[is] unemployed; out of work
วาบวับwaapF wapH[is] glittering,shinning, sparkling, glistening, twinkling
วายวอดwaaiM waawtF[is] ruined; destroyed; wrecked
วาววับwaaoM wapH[is] glistening; twinkling; sparkling; glittering; shinning
ว้าเหว่waaH waehL[is] lonely; forlorn; friendless; to feel lonesome
วิกฤตwiH gritL[is] deformed; altered; unnatural; strange
วิกลจริตwiH gohnM jaL ritL[is] mad; insane; psychotic; nuts; crazy
วิ่งรอกwingF raawkF[is] on the run; bustle about
วิตกwiH dtohkL[is] anxious; concerned; apprehensive
วิตถารwitH thaanR[is] peculiar; strange; eccentric; weird; irregular; unorthodox
วิบวับwipH wapH[is] sparkling; twinkling; flashing; glistening
วิบัติwiH batL[is] destroyed; in ruins; collapsed
วิปริตwiH bpaL ritL[is] abnormal; eccentric; differ from the usual; become unhinged
วิรัชwiH ratH[is] pure; clean; chaste; flawless; stainless
วิรามwiH raamM[is] beautiful; handsome
วิไลwiH laiM[is] beautiful
วิเวกwiH waehkF[is] tranquil; peaceful; quiet; lonely; desolate
วิเศษพิสดารwiH saehtL phitH saL daanM[is] extraordinary; wonderful
วิเศษณ์wiH saehtL[is] qualifying; discriminating; specifying
วิเศษณ์wiH saehtL[Thai grammar] [is] modifying
วิสาสะwiH saaR saL[is] familiar; intimate; informal
วุ่นwoonF[is] busy; in a fuss; anxious; worried; in turmoil; disturbed; in disorder; nervous
วุ่นวายwoonF waaiM[is] chaotic; turbulent; disorganized; confused
วุ่นวายใจwoonF waaiM jaiM[is] serious; tense; strained; nervous
เว้นวรรคทางการเมืองwenH wakH thaangM gaanM meuuangM[is] suspended from political activity; banned from politics
เว้าwaoH[is] concave; caved-in; indented
เวิ้งว้างweerngH waangH[is] vast; wide; open; immense; extensive
แวงwaaengM[is] long
แวบ ๆwaaepF waaepF[is] flashing
แวววาวwaaeoM waaoM[is] sparkling; shining; glistening
ไวwaiM[is] swift; quick; fast; nimble; agile; prompt
ไว้ตัวwaiH dtuaaM[is] conceited; haughty; arrogant; think highly of oneself; [is] self-important
ไว้ท่าwaiH thaaF[is] reserved; quiet; shy; modest
ศักดิ์sakL[is] able; competent; suitable
เศร้าsaoF[is] melancholy; sad; deploring; filled with sorrow or grief
เศร้ากำสรดsaoF gamM sohtL[is] downhearted; saddened
เศร้าใจsaoF jaiM[is] sad
เศร้าซึมsaoF seumM[is] depressed; sad; unhappy; downhearted; downcast; despondent; dispirited
เศร้าสลดsaoF saL lohtL[is] saddened; grieving; sad; sorrowful; distressed
เศร้าหมองsaoF maawngR[is] saddened; gloomy; depressed; sorrowful
สกปรกsohkL gaL bprohkL[is] snide; obscene
สกรรมsaL gamM[is] active
สงบจิตสงบใจsaL ngohpL jitL saL ngohpL jaiM[is] calm-hearted; peaceful inside; emotionally tranquil
สงบปากสงบคำsaL ngohpL bpaakL saL ngohpL khamM[is] quiet and silent
สงบเสงี่ยมsaL ngohpL saL ngiiamL[is] modest; reserved; mild; quiet
สงวนท่าทีsaL nguaanR thaaF theeM[is] reserved; [is] careful of one's manners
สงสัยsohngR saiR[is] suspicious
สดsohtL[is] fresh; green; not spoiled; new; newly produced or minted; raw; [colors] bright
สนsohnR[is] interested (in);
สนใจsohnR jaiM[is] interested (in); [is] attentive (to)
สนั่นsaL nanL[is] very loud; resounding; reverberating; resonant
สนิทใจsaL nitL jaiM[is] credible; trustworthy; certain
สนิทสนมsaL nitL saL nohmR[is] intimate; closely acquainted; very familiar; a confident of
สนุกsaL nookL[is] fun; enjoyable; entertaining; amusing; pleasant
สนุกสนานsaL nookL saL naanR[is] amusing; fun; enjoyable; entertaining
สบอารมณ์sohpL aaM rohmM[is] pleased with; satisfied; contented
สบายsaL baaiM[is] happy; comfortable; content; fine; well; cool; o.k.; good; nice
สบาย ๆsaL baaiM saL baaiM[is] very calm; tranquil; easygoing; comfortable
สมsohmR[is] becoming; suitable for; appropriate; conforming; worthy of
สมsaL maH[is] equal; the same; matched; equivalent
สมกันsohmR ganM[is] well matched (with); cooperative (with); united (with); fitting; suitable; proper; appropriate
สมใจsohmR jaiM[is] happy with; content with; satisfied with
สมประกอบsohmR maH bpraL gaawpL[is] physically complete; healthy; robust
สมศักดิ์ศรีsohmR maH sakL seeR[is] suitable for one's rank; worthy of one's dignity
สมส่วนsohmR suaanL[is] slender; willowy; slim; lean; well-proportioned
ส้มsohmF[of taste] [is] sour; acetic
สมควรsohmR khuaanM[is] suitable; proper; fitting; reasonable; appropriate; correct
สมถsaL maH thaL[is] tranquil; calm; peaceful; placid; quiet; restful; sedate; serene; still; undisturbed
สมองกุ้งsaL maawngR goongF[is] small-minded; idiotic; lacking common sense
สมองทึบsaL maawngR theupH[is] stupid; dull; thick-headed; stupid; dim-witted; a blockhead
สมองใสsaL maawngR saiR[is] clear-headed; bright
สมัครใจsaL makL jaiM[is] willing; ready to volunteer
สมัครสมานsaL makL saL maanR[is] united; harmonious; hand in hand; hold together
สมาร์ทsaL maatF[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] smart; [is] fashionable; well-dressed
สยดsaL yohtL[is] frightened; horrified; scared; afraid
สยดสยองsaL yohtL saL yaawngR[is] horrified
สยองขวัญsaL yaawngR khwanR[is] horrifying; terrifying; frightening
สยิวsaL yiuR[is] thrilled
สร้างสรรค์saangF sanR[is] creative
สลดsaL lohtLto feel sad; feel depressed; [is] melancholy; [is] down-hearted; [is] low-spirited; droop
สลดใจsaL lohtL jaiM[is] sorrowful; sad; regretful
สละสลวยsaL laL saL luayR[is] beautiful; elegant; graceful; well-arranged; smooth; articulate; poetic; well-stated; lyrical; melodic; euphonious
สลับซับซ้อนsaL lapL sapH saawnH[is] complicated; complex
สลัวsaL luaaR[is] dim of light; pale; faded; murky
ส่วนเกินsuaanL geernM[is] extra; surplus
สวยsuayR[is] beautiful; pretty; lovely; gorgeous; attractive; nice-looking [usually referring to women but also possibly a view]
สวย ๆsuayR suayR[is] very pretty
สวัสดีsaL watL deeM[is] safe, secure
สว่างsaL waangL[is] bright; shining; illuminated
สว่างไสวsaL waangL saL waiR[is] bright with light; illuminated
สฬายตนะsaL laaiM yaH dtaL naH[Buddhist] six sense-bases
สองจิตสองใจsaawngR jitL saawngR jaiM[is] of two minds; hesitant; doubtful; undecided
สอดรับsaawtL rapHto mesh with; [is] in sync with; [is] commensurate with
สอดรู้saawtL ruuH[negative connotation] [is] curious; snoopy; nosey
สอดรู้สอดเห็นsaawtL ruuH saawtL henR[is] nosy; meddlesome; inquisitive
สอบsaawpL[of shape] [is] tapered; cone-shaped
สะใจsaL jaiM[is] satisfied
สะดวกใจsaL duaakL jaiM[is] at ease; feel comfortable; feel right about
สะดุ้งsaL doongF[is] startled; suddenly frightened; shocked
สะดุ้งตกใจsaL doongF dtohkL jaiM[is] shocked; frightened
สะทกsaL thohkH[is] frightened; fearful; afraid; trembling; intimidated
สะเทือนขวัญsaL theuuanM khwanR[is] awe-inspiring; fear-inducing
สะเทือนใจsaL theuuanM jaiM[is] emotionally touched; [is] deeply moved or affected
สะเทือนอารมณ์saL theuuanM aaM rohmM[is] touched; deeply moved; [has] one's feelings stirred up
สะบักสะบอมsaL bakL saL baawmM[is] badly bruised; battered; beaten up; black and blue
สะบัดsaL batL[is] brusque; petulant
สะบัดร้อนสะบัดหนาวsaL batL raawnH saL batL naaoRto have a slight fever; have a hot and cold shivers
สะบั้นsaL banF[is] broken off; cut off
สะพรึงกลัวsaL phreungM gluaaM[is] dreadful; scary; awful; frightening
สะพัดsaL phatHto spread out
สะพัดsaL phatH[is] widespread
สะสวยsaL suayR[is] beautiful; handsome; fair; pretty; lovely; attractive
สะอาดsaL aatL[is] clean; spotless
สะอึกsaL eukL[is] left without answer, excuse or argument; rendered speechless; unable to respond
สังขารจะไม่ค่อยเอื้ออำนวยsangR khaanR jaL maiF khaawyF euuaF amM nuayM[is] unhealthy; too old to do something
สังวรsangR waawnM[is] careful; mindful; aware; wary
สัจsatL[is] true; real; factual
สั่นคลอนsanL khlaawnMunstable; unsteady; infirm; shaky; insecure
สั่นเทาsanL thaoM[is] shivering
สันทัดsanR thatH[is] deft; experienced; adept; proficient; expert
สับปลับsapL bplapL[is] unreliable; deceitful; deceptive
สับสนsapL sohnR[of a person's state of mind] [is] confused; bewildered; at sea; baffled; disorientated; flummoxed; muddled; nonplussed; perplexed; puzzled; taken aback
สัมพันธ์samR phanM[is] related; associated with
สาsaaR[is] suitable; proper; fitting; satisfying; gratifying
สาแก่ใจsaaR gaaeL jaiM[is] pleased
สาใจsaaR jaiM[is] satisfied; pleased; gratified
สามหาวsaamR haaoR[is] brash; rampant
สามัคคีsaaR makH kheeM[is] united; harmonious; in unison
สายตายาวsaaiR dtaaM yaaoM[is] farsighted
สาละวนsaaR laH wohnM[is] engrossed; preoccupied; busy
สำsamR[is] mixed (with); to be disarranged; confused; promiscuous
สำคัญครั้งประวัติศาสตร์samR khanM khrangH bpraL watL saatL[is] of historical importance
สำนึกsamR neukH[is] (feeling) penitent; remorseful; regretful
สำเร็จเสร็จสิ้นsamR retL setL sinF[is] complete, finished, finalized; has been completed
สำลักsamR lakH[is] suffocated or suffocating
สำส่อนsamR saawnLacts promiscuously
สำหรับsamR rapL[is] suitable (for); [is] intended (for)
สำอางsamR aangM[is] fashionable; stylish; beautiful; neat-looking
สำอางค์samR aangM[is] nice looking; goodlooking; neat
สิ้นคิดsinF khitH[is] desperate; despairing; desponding; forlorn; hopeless
สิ้นหวังsinF wangR[is] in despair; feeling hopeless
สิ้นฤทธิ์sinF ritH[is] vanquished; defeated; conquered
สีseeR[is] colored; painted; [of] paint
สีทรายseeR saaiM[is] sandy-colored
สีทองseeR thaawngMthe color gold; [is] golden-colored
สีบัวโรยseeR buaaM rooyM[the color] pinkish purple
สุกsookL[is] ripe; mature; cooked; boiled
สุกงอมsookL ngaawmM[is] mature; ripe
สุกปลั่งsookL bplangL[is] shinning; lustrous; glowing; gleaming; radiant; shimmering
สุกเอาเผากินsookL aoM phaoR ginM[is] careless; inattentive; incautious; unwary; indiscreet; reckless
สุก ๆsookL sookL(of meat) [is] cooked well-done
สุก ๆ ดิบ ๆsookL sookL dipL dipL(of meat) [is] cooked medium; half-cooked; half-baked (metaphor)
สุขsookL[is] well; happy; joyful; satisfied; content; pleased; blissful; still
สุขsookL[is] in good health; well; not ill
สุขใจsookL jaiM[is] happy and joyful in the mind
สุงสิงsoongR singR[is] friendly; acquainted with; keep company with; hold communication with; have dealings with
สุจริตใจsootL jaL ritL jaiM[is] honest; truthful; trustworthy
สุดsootL[is] finished; ended; terminated; concluded
สุดแสนจะทนทานsootL saaenR jaL thohnM thaanM[is] unable to tolerate; beyond one's ability to endure
สุดหนทางsootL hohnR thaangM[is] at the end of (one's) wits; at the end of (one's) rope
สุนัขจนตรอกsooL nakH johnM dtraawkL[is] held at bay; cornered
สู้suuF[is] better than
สู้ไม่ถอยsuuF maiF thaawyR[is] unyielding
สูงsuungR[is] tall; high; advanced
สูงวัยsuungR waiM[is] old; elderly; aged
สูงส่งsuungR sohngL[is] paramount; supreme; the highest
สูง ๆsuungR suungR[is] very tall
สูญสิ้นsuunR sinF[is] all gone; [is] exhausted; [has] disappeared; [has become] lost
สูสีsuuR seeR[is] close; approximate
สูสีคู่คี่suuR seeR khuuF kheeF[is] close; approximate
เสถียรsaL thiianR[is] stable; certain
เสถียรsaL thiianR[is] strong; firm; solid; immovable
เสนียดsaL niiatL[is] despicable; unlucky
เสมอต้นเสมอปลายsaL muuhrR dtohnF saL muuhrR bplaaiM[is] stable; constant; consistent; steady; same as before
เสมอภาคsaL muuhrR phaakF[is] equal; equitable
เสมอหน้าsaL muuhrR naaF[is] equal (to); [is] on a par (with); on a level (with)
เสาะsawL[of a person] [is] weak; frail; infirm
เสียsiiaR[is] dead; not living
เสียsiiaR[is] spent; broken; wasted; malfunctioning; defective; out of order; rotten; bad
เสียกำลังใจsiiaR gamM langM jaiM[is] demoralized; disheartened; depressed
เสียขวัญsiiaR khwanR[is] demoralized; disheartened
เสียใจsiiaR jaiM[is] very sorry; grieving; to feel bad about something
เสียเชิงsiiaR cheerngM[is] defeated; conquered
เสียท่าsiiaR thaaF[is] defeated; conquered
เสียเปรียบsiiaR bpriiapL[is] handicapped; disadvantaged; not (able to be) competitive
เสียเปล่าsiiaR bplaaoL[is] useless; fruitless
เสียรู้siiaR ruuH[is] outwitted; be taken in; fooled
เสียรูปsiiaR ruupF[is] misshapen; [has] lost its shape
เสียแรงsiiaR raaengMwasted energy; to waste energy; to run out of energy; to get tired; [is] tired; exhausted
เสียสัตย์siiaR satL[is] dishonest; disloyal
เสียหลักsiiaR lakL[is] unsteady; unstable; become tipsy
เสียเหลี่ยมsiiaR liiamL[is] defeated [is] outsmarted
เสียคนsiiaR khohnM[is] degenerated; spoiled; deteriorated
เสี่ยงเป็นเสี่ยงตายsiiangL bpenM siiangL dtaaiM[is] at the risk of life and death; [is] a matter of life and death; at the risk of death; put one's life on the line
เสียดสีsiiatL seeR[is] sarcastic; satirical; mocking (of)
เสือสิ้นลายseuuaR sinF laaiM[is] tamed; subdued
เสือหิวseuuaR hiuR[is] obsessed with; crazy about; lusting after
เสื่อมคลายseuuamL khlaaiM[is] relieved; diminished; reduced
เสื่อมโทรมseuuamL so:hmM[is] decadent; decaying; immoral; low; dissolute; declining
แสก ๆsaaekL saaekL[is] wide open; broad; in broad daylight
แสนสุขsaaenR sookL[is] very happy
แสยงsaL yaaengR[is] shivering with fear; creeped out; shuddering with fear; spooked
โสมมso:hR mohmM[is] foul; filthy; polluted; obscene; dirty
ใสsaiR[is] clear; transparent
ใส่ใจsaiL jaiM[is] mindful of
ไส้แขวนsaiF khwaaenRhave an empty stomach; [is] famish; starving
ไส้เป็นน้ำเหลืองsaiF bpenM naamH leuuangR[is] impovershed
หงอกngaawkL[of hair] [is] silver-gray
หง่อมngaawmL[is] aged; senile
หงอยngaawyR[is] sad; downcast; depressed; listless
หงุดหงิดngootL ngitL[is] irritated and annoyed
หดหู่hohtL huuL[of a person, is] depressed; dejected; despirited
หดหู่ใจhohtL huuL jaiM[is feeling] depressed
หนักnakL[is] heavy; laden; fully loaded; weighing
หนักnakL[of a medical condition or other problem] [is] serious
หนักกบาลหัวnakL gaL baanM huaaR[is] the business of; bears the burden of; [is] a burdensome responsibility of
หนักเครื่องเทศnakL khreuuangF thaehtF[of food] [is] spicy; flavored with spices (not neccessarily spicy-hot)
หนาnaaR[is] thick; (of fabric) heavy
หนาหูหนาตาnaaR huuR naaR dtaaMto grow thicker; [is] plentiful
หน้าด้านnaaF daanF[is] brazen; brazen-faced; shameless; impudent; immodest
หน้าดำคร่ำเคร่งnaaF damM khramF khrengFto look serious; strained
หน้ามืดตามัวnaaF meuutF dtaaM muaaM[is] unconscious
หน้าเลือดnaaF leuuatF[is] greedy; rapacious
หน้าสิ่วหน้าขวานnaaF siuL naaF khwaanR[is] critical; dangerous; serious
หน้าใหญ่ใจโตnaaF yaiL jaiM dto:hM[showing disapproval] [is] generous; broad-minded; kind; kind-hearted
หน้าไหว้หลังหลอกnaaF waiF langR laawkL[is] hypocritical; say one thing, do another
หน่ายnaaiL[is] tired of; bored with; offended at or disgusted with; displeased or irritated by; disparaging of
หนาวnaaoR[feeling] [is] cool; cold
หนาวใจnaaoR jaiM[is] afraid; fearful
หนำnamR[is] satisfied
หนีไม่พ้นneeR maiF phohnH[is] unable to avoid; cannot escape
หนุนใจnoonR jaiM[gives] moral support, [is] inspiring; hope-giving; encouraging
หมกมุ่นmohkL moonF[is] immersed oneself in; be absorbed in; be engrossed in/with; be preoccupied with; obsessed with
หมกไหม้mohkL maiF[is] weighed down with anxiety or bitterness; burning with anxiety or bitterness
หมดmohtL[is] empty; finished; all used up; complete; lost
หมดกำลังใจmohtL gamM langM jaiM[is] dispirited; discouraged; disheartened
หมดทางสู้mohtL thaangM suuFno way out; [is] cornered
หมดทางหนีmohtL thaangM neeRno way out; [is] cornered
หมดสนุกmohtL saL nookL[is] no fun anymore
หมดสภาพmohtL saL phaapF[is] ruined; damaged; dilapidated; out of order
หมดสิ้นmohtL sinF[is] finished; ended
หม่นหมองmohnL maawngR[is] melancholy; [is] sad
หม่นไหม้mohnL maiF[is] melancholy
หมองmaawngR[is] dull; tarnished; darkened; sad
หมองใจmaawngR jaiM[is] gloomy; blue; downcast; downhearted; despondent; depressed
หมองมัวmaawngR muaaM[is] gloomy; murky; obscure; shadowy
หมอบราบคาบแก้วmaawpL raapF khaapF gaaeoF[is] completely vanquished; defeated; crushed
หมันmanR[is] sterile; infertile; impotent
หมั่นmanLto keep on; [is] persistent; diligent
หมางใจmaangR jaiM[is] at odds with; on bad term with
หมายใจmaaiR jaiM[is] intending; aiming; expecting
หมูmuuR[is] easy; simple
หยองyaawngR[is] afraid of; frightened
หย่อนyaawnL[is] sagging; slack; relaxed
หย่อนใจyaawnL jaiM[is] (feeling) relaxed
หย่อม ๆyaawmL yaawmL[is] clustered; clumped together
หยักyakL[is] serrated; wavy; notched; jagged; barbed; toothed
หยักรั้งyakL rangH[is] drawn up high; pulled up high; hiked up; gathered up (as for clothing)
หยาบyaapL[is] crude; coarse; rough; rugged
หยาบyaapL[is] rude; vulgar; impolite; obscene
หยาบกร้านyaapL graanF[is] rough; coarse; not smooth; abrasive
หยิกyikL[is] curly; wavy; kinky; wooly; frizzy
หยุ่นyoonL[is] elastic; flexible; yielding
หยุ่นyoonL[is] flabby; flaccid
หรรษาhanR saaR[is] very pleased; delighted
หร่อยraawyL[southern Thai dialect] [is] delicious
หรุดหริดrootL ritL[is] irritated; feel irritated; annoyed; feel annoyed
หลงlohngR[is] infatuated with; enraptured by
หลงตาlohngR dtaaM[is] unnoticed, overlooked
หลงลมปากlohngR lohmM bpaakL[is] charmed; fooled; beguiled; duped; taken-in by someone's words
หลงเสน่ห์lohngR saL naehL[is] fascinated (by); charmed (by)
หลงเหลือlohngR leuuaR[is] left over; remaining
หลงใหลlohngR laiR[is] fascinated by; infatuated with; crazy about
หลงใหลได้ปลื้มlohngR laiR daiF bpleuumF[is] enchanted; mad about; infatuated with; doting on
หลวมโพรกluaamR phro:hkF[is] loose; large; to become loose
หละหลวมlaL luaamR[is] careless; heedless; reckless; negligent; remiss
หลักลอยlakL laawyM[is] homeless; vagrant; unsettled
หลังขดหลังแข็งlangR khohtL langR khaengR[is] back-breaking [as work]
หลามlaamR[is] swollen; overflowing; distended; overcrowded
หลายใจlaaiR jaiM[is] unfaithful (to one's wife, e.g.)
หลายเหลี่ยมlaaiR liiamL[is] polygonal
หลุดลุ่ยlootL luyF[is] tattered; worn-out; ragged
หลุดลุ่ยlootL luyF[is] badly beaten
หวงhuaangR[is] jealous (of); possessive; clinging; clingy; overly attached
หวงห้ามhuaangR haamF[is] forbidden; prohibited; restricted
หวงแหนhuaangR haaenR[is] reluctant to give (something) up
หวะwaL[is] dented; concave
หวังผลwangR phohnR[is] hoping for a favorable result; hoping to curry benefit
หวั่นเกรงwanL graehngM[is] apprehensive; fearful (of doing something)
หวั่นใจwanL jaiM[is] afraid (apprehensive, anxious, concerned, worried, nervous, uneasy) that something bad may happen; on tenderhooks
หวั่นป่วนwanL bpuaanL[is] concerned about unrest
หวั่นวิตกwanL wiH dtohkL[is] afraid; anxious; worried; fearful
หวาดwaatL[is] startled; frightened; suddenly roused or awakened; apprehensive
หวาดผวาwaatL phaL waaR[is] fearful; scared; afraid of
หวาดระแวงwaatL raH waaengM[is] be suspicious; doubtful; suspect; mistrust
หวาดเสียวwaatL siaaoR[is] adventurous; be soul-stirring
หวาดเสียวwaatL siaaoR[is] scary, frightening
หวานwaanR[is] sweet
หวือหวาweuuR waaR[is] exciting; beyond expectation; unexpected
ห่อเหี่ยวใจhaawL hiaaoL jaiM[is] dispirited
หอมhaawmR[is] fragrant; aromatic; scented; pleasant-smelling
หอมตลบhaawmR dtaL lohpL[is] aromatic; full of perfume; full of aroma
ห้อมล้อมhaawmF laawmH[is] besieged; thronged; throng; mobbed; surrounded
หัวแข็งhuaaR khaengR[is] obstinate; stubborn, recalcitrant
หัวดื้อhuaaR deuuF[is] stubborn
หัวเถิกhuaaR theerkL[is] balding; one's hairline is receding
หัวรั้นhuaaR ranH[is] obstinate
หัวราน้ำhuaaR raaM naamH[is] dead drunk; unconcious from drinking
หัวร้างข้างแตกhuaaR raangH khaangF dtaaekL[is] beaten and bruised; hurt; injured
หัวล้านhuaaR laanH[is] bald-headed
หัวล้านเป็นหย่อม ๆhuaaR laanH bpenM yaawmLspot baldness; Alopecia
หัวสูงhuaaR suungR[is] arrogant
หัวเสียhuaaR siiaR[is] in a bad temper; furious
หัวหงอกhuaaR ngaawkL[is] gray haired; gray hair
หัวเหน่งhuaaR nengL[is] bald; balding
หัวอ่อนhuaaR aawnL[of a person] [is] gentle; mild; obedient
หาตัวจับยากhaaR dtuaaM japL yaakF[is] incomparable; unparalleled; unique; matchless
หางขอดhaangR khaawtL[is] knotted up; hitched; curliqued
ห้ามhaamF[is] forbidden; taboo; prohibited; banned
หายสนิทhaaiR saL nitL(of a wound) [is] completely healed
หิวhiuR[is] hungry; starved; starving
หึงหวงheungR huaangR[is] jealous
หึ่งheungL[is] rotting; stinking
หืนheuunR[euphonious suffix]
หุนหันhoonR hanR[is] hasty; rash; impetuous; quick-tempered
หุ้มเกราะhoomF grawL[is] armored
หูเบาhuuR baoM[is] gullible; overly believing of what one hears; naïve
หูอื้อhuuR euuF[has a] buzzing in the ears; [feels] temporarily deafened; tinnitus; unable to hear
เหงาngaoR[is] lonely
เหงาหงอยngaoR ngaawyR[is] lonely
เห็นแก่ตัวhenR gaaeL dtuaaM[is] selfish
เห็นพ้องhenR phaawngHto agree; be in accord with; see things the same way (as); [is] unanimous
เหน่งnengL[is] shining; bright; glistering; clear
เหน็บnepL[is] numb; tingling
เหน็บแนมnepL naaemM[is] sarcastic; insolent; contemptuous; insulting; snide; ridiculing
เหนียมniiamR[is] shy; bashful; embarrassed; timid
เหนือเมฆneuuaR maehkF[is] totally unexpected
เหนื่อยใจneuuayL jaiM[of a person's state of mind] [is] very depressed
เหนื่อยหน่ายneuuayL naaiL[is] bored; tired of; uninterested; fed up with; sick of; weary of; exasperated with
เหม็นmenR[is] stinky; foul-smelling; bad-smelling; odiferous
เหม็นเปรี้ยวmenR bpriaaoF[is] rancid; sour-smelling
เหม็นหืนmenR heuunR[is] rancid; foul; strong-smelling; rank; stale
เหมาะเจาะmawL jawL[is] fitting; appropriate
เหมาะสมmawL sohmR[is] proper; appropriate; suitable; becoming
เหยเกyaehR gaehM[is] wry; woebegone; woeful; warped
เหยาะ ๆyawL yawL[is] weak; feeble; flabby
เหลวแหลกlaayoR laaekL[is] utterly destroyed; badly damaged
เหลวแหลกlaayoR laaekL[is] dissolute; dissipated; worthless; good-for-nothing
เหลาะแหละlawL laeLnot [is] serious; light-hearted; unreliable
เหลือขอleuuaR khaawR[is] incorrigible, troubled; intractable, unruly, refractory, recalcitrant, unruly, beyond control, out of control
เหลือเชื่อleuuaR cheuuaF[is] incredible; unbelievable
เหลือทนleuuaR thohnM[is] unbearable; beyond toleration; intolerable; beyond endurance
เหลือเฟือleuuaR feuuaM[is] ample; superflous; excessive; overabundant; more than enough
เหลืออดleuuaR ohtL[is] beyond endurance; intolerable; unbearable
เหลืออดเหลือทนleuuaR ohtL leuuaR thohnM[is] beyond endurance; beyond all bearing
เหวงwaehngR[is] light; weightless
เห่อhuuhrL[is] lofty; too proud; haughty; arrogant; conceited
เห่อเหิมhuuhrL heermR[is] overambitious; [becomes] bolder; [becomes] swellheaded; [is] overconfident
เหิมheermR[negative connotation] [is] bold; insolent; elated; inflated
เหิมหาญheermR haanR[is] brave; valiant; courageous
เหี้ยมhiiamF[is] savage; ruthless; cruel
เหี้ยมหาญhiiamF haanR[is] dauntless; bold; brave; valiant; valorous
เหี้ยมโหดhiiamF ho:htL[is] cruel
เหือดheuuatL[is] parched
เหือดหายheuuatL haaiR[is] dissipated; [is] dispelled
เหือดแห้งheuuatL haaengF[is] dried up; [is] parched
แห้งhaaengF[is] dry
แห้งแล้งhaaengF laaengH[is] dry; arid
แหนงnaaengR[is] suspicious of
แหนงใจnaaengR jaiM[is] doubtful (of); suspicious (of)
แหยงyaaengR[is] afraid; daunted; intimidated; cowered
แหลกlaaekL[is] crushed; [is] broken into pieces
แหลมคมlaaemR khohmM[is] sharp; clever; shrewd; brilliant
แหลมคมlaaemR khohmM[is] sharp; razor-sharp
แห้วhaaeoF[is] disappointed; frustrated
แหวกแนวwaaekL naaeoM[is] different from
แหวกแนวwaaekL naaeoM[is] innovative; different (from); creative; original; unconventional
โหดร้ายho:htL raaiH[is] atrocious; merciless; cruel; pitiless; ruthless; brutal
โหนกno:hkL[is] protruding; swollen; bulging
โหยhooyR[is] eerie
โหยhooyR[is] fatigued; exhausted
โหรงro:hngR[is] sparse; be thin; be watery
โหรงเหรงro:hngR raehngR[is] thin; be sparse; be watery
โหรงเหรงro:hngR raehngR[is] wishy-washy
โหลlo:hR[is] inferior; poor; shoddy
โหล่lo:hL[is] last; final; rearmost; hindmost
โหลยโท่ยlooyR thooyF[is] useless, good for nothing, hopeless
โหว่wo:hL[is] gaping; hollow; empty; perforated
โหวงเหวงwo:hngR waehngR[is] weightless; light; bouyant
ใหญ่yaiL[is] big; large; huge; major; enormous; extensive; sizeable
ใหญ่ผิดรูปyaiL phitL ruupF[is] abnormally big; abnormally large; gigantic; over-sized
ใหญ่หลวงyaiL luaangR[is] great; enormous; major
ใหญ่ ๆyaiL yaiL[is] very big
ใหม่maiL[is] new; modern; fresh
ใหม่ ๆmaiL maiLall-new; brand-new; very latest; new
อกตัญญูaL gaL dtanM yuuM[is] ungrateful
อธรรมaL thamM maH[is] unrighteous; irreligious; wicked; unjust; bad; evil; lawless
อนิยมaL niH yaH maH[is] transitory; unconventional; unusual; non-conforming
อกตรมohkL dtrohmM[is] sad, sorrowful
อดโซohtL so:hM[is] famished; starving
อดไม่ไหวohtL maiF waiR[is] unable to keep from (doing something)
อดอยากohtL yaakL[is] starving
อดอยากปากแห้งohtL yaakL bpaakL haaengF[is] starving; famished; short of food
อนัตตาaL natH dtaaMsoul-less; non-self
อนาจารaL naaM jaanM[is] lewd; obscene; immoral
อนิจจังaL nitH jangM[is] transient; unstable; not lasting; impermanent
อบohpL[is] stuffy; sultry; sweltering; stifling
อบอุ่นใจohpL oonL jaiM[is] comforted; warm; cozy
อยู่กับที่yuuL gapL theeF[is] fixed; immovable; settled; rigid; in place
อยู่กับเนื้อกับตัวyuuL gapL neuuaH gapL dtuaaM[is] settled, firm, definite, clear
อยู่กับบ้านyuuL gapL baanF[is] at home
อยู่กับร่องกับรอยyuuL gapL raawngF gapL raawyM[is] on track; disciplined
อยู่กับร่องกับรอยyuuL gapL raawngF gapL raawyM[is] organized, consistent, constant, dependable
อยู่ตัวyuuL dtuaaM[is] stable; steady
อยู่ในเส้นทางyuuL naiM senF thaangM[is] in the way
อยู่เบื้องหลังyuuL beuuangF langR[is] behind the scenes; to be behind (an incident)
อยู่มือyuuL meuuM[is] under control; [is] in hand; dare not violate
อยู่ระหว่างพิจารณาyuuL raH waangL phiH jaaM raH naaM[is] under consideration; under discussion
อยู่หมัดyuuL matL[is] under one's control; under another's thumb
อรชรaawM raawM chaawnM[is] slender, slim, delicate, graceful
อรชรอ้อนแอ้นaawM raawM chaawnM aawnF aaenF[is] slender, slim, delicate, graceful
อร่ามaL raamL[is] resplendent; lustrous [especially of gold]
อลเวงohnM laH waehngM[is] tumultuous; chaotic; wild; boisterous; riotous; rowdy; turbulent; unruly; reverbverating; loud; resonant; noisy; uproarious
อลหม่านohnM laH maanL[is] tumultuous; turbulent; confused; perplexed; disordered; disorderly; unorganized; in disorder; undisciplined; chaotic; disturbing
อล่องฉ่องaL laawngL chaawngL[is] nice-looking; glowing; inviting; lascivious; beautiful; attractive; radiant; gorgeous
อวดภูมิuaatL phuuM miH[is] pretentious; showy
อ้วนuaanF[is] fat; overweight; not thin
อ้วนท้วนuaanF thuaanH[is] plump; corpulent; fat; fleshy; chubby; rotund
อ้วนปี๋uaanF bpeeR[is] obese; extremely overweight or fat
อ่วมuaamL[is] worse; in bad shape; beaten
อวลuaanM[is] aromatic; full of perfume; full of aroma
อหังการaL hangR gaanM[is] arrogant; proud; conceited; self-important; haughty; impudent
ออกรสaawkL rohtH[is] enjoyable
อ่อนaawnL[is] soft; pliable; tender; [of a drink] mild, weak
อ่อนaawnL[of a girl] [is] beautiful; gorgeous
อ่อนaawnL[is] rundown; weak; faint; feeble; debilitated; effete; fragile; frail; infirm; puny; sickly; unsteady; not severe; [of drugs] mild
อ่อนaawnL[of color] [is] pale; light; ashen; bleached; faded; pallid; pasty; wan
อ่อนaawnL[of a child or cub, vegetables and fruits] [is] young; fresh; green; immature
อ่อนใจaawnL jaiM[is] discouraged; downhearted
อ่อนน้อมaawnL naawmH[is] deferential; respectful; gentle
อ่อนน้อมถ่อมตนaawnL naawmH thaawmL dtohnM[is] modest; humble; well-mannered
อ่อนเปลี้ยเพลียแรงaawnL bpliiaF phliiaM raaengM[is] exhausted; weaken; weary; fatigued
อ่อนระโหยaawnL raH hooyR[is] weary; exhausted
อ่อนล้าaawnL laaH[is] exhausted; weary; fatigued
อ่อนวัยaawnL waiM[is] young
อ่อนหูaawnL huuR[is] bored
อ่อนไหวaawnL waiR[is] sensitive (to change)
อ่อน ๆaawnL aawnL[is] very soft
อ่อน ๆaawnL aawnL[of color] [is] very pale; soft
อ่อนกำลังaawnL gamM langM[is] weak; tender; infirm; feeble
อ่อนแรงaawnL raaengM[is] weak; tender; infirm; feeble
อ้อนแอ้นอรชรaawnF aaenF aawM raawM chaawnM[is] slender, slim, delicate, graceful
อักเสบakL saehpL[is] inflamed; infected; swollen
อัดatL[is] compressed; crushed; closely packed
อัดอั้นตันใจatL anF dtanM jaiM[is] utterly repressed; frustrated; constrained
อัดอั้นใจatL anF jaiM[is] utterly repressed; frustrated; to smoulder
อั๋นanR[is] plump; fat; stout
อับapL[is at a] dead-end; at an impasse
อับจนapL johnM[is] impoverished; be poverty-stricken; be poor
อับจนapL johnM[is] at a loss (for a solution); at one's wit's end; to have no way out; [is] at an impasse; in a helpless situation; in dire straits; hard up
อับเฉาapL chaoR[is] gloomy; depressed; bleak; unhappy
อับปางapL bpaangM[is] wrecked; capsized; sunk
อัปยศapL bpaL yohtH[is] defamed; shameful; disgraceful; ignominious
อัปยศอดสูapL bpaL yohtH ohtL suuR[is] disgraced; humiliated; embarrassed [has] lost face
อัฟกานิสถานafL gaaM niH saL thaanRAfgani; of Afghanistan
อัศจรรย์ใจatL saL janM jaiM[is] amazed; impressed; astonished; incredulous
อาฆาตaaM khaatF[is] spiteful; vindictive; vengeful; implacable; malicious; revengeful; spiteful; unforgiving
อางขนางaangM khaL naangR[is] shy; bashful; coy (mostly used with girls only)
อาจaatL[is] brave; courageous; bold
อาจหาญaatL haanR[is] bold; daring; courageous; fearless
อาจเอื้อมaatL euuamF[is] presumptuous; audacious
อาชีพเต็มaaM cheepF dtemM[is] professional, not amateur
อาทรaaM thaawnM[is] concerned; [is] caring (for)
อาธรรมaaM thamM[is] unfair
อาธรรมaaM thamM[is] iniquitous; sinful; ungodly; wicked
อาพาธaaM phaatF[is] ill; sick (used for a monk)
อาเพศaaM phaehtF[is] spontaneous; changeable; coincidental; ominous
อาภัพaaM phapH[is] unlucky; ill-fated; hapless; luckless
อารมณ์เสียaaM rohmM siiaR[is] in a bad mood; upset
อ้ำอึ้งamF eungF[is] speechless; stammering; hemming and hawing
อิจฉาitL chaaR[is] envious; covetous; jealous
อิจฉาตาร้อนitL chaaR dtaaM raawnH[is] envious; extremely jealous
อิจฉาริษยาitL chaaR ritH saL yaaRto envy; [is] jealous; envious
อิดหนาระอาใจitL naaR raH aaM jaiM[is] sick of; bored; fed up; weary; depressed
อิดออดitL aawtL[is] reluctant; disinclined
อินังiL nangM[is] concerned with
อินังขังขอบiL nangM khangR khaawpL[is] concerned with; carful with; attentive to
อิ่มimL[is] full of food; [has] had enough to eat
อิ่มใจimL jaiM[is] delighted; happy; glad; pleased
อิ่มหมีพีมันimL meeR pheeM manM[is] full; be replete; satiated
อิ่มเอิบimL eerpL[is] very full with food; stuffed
อิหลักอิเหลื่อiL lakL iL leuuaL[is] uncomfortable; awkward; embarrassed
อีหลุกขลุกขลักeeM lookL khlookL khlakL[is] inconvenient; with great difficulty
อึ้งeungF[is] silent; speechless; quite; dumbstruck; tongue-tied; dumbfounded
อึ้ดทึ่ดeutF theutF[is] swollen; inflated; puffed-up; distended
อึดอัดใจeutL atL jaiM[is] uncomfortable, uneasy
อึ๋มeumR[of a female] [is] voluptuous; [has] large breasts; [is] 'stacked'
อึมครึมeumM khreumM[is] dull; dark; gloomy; dismal
อื้อฉาวeuuF chaaoR[is] scandalous; far and wide
อุกอาจookL aatL[is] outrageous; brazen; offensive
อุกอาจookL aatL[is] daring; audacious
อุณหะoonM haL[is] hot; warm
อุณหะoonM haL[is] ready and willing; "hot to trot"
อุณหะoonM haL[is] sharp; pungent; concentrated; focused
อุตริootL dtaL riL[is] queer; odd; weird; strange; bizarre; unusual
อุ่นoonL[is] warm
อุ่นใจoonL jaiM[is] (feeling) secure; happy; at ease; to have the warm fuzzies
อุ้มท้องoomF thaawngH[is] pregnant
อุลามกooL laaM mohkH[is] lewd; obscene; vulgar; indecent
เอกระaehkL gaL raH(of a person) [is] independent-minded
เอกราชaehkL gaL raatF[of a country] [is] independent
เอ็นดูenM duuM[is] loving; kind; merciful
เอร็ดอร่อยaL retL aL raawyL[is] delicious; tasty; delectable
เอวบางaayoM baangM[is] slender-waisted
เอวบางร่างน้อยaayoM baangM raangF naawyH[is] slender; slight
เอ่อuuhrL[is] full to the edge; welled up
เอางานเอาการaoM ngaanM aoM gaanM[is] diligent; persevering
เอาจริงเอาจังaoM jingM aoM jangM[is] serious; in earnest; stern; austere; rigid
เอาแต่ใจตัวเองaoM dtaaeL jaiM dtuaaM aehngM[is] self-willed; willful; selfish; self-directed; to march to the beat of one's own drummer
เอาถ่านaoM thaanL[is] diligent; persevering; industrious
เอาเรื่องaoM reuuangFnot accept to people easily; not take to people easily
เอาใหญ่aoM yaiL[is] arrogant
เอียงiiangM[is] slanting; leaning to one side; inclined; askew
เอี่ยมiiamL[is] fresh; glossy; radiant; brand-new; mint-new
เอื้อเฟื้อeuuaF feuuaH[is] considerate; helpful; generous; friendly
เอื้อเฟื้อเผื่อแผ่euuaF feuuaH pheuuaL phaaeL[is] considerate, helpful and generous; supportive; compassionate toward
เอือมeuuamM[is] fed up; bored; tired of
เอือมระอาeuuamM raH aaM[is] fed up; bored; tired of
แอบแฝงaaepL faaengR[is] hidden; lay in hiding
แออัดaaeM atL[is] crowded; congested
โอชะo:hM chaH[is] delicious or tasty; succulent or savory; ambrosial; delectable; yummy; scrumptious
โอ่โถงo:hL tho:hngR[is] grand; be magnificent; be majestic; be august; be splendid
โอนเอียงo:hnM iiangM[is] biased; prejudiced; incline; lean toward(s); to show a preference for
โอบอ้อมอารีo:hpL aawmF aaM reeM[is] generous; compassionate; benevolent; thoughtful of others; liberal; charitable; helpful
โอ่อ่าo:hL aaL[is] luxurious; immaculate; gorgeous; exquisite
ไอ้บ้าaiF baaF[of a person] [is] crazy
ฮ้อhaawH[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] 好; [is] good
ฮอตhaawtF[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] hot
ฮึกเหิมheukH heermR[positive connotation] [is] spirited; lively; active; animated; energetic; mettlesome; vivacious
ฮึกเหิมheukH heermR[negative connotation] [is] impetuous; rash; hasty; impulsive; unthinking
ฮึดฮัดheutH hatH[is] resentful; disgruntled
ฮึ่มheumF[is] dissatisfied; discontented
ฮือฮาheuuM haaM[is] popular, famed, renowned, famous
ฮือฮาheuuM haaM[is] sensational, interesting, fascinating, make a sensation, cause a sensation, attract attention, attract interest, of interest
ฮือฮาheuuM haaM[is] panicked, stampeded
ไฮเท็คhaiM thekH[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword, "high-tech" or "hi-tech"]
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