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สำนวนไทย คำเปรียบเทียบ และ อุปมาอุปไมย
Thai Idioms, Similes, and Metaphors

ไม่กระดิกหูmaiF graL dikL huuR"one who has learned the language but still can't read and write."
กบอยู่ในกะลาgohpL yuuL naiM gaL laaM"A big fish in a small pond"; a self-important person in a small community
ก้มหน้าก้มตาgohmF naaF gohmF dtaaMto be engrossed, deep or immersed in or busy doing one single activity; to work attentively; to do something earnestly
กรวดน้ำคว่ำขันgruaatL naamH khwamF khanRto sever, break off or completely end a relationship with someone
กรอบเป็นข้าวเกรียบgraawpL bpenM khaaoF griiapL[is] very poor; impovershed
กระดูกขัดมันgraL duukL khatL manMmiserly; stingy; niggardly
กระต่ายสามขาgraL dtaaiL saamR khaaRto stand firm to one’s beliefs or convictions
กระทบไหล่graL thohpH laiLto rub elbows; rub shoulders; meet, associate
กระทบไหล่ดาราgraL thohpH laiL daaM raaMto meet or see a celebrity (actor, actress, or star) in person; to rub elbows or rub shoulders with a celebrity (actor, actress, or star); to associate closely or mingle with a celebrity (actor, actress, or star)
กรุแตกgrooL dtaaekLto get a lot of money
กลับหน้ามือเป็นหลังมือglapL naaF meuuM bpenM langR meuuMto turn 180 degrees; become just the opposite; do a complete U-turn; completely change; reverse the direction of
กัดก้อนเกลือกินgatL gaawnF gleuuaM ginMto live together in abject poverty; to tolerate living in poverty
กาในฝูงหงส์gaaM naiM fuungR hohngRa person out of place; someone living about his or her class; an ugly duckling
การแบกที่หนักที่สุด คือ การแบก "จิต" ที่ ไม่รู้จัก "ปล่อยวาง"
gaanM baaekL theeF nakL theeF sootL kheuuM gaanM baaekL jitL theeF maiF ruuH jakL bplaawyL waangM
"he heaviest burden is a mind that does not know how to let go."
การปล่อยไก่gaanM bplaawyL gaiL[colloquial, figurative, idiomatic noun phrase] booboo; stupid mistake; blunder; gaffe; faux pas
กำเริบเสิบสานgamM reerpF seerpL saanR[is] insolent; impudent; emboldened
กินนอกกินในginM naawkF ginM naiMto embezzle; cheat; take money under the table
ginM namH phrikH thuayF diaaoL
[lit.] "Eat the chili sauce only from one cup." — [fig.] be faithful to your wife.
ginM bohnM reuuanM kheunF bohnM langR khaaM
[is] ungrateful
กินเหมือนแมวดมginM meuuanR maaeoM dohmMto eat very little; eat like a bird
กินเหล็กกินไหลginM lekL ginM laiR[is] indefatigable, tireless, impervious to pain
เก็บดอกไม้ร่วมต้นgepL daawkL maaiH ruaamF dtohnFto be fated to be together [from good deeds done in a prior life]; they are inseparable
เก็บใส่ลิ้นชักgepL saiL linH chakHto postpone consideration (of an issue); table a motion [American usage]
เกลียดเข้าไส้gliiatL khaoF saiFto hate someone's guts
เกี่ยวแฝกมุงป่าgiaaoL faaekL moongM bpaaLto bite off more than you can chew; try to do more than you can; overestimate own ability; your eyes are bigger than your stomach
แก้เผ็ดgaaeF phetLto avenge; to retaliate; to take revenge; to revenge; to get back at; to give tit for tat
แก้ลำgaaeF lamMto avenge; to retaliate; to take revenge; to revenge; to get back at; to give tit for tat
แกว่งตีนหาเสี้ยนgwaengL dteenM haaR siianFto look for trouble; make trouble
แกว่งเท้าหาเสี้ยนgwaengL thaaoH haaR siianFto look for trouble; make trouble
โกรธเป็นฟืนเป็นไฟgro:htL bpenM feuunM bpenM faiM[is] furious
ขนมผสมน้ำยาkhaL nohmR phaL sohmR naamH yaaM[are] equally as good; neither one better than the other
khaL nohmR phaawM sohmR gapL naamH yaaM
[are] equally as good; neither one better than the other
ขบเขี้ยวเคี้ยวฟันkhohpL khiaaoF khiaaoH fanMto gnash one's teeth in anger
ขมเป็นยาkhohmR bpenM yaaM[is] as bitter as medicine
ขโมยขโจรkhaL mooyM khaL jo:hnMburglar; thief
ขยะสังคมkhaL yaL sangR khohmM"The scum of the society."
khwaanR phaaL saakF
"Splitting hardwood with an axe." [a Thai idiom meaning] to give a task its due; to see things as they are; to be realistic [as in the English idiom "to call a spade a spade."]"
khaawngR khraiM khaawngR manM
"To each his own."
ขัดสน khatL sohnR[is] needy; in need of
ขาประจำkhaaR bpraL jamMregular (usually used with a customer); a regular
ข้ามวันข้ามคืนkhaamF wanM khaamF kheuunMover day over night
ขายผ้าเอาหน้ารอดkhaaiR phaaF aoM naaF raawtFto cope as best as one can; to make the best out of a bad situation; to play with the hand that is dealt you
khaaoF buutL bplaaM raaH
[lit.] "The rice is spoiled; the fish is rancid." — a marriage has soured."
ข้าวเหลือเกลืออิ่มkhaaoF leuuaR gleuuaM imL(of a nation) [is] prosperous and well-fed
ขี้เถ้ากลบเพชรkheeF thaoF glohpL phetHan activity which starts out good and end up bad
ขี้ราดโทษล่องkheeF raatF tho:htF laawngFto deflect blame to someone else
ขุดดินกินหญ้าkhootL dinM ginM yaaFto eke out a living; scratch out an existence
เข็นครกขึ้นภูเขาkhenR khrohkH kheunF phuuM khaoRto roll a stone up a hill; [the myth of Sisyphus]; do something impossible
เข้ารกเข้าพงkhaoF rohkH khaoF phohngMto lose one’s way; lose one’s bearings; to err due to lack of knowledge
แข็งใจ khaengR jaiM[is] courageous; patient; resolved; determined
คนเดินดินกินข้าวแกงkhohnM deernM dinM ginM khaaoF gaaengMan ordinary person
khohnM theeF henR gaaeL dtuaaM jaL maiF meeM thaangM khaoF jaiM khohnM euunL naawkF jaakL dtuaaM aehngM
"A selfish person will never appreciate anyone but themselves."
khohnM laH maaiH laH meuuM
with mutual assistance; helping each other; (working) cooperatively
คมในฝักkhohmM naiM fakL"To hide your light under a bushel basket."; [is] quietly brilliant; modest in one’s ability."
khwaamM lapH dtaaekL laaeoH
"The secret is out." "The cat is out of the bag."
คางคกขึ้นวอkhaangM khohkH kheunF waawMa poor person whom makes good and forgets his roots; having a swelled head
เคราะห์ซ้ำกรรมซัดkhrawH samH gamM satH"One misfortune after another" "When it rains it pours."
งอนตุ๊บป่องngaawnM dtoopH bpaawngLto be infused with petulance (sulkiness, bad temper, ill humour, irritability, peevishness, pique, sullenness) so much that he or she could float or fly
ngaaiF meuuanR bpaawkL gluayF khaoF bpaakL
"A piece of cake."
โง่เง่าเต่าตุ่น!ngo:hF ngaoF dtaoL dtoonL[derogatory] [is] unintelligent; brainless; dense; dim; half-witted; moronic; obtuse; simple; simple-minded; slow; slow-witted; thick; foolish; asinine; daft (informal); idiotic; imbecilic; inane; nonsensical; pointless; rash; senseless; unintelligent
โง่เหมือนควายngo:hF meuuanR khwaaiM[is] dumb as a buffalo
จงชนะผู้น้อยโดยการให้ และจงชนะผู้ใหญ่ โดยการอ่อนน้อม
johngM chaH naH phuuF naawyH dooyM gaanM haiF laeH johngM chaH naH phuuF yaiL dooyM gaanM aawnL naawmH
"You should win over your subordinates through generosity and your superiors through respect."
japL daiF khaaM nangR khaaM khaoR
to catch someone red-handed
japL bpuuM saiL graL dohngF
[lit.] "To place a crab in a winnowing basket." — "To herd cats." — an unruly group (of children, for example) in disarray
จับเสือมือเปล่าjapL seuuaR meuuM bplaaoLto get something for nothing; earn a return without an investment
เจ้าถ้อยหมอความjaoF thaawyF maawR khwaamM[is] skilled at arguing a case at law; a lawyer with a silver tongue
ใจชื้นjaiM cheuunHto feel relieved; to have a sense of relief; to feel comfortable; to feel consoled; to feel or be at ease or relaxed
ชนักติดหลังchaH nakH dtitL langR[is] bedeviled by; burdened by; to have a skeleton in one's closet
ชักหน้าไม่ถึงหลังchakH naaF maiF theungR langRcannot make ends meet; unble to live within one's means
ชั่วช้างกระดิกหู ชั่วงูแลบลิ้น ชั่วไก่ตีปีก
chuaaF chaangH graL dikL huuR chuaaF nguuM laaepF linH chuaaF gaiL dteeM bpeekL
a very short period of time; a brief moment
ช้า ๆ ได้พร้าเล่มงาม
chaaH chaaH daiF phraaH lemF ngaamM
[is] patient; take time to do a quality job; "Haste makes waste." [lit.] "Slowly makes the blade beautiful."
ช้าเป็นเต่าคลานchaaH bpenM dtaoL khlaanMvery slowly; at a snails pace; slow as a turtle
ชิงสุกก่อนห่ามchingM sookL gaawnL haamLto act prematurely; to do something before its time.
เช้าชามเย็นชามchaaoH chaamM yenM chaamM[is] performing one’s work in a perfunctory manner; working without enthusiasm; having an attitude, “another day, another dollar”; lethargic
เชือดไก่ให้ลิงดูcheuuatF gaiL haiF lingM duuMto exact public punishment on someone; cause fear among the public by singling out a few for punishment
ใช้เต้าไต่chaiH dtaoF dtaiL[informal idiom literally meaning any woman who] "uses her breasts to climb up the career stairs"—using sex or body to pave the way for her promotion. This is an intended (reversed) pun of ไต่เต้า.
chaiH naamH yenM khaoF luupF
to talk or persuade diplomatically
ซื้อควายในหนองseuuH khwaaiM naiM naawngRto purchase something sight unseen; to buy "a pig in a poke"
เซ่ออย่างกับควายsuuhrF yaangL gapL khwaaiM[is] as stupid as a water buffalo
ดาบสองคมdaapL saawngR khohmM[metaphor] a double edged sword
เด็กในคาถาdekL naiM khaaM thaaRa loyal employee; a strong supporter
เด็กอมมือdekL ohmM meuuMa minor; an innocent person; a childish person
daiF gamM raiM bpenM gaawpL bpenM gamM
to be substantially lucrative/profitable
ได้ทีขี่แพะไล่daiF theeM kheeL phaeH laiF[metaphor] to rub salt into a wound; rub someone's face in failure or defeat
ตกถังข้าวสารdtohkL thangR khaaoF saanRto marry into money
dtohkL naamH maiF laiR dtohkL faiM maiF maiF
[is] untouchable; unflappable; a survivor; steadfast
ตกรถขบวนสุดท้ายdtohkL rohtH khaL buaanM sootL thaaiH[metaphor] to miss the last train; be left out
ตบหน้าลูบหลังdtohpL naaF luupF langRto lay into someone then try to make nice; comfort someone after scolding them; balm following the lash; offend and then mollify
ตระหนี่ถี่เหนียวdtraL neeL theeL niaaoR[is] totally parsimonious; niggardly; a skinflint; stingy
ตอกย้ำdtaawkL yaamHto rub it in
ตอกย้ำซ้ำเติมdtaawkL yaamH samH dteermM[rhymed form of ตอกย้ำ] to rub it in time and again to remind (someone of something)
dtakL naamH rohtH huaaR dtaawM
"It's like talking to a wall." "Try talking to a stump."
dtangF dtaaeL maaiH jimF fanM yanM reuuaM rohpH
the entire gamut; from soup to nuts
ตาต่อตา ฟันต่อฟันdtaaM dtaawL dtaaM fanM dtaawL fanMto to toe; confrontationally; unwilling to take a step back
ตาบอดได้แว่นdtaaM baawtL daiF waaenFto receive something completely unnecessary
ตายใจ dtaaiM jaiM[is] complacent; overconfident; assured [see notes]
dtaaiM bpraL chohtH bpaaL chaaH
"To cut off one’s nose to spite one’s face."
ตำข้าวสารกรอกหม้อdtamM khaaoF saanR graawkL maawFto husk enough rice to fill (one day’s) pot — to do enough work to provide food to eat for only one day; to complete just enough for a single, temporary use
ตีงูให้กากินdteeM nguuM haiF gaaM ginMto criticize someone or take some action against someone where someone else benefits
ตีปลาหน้าไซdteeM bplaaM naaF saiMto upset someone’s applecart; to disrupt someone’s plans
ตีเหล็กตอนร้อนdteeM lekL dtaawnM raawnHto strike while the iron is hot
ตุ๊บป่อง dtoopH bpaawngL[adverbial idiom used to describe someone who is filled with petulance or something filled with gas or air] floatingly
เตะหมูเข้าปากหมาdtehL muuR khaoF bpaakL maaRto do something which inadvertently benefits someone else
เต่าใหญ่ไข่กลบdtaoL yaiL khaiL glohpLto cover up a criminal act
ถวายพระเพลิงthaL waaiR phraH phleerngMto light the funeral pyre of a dead prince or king, to cremate; to denounce someone
ถอดเขี้ยวถอดเล็บthaawtL khiaaoF thaawtL lepH"Remove the fangs, remove the claws" — [of a person] to become tame
ถอดเขี้ยวถอดเล็บthaawtL khiaaoF thaawtL lepH[figurative] to remove the fangs or the claws; to take the bite out.
ถอยหลังเข้าคลองthaawyR langR khaoF khlaawngMto be (ideologically) against forward progress; move backward in one's thinking; backslide (in status or position); reactionary; turn back the clock
ถังแตกthangR dtaaekL[is] broke; without money
ถือไพ่เหนือกว่าtheuuR phaiF neuuaR gwaaLto hold a trump card
ถือไม้เท้ายอดทอง กระบองยอดเพชร
theuuR maaiH thaaoH yaawtF thaawngM graL baawngM yaawtF phetH
to have wealth in one’s old age
thuukL japL daiF khaaM nangR khaaM khaoR
"To be caught red-handed"
ทมิฬหินชาติthaH minM hinR naH chaatF[showing sheer disapproval] inhumane, vicious, dangerous, savage, ruthless, depraved and of low birth, ill-born, low, base, degraded
ทอดสะพานthaawtF saL phaanMto encourage; initiate contact; offer an olive branch; extend a hand of friendship
thamM ngaanM dtuaaM bpenM gliaaoM
"To work one's tail off."
thamM ngaanM haamR roongF haamR khamF
"To burn the midnight oil."
ทำนาบนหลังคนthamM naaM bohnM langR khohnMto take advantage of others; profit off the labor of other people
ทำอย่างสุกเอาเผากินthamM yaangL sookL aoM phaoR ginMto botch up (something)
ที่แล้วแล้วมา ก็ให้มันแล้วแล้วไป
theeF laaeoH laaeoH maaM gaawF haiF manM laaeoH laaeoH bpaiM
"Let bygones be bygones."
thookH wiH gritL yaawmF meeM o:hM gaatL saL muuhrR
"Every crisis embodies an opportunity."
thoopH maawF khaaoF maawF gaaengM
"To take the bread out of one's mouth."
เท้าไม่ติดดินthaaoH maiF dtitL dinM[is] impractical; uppity; "has one's nose in the air"; divorced from reality
nohkH graL jaawkL maiF thanM ginM naamH
early bird; premature action
นกต่อnohkH dtaawL[negative connotation] a decoy [used to attract peopel's attention and deceive them]
นอนกินบ้านกินเมืองnaawnM ginM baanF ginM meuuangM[is] lazy; sleeps late without regard to what is happening
นอนขดไม่รู้ นอนคู้ไม่เห็น
naawnM khohtL maiF ruuH naawnM khuuH maiF henR
[is] oblivious to; completely unaware of; in another world
นอนตาไม่หลับnaawnM dtaaM maiF lapL[is] unable to sleep; troubled
นักเลงหัวไม้nakH laehngM huaaR maaiHrogue; villian; gangeter; thug; scoundrel; vagrant
นั่งกินนอนกินnangF ginM naawnM ginMto live a life of luxury; live comfortably
นั่งชี้นิ้วnangF cheeH niuHto order someone else around; be bossy
นั่งไม่ติดnangF maiF dtitL[is] unable to sit still; to have ants in one's pants (to not be able to keep still because you are very excited or worried about something)
น้ำขุ่นไว้ใน น้ำใสไว้นอก
naamH khoonL waiH naiM naamH saiR waiH naawkF
[is] calm on the outside, in turmoil on the inside
น้ำคำnamH khamM[idiom for] words; speech; phrasing; sayings; expressions
น้ำตาคลอเบ้าnamH dtaaM khlaawM baoF[is] teary
น้ำตาเช็ดหัวเข่าnamH dtaaM chetH huaaR khaoLheartbroken; grief-stricken; weaping in grief
น้ำตาตกในnamH dtaaM dtohkL naiMto grieve; [is] tormented; to cry silently to oneself
น้ำถึงไหน ปลาถึงนั่น
naamH theungR naiR bplaaM theungR nanF
[lit.] "Where there is water, there are fish." [fig.] "Where there's smoke, there's fire."
น้ำท่วมทุ่ง ผักบุ้งโหรงเหรง
naamH thuaamF thoongF phakL boongF ro:hngR raehngR
[is] pretentious; all hat and no cattle (Texas); a lot of talking with a little useful information
phuutF naamH thuaamF thoongF phakL boongF ro:hngR raehngR
to talk a lot but to say little of substance
น้ำท่วมปากnaamH thuaamF bpaakL"[Thai idiom meaning to be unable to speak or to be mouth-shut by an overwhelming influence; to be rendered speechless due to an imminent influence or one's own fear]."
น้ำท่วมหลังเป็ดnaamH thuaamF langR bpetLwhen pigs fly; when hell freezes over; no matter how long you wait, it will never happen
กินน้ำพริกถ้วยเก่าginM namH phrikH thuayF gaoLto live with one's first wife of many years
น้ำพริกถ้วยเก่าnamH phrikH thuayF gaoLone's long-time wife
น้ำพักน้ำแรงnaamH phakH naamH raaengMlabor; effort; one's own strength; one's own exertions; labor of love
น้ำมือnamH meuuMpersonal exertions; personal efforts; hand; hands; workmanship; craftsmanship; action
น้ำเสียงnamH siiangRtone of voice; attitudinal cadence
นุ่งน้อยห่มน้อยnoongF naawyH hohmL naawyH[sexual connotation] [is] naked; nude; scantily clad
baapL samH gamM satH
"One misfortune after another" "When it rains it pours."
บีบน้ำตาbeepL namH dtaaMto shed or cry crocodile tears
ใบมีดโกนอาบน้ำผึ้งbaiM meetF go:hnM aapL namH pheungFa person who speaks sarcastically with gentle words; who criticizes with honey-coated words
ประชดประเทียดเสียดสีbpraL chohtH bpraL thiiatF siiatL seeR[is] satirical; ironical; acid; biting; caustic; cynical; sardonic; sarky (Brit. informal)
ปล่อยไก่bplaawyL gaiL[colloquial, figurative, idiomatic verb] to make a stupid or careless mistake; to blunder
ปล่อยนกปล่อยกาbplaawyL nohkH bplaawyL gaaMto give something or someone freedom; release from control; - remove someone’s obligations
ปลาได้น้ำbplaaM daiF naamH[lit.] a fish in water [fig.] "happy as a clam"
ปากเป็นชักยนต์bpaakL bpenM chakH yohnMto talk without stopping; is a motor-mouth
ปิดทองหลังพระbpitL thaawngM langR phraH[a Thai idiom meaning] to not seek praise for one's good deeds; to do good by stealth
ปิดประตูตีแมวbpitL bpraL dtuuM dteeM maaeoMto bully someone who does not have the ability to fight back; to mistreat someone behind closed doors; to exercise authority against a weaker person.
ปี่แตกbpeeL dtaaekL"to cry a river over or for someone."
เป็นบ้าเป็นหลังbpenM baaF bpenM langR[of one's infatuation for a person or thing] too earnest; too serious; wildly; madly
เป็นฝั่งเป็นฝาbpenM fangL bpenM faaR[is] married; settled down
bpaiM naiR maaM saamR waaM saawngR saawkL
to engage in misdirection; to give a nonresponsive answer; to respond with a non sequitur
ผักชีโรยหน้าphakL cheeM rooyM naaF[metaphor] window dressing; gilding; improvements only on the surface
ผิดตาphitL dtaaMunusual; untoward; strange
ผิดผีphitL pheeRto violate custom or tradition; [especially] to have pre-marital relations with a woman from the north or northeast of Thailand
ผิดฝาผิดตัวphitL faaR phitL dtuaaM[is] misshapen; mismatched; mistaken
ผิดเมียphitL miiaM[of a man] to commit adultery
ผิดสำแดงphitL samR daaengMto eat poisonous food
pheeR samH gamM satH
"One misfortune after another" "When it rains it pours."
pheeR seuuaF raaM dtreeM
"Lady of the night." — prostitute
ผู้ชายพายเรือphuuF chaaiM phaaiM reuuaMordinary joe; regular guy
ผู้หญิงกับผู้ชาย เวลาทานข้าวด้วยกัน ถ้าผู้ชายเป็นคนจ่าย แสดงว่า เค้าเป็นแฟนกัน ถ้าผู้หญิงเป็นคนจ่าย แสดงว่าเค้าเป็นสามีภรรยากัน
phuuF yingR gapL phuuF chaaiM waehM laaM thaanM khaaoF duayF ganM thaaF phuuF chaaiM bpenM khohnM jaaiL saL daaengM waaF khaaoH bpenM faaenM ganM thaaF phuuF yingR bpenM khohnM jaaiL saL daaengM waaF khaaoH bpenM saaR meeM phanM raH yaaM ganM
"When you see a man and a woman having dinner together, if the man pays the bill, you will know that they are not married. However, if the woman pays the ill, you can know that they are husband and wife."
เผาพริกเผาเกลือphaoR phrikH phaoR gleuuaMto put a spell on; put a curse on someone
เผือกร้อนpheuuakL raawnH"hot potato"; a difficult or controversial issue
แผลใจphlaaeR jaiMlove's wound
fohnR dtohkL maiF meeM khaaoH
"Things happen unexpectedly."
ฝรั่งขี้นกfaL rangL kheeF nohkH[showing disapproval] a Thai follower of European of American customs; a Thai who puts on airs as if he or she was a Westerner; a Thai who apes Westerners
ฝากเนื้อฝากตัวfaakL neuuaH faakL dtuaaMto attach oneself to somebody; become dependent on someone else
พรายกระซิบphraaiM graL sipHa little birdy told me; undisclosed source of information
พริกกะเกลือphrikH gaL gleuuaM[are] at odds with each other; incompatible (fight like cats and dogs)
พายุในถ้วยชาphaaM yooH naiM thuayF chaaMtempest in a teapot [American]; storm in a teacup [British]
ไพเราะเพราะพริ้งphaiM rawH phrawH phringH[is] tuneful; euphonious; euphonic
faangM senF sootL thaaiH
the last straw; the straw that broke the camel's back
ฟ้าประทานสวรรค์สร้างfaaH bpraL thaanM saL wanR saangFthe best thing one could ever wish for; a gift from heaven
มองหน้ากันไม่ติดmaawngM naaF ganM maiF dtitLto disagree with each other; see things differently
มังกรไร้หัวmangM gaawnM raiH huaaR[is] leaderless; without leadership
maaM gaawnL gaiL
"Come before the chicken." — to arrive very early in the morning."
มาหลายวันแล้วmaaM laaiR wanM laaeoHa few days ago; many days ago
มีดโกนอาบน้ำผึ้งmeetF go:hnM aapL namH pheungFa person who speaks sarcastically with gentle words; who criticizes with honey-coated words
มีทองเท่าหนวดกุ้ง นอนสะดุ้งจนเรือนไหว
meeM thaawngM thaoF nuaatL goongF naawnM saL doongF johnM reuuanM waiR
to become too paranoid or panic-stricken over one's inconsiderable amount of wealth
มือก็ไกว ดาบก็แกว่ง
meuuM gaawF gwaiM daapL gaawF gwaengL
"The hand that rocks the cradle also wields the sword."
มือขวาmeuuM khwaaRrighthand; right-hand person; specialty; right-hand man.
meuuM khraiM yaaoM saaoR daiF saaoR aoM
whoever has the longest reach reaps the rewards; lining one’s own pockets to the detriment of others; only the aggressive are successful; grabbing for everything one can
มือเติบmeuuM dteerpL[critical of the way one spends his/her money] [is] lavish; liberal; open-handed; large-handed; generous; free; unstinting
maaeH jaL maiF phaawM jaiM gaawF yangM saL daaengM seeR naaF yimH yaaemH
"Calm on the outside, in turmoil in the inside." "Even though he may look happy on the outside, he is seething on the inside."
แมวเฝ้าปลาย่างmaaeoM faoF bplaaM yaangF"Letting the fox guard the henhouse"
maaiH glaiF fangL
"One foot in the grave."
ไม้ป่าเดียวกันmaaiH bpaaL diaaoM ganMa group composed of people with a common interest or characteristic; birds of a feather; a group of gays or lesbian
ไม่มีขี้ตีนmaiF meeM kheeF dteenM[is] incomparable; has no equal
ไม่รู้ประสีประสาmaiF ruuH bpraL seeR bpraL saaR[is] ill-mannered; unsophisticated; unpolished; uncultured
ไม่เว้นแต่ละวันmaiF wenH dtaaeL laH wanMevery day; daily; day in day out
ไม่เห็นโลงศพ ไม่หลั่งน้ำตา
maiF henR lo:hngM sohpL maiF langL namH dtaaM
to misperceive the consequences of one’s actions; be shortsighted; fail to appreciate unintended consequences
ยกตนข่มท่านyohkH dtohnM khohmL thanFto bluster; make oneself superior to others
ยักย้ายถ่ายเทyakH yaaiH thaaiL thaehMto search for a remedy; look for a solution
ยากเย็นแสนเข็ญyaakF yenM saaenR khenRvery difficult; very hard and complicated; arduous; extremely demanding; laborious; onerous; strenuous; uphill
ย่ามใจ yaamF jaiM[negative connotation] [is] encouraged; emboldened; rash; bold; overconfident; [is] becoming emboldened; [is] becoming bolder
yingF khaawyM gaawF yingF chaaH
"The longer you wait, the slower things happen." "A watched pot never boils."
yingM natH diaaoM daiF nohkH saawngR dtuaaM
to kill two birds with one stone
ยื่นหมูยื่นแมวyeuunF muuR yeuunF maaeoMto give something in exchange; sway; provide a quid pro quo
โยนหินถามทางyo:hnM hinR thaamR thaangMto launch a trial ballon; test the waters; take a shot in the dark
rohtH niH yohmM suungR raaiM daiF dtamL
to have expensive tastes, but low income; "champaign tastes on a beer budget"
ร้องเหมือนควายถูกเชือดraawngH meuuanR khwaaiM thuukL cheuuatFto cry out loud in extreme pain; scream like a stuck pig
ร้องไห้ร้องห่มraawngH haiF raawngH hohmL[สะอึกสะอื้น]
ร้อยเล่มเกวียนraawyH lemF gwiianMhighly, very much, incredibly (in a negative sense), beyond comprehension
rapH chuaangF ngaanM laaeoH saanR dtaawL
"To fill (or step into) somebody's shoes."
รื่นหูreuunF huuR[is] euphonious; euphonic; euphonical
รุ่นแตกลายงาroonF dtaaekL laaiM ngaaM[is] aged; of old age; wrinkled and wizened
ruuH khaoR ruuH raoM
"To recognize others' emotions (e.g. your spouse)."
รู้เขารู้เราruuH khaoR ruuH raoMto know one's enemy; understand another's strengths and weaknesses
รู้เช่นเห็นชาติruuH chenF henR chaatFto understand someone; know someone’s inner workings; know someone's true colors; know someone's behaviors (usually bad ones), their stands, points of view, and backgrounds very well, but do not know them personally
เร่งมือrengF meuuMto hurry or speed up [the work]
เรียบร้อยโรงเรียนจีนriiapF raawyH ro:hngM riianM jeenM[is] complete; finished
เรือสองน้ำเรือสามน้ำreuuaM saawngR naamH reuuaM saamR naamHboats used for a few years
โรคภัยไข้เจ็บro:hkF phaiM khaiF jepLdiseases; ailments
ฤๅษีเลี้ยงเต่าreuuM seeR liiangH dtaoL(metaphor) a government of geriatric and unresponsive leaders
ฤๅษีเลี้ยงลิงreuuM seeR liiangH lingMto bring up unruly children — "Like herding cats."
ลงหลักปักฐานlohngM lakL bpakL thaanRto settle or settle in a place, settle down in; put down stakes in
ลบรอยตีนตะขาบlohpH raawyM dteenM dtaL khaapLto erase the history of military intervention in politics
ล่มกลางอ่าวlohmF glaangM aaoLto fail miserably; become unsuccessful
luaangH khaawM nguuM haoL
"To put one's head in the lion's mouth."
ลับลมคมในlapH lohmM khohmM naiM[is] mysterious, secretive, furtive, hidden, concealed, suspicious
ลิงแก้แหlingM gaaeF haaeR(creating) confusion and havoc; [lit.] a monkey trying to repair a fishing net
ลืมหูลืมตาleuumM huuR leuumM dtaaMto have a look around
ลุ่ม ดอน loomF loomF daawnM daawnMundulating; inconsistent
ลุ่ม ดอน loomF loomF daawnM daawnMlife's ups and downs
ลูกมือluukF meuuMunderling; assistant; helper; workmen
liiangH luukF seuuaR luukF jaawM raH khaehF
to bring an enemy into your home; harbor subversive agents; care for an enemy within
เลียแผลliiaM phlaaeRto lick one's wounds: to recover from defeat or disappointment
เลือดในอกleuuatF naiM ohkL(one's) child
wuaaM gaaeL ginM yaaF aawnL
"Old bull eats soft grass." — [referring to] the marriage between an older man and a younger woman."
วัวเคยขาม้าเคยขี่wuaaM kheeuyM khaaR maaH kheeuyM kheeL[is] familiary with; understanding of; sympathetic with
วัวตายควายล้มwuaaM dtaaiM khwaaiM lohmH[is] handsome; drop-dead gorgeous
วัวพันหลักwuaaM phanM lakLto go round and round; go nowhere
วัวไม่มีหลัก ฟักไม่มีร้าน
wuaaM maiF meeM lakL fakH maiF meeM raanH
homeless person; someone without roots
วัวลืมตีนwuaaM leuumM dteenMa person who forgets his humble roots
วิมานในอากาศwiH maanM naiM aaM gaatLcastles in the air; fanciful ideas; daydreams
เวรจงแก้ แต่อย่าก่อ
waehnM johngM gaaeF dtaaeL yaaL gaawL
"We should undo wrongs and do no evil." "In this lifetime, it is advisable that you do not make sins. In case you were born with them, redress them."
ไว้ลายwaiH laaiM"to leave behind one’s reputation; to stand on one’ dignity."
ศาลเตี้ยsaanR dtiiaFkangaroo court; court of free will
สมภารกินไก่วัดsohmR phaanM ginM gaiL watHa superior taking advantage of his position to extract sexual favors
sohmR phaanM huaangR gaiL watH
"A dog in the manger."
สมรู้ร่วมคิดsohmR ruuH ruaamF khitHto work hand in glove with someone; to be an accomplice or henchman
สมองปลาทองsaL maawngR bplaaM thaawngMto have a short memory deficit; is unable to remember things for very long
สมองหมาปัญญาควายsaL maawngR maaR bpanM yaaM khwaaiM[is] stupid; insipid; foolish
สวมหัวโขนsuaamR huaaR kho:hnR[metaphor] to occupy a high government position or to have a high rank in society and thus to become cocky and enjoys exercising one’s power.
สวรรค์อยู่ในอก นรกอยู่ในใจ
saL wanR yuuL naiM ohkL naH rohkH yuuL naiM jaiM
"We are responsible for our own happiness and sadness." "Our fates lie within us." "The fault... is not in our stars, But in ourselves" (Shakespeare)." "Heaven lies within our souls; hell lurks inside our hearts."
สองจิตสองใจsaawngR jitL saawngR jaiM[is] of two minds; hesitant; doubtful; undecided
saawnR jaawM raH khaehF waaiF naamH
"[lit.] "To teach a crocodile how to swim." "To teach grandma how to suck eggs." — to tell someone how to do something that they already know well."
สอนหนังสือสังฆราชsaawnR nangR seuuR sangR khaH raatFto teach your grandmother to suck eggs
saL aatL iiamL riiamF rehH raehM raiM
[is] as neat as a new pin
สากกระเบือยันเรือรบsaakL graL beuuaM yanM reuuaM rohpHeverything under the sun; from soup to nuts; full service
สามล้อถูกหวยsaamR laawH thuukL huayRa person who unexpectedly obtains a large amount of money then quickly loses or spends it all
saaoR saiF haiF gaaM ginM
"To wash dirty linen in public."
สาวหมวกแดงsaaoR muaakL daaengMRed Riding Hood
สำออย samR aawyMto implore; to wheedle; coax; cajole; entice; inveigle; persuade; to beseech in a solicitous manner
สำออย samR aawyMto pretend to cry or be teary [to gain sympathy]
สิงห์อมควันsingR ohmM khwanMheavy smoker; a person addicted to tobacco
สิ้นพยศsinF phaH yohtHto become tame.
เสกสรรค์ปั้นเรื่องsaehkL sanR bpanF reuuangFto spin a yarn
เส้นผมบังภูเขาsenF phohmR bangM phuuM khaoR"A strand of hair before the eye obscures whole mountains; A leaf before the eye shuts out mountains; is unable to see the woods for the trees."
เสียงนกเสียงกาsiiangR nohkH siiangR gaaMuninformed chatter; noise of the ignorant crowd; ideas or opinions of those out of powerless; irrelevant opinions of the powerless
เสือนอนกินseuuaR naawnM ginMindependently wealthy person; person living off investments; rentier
ไส้กลวงsaiF gluaangM[figurative] [of feelings] having an empty feeling in the stomach; [of appearances] deceptive; [of objects] having a hollow cavity or center; [of plants] having a hollow center in the fruits due to lack of calcium and boron
yaaF bpaakL khaawkF
"Grass at the entrance to the stall." — easy pickings; low-hanging fruit
หนักเอาเบาสู้nakL aoM baoM suuFa person who tries very hard and is willing to take any work he can get
naaF dtaangL meeM huuR bpraL dtuuM meeM chaawngF
"The walls have ears." "Loose talk is often overheard."
หน้านิ่วคิ้วขมวดnaaF niuF khiuH khaL muaatL[หน้างอ]
หนามยอกอกnaamR yaawkF ohkLa thorn in the side; an irritation
หน้าสู้ดินหลังสู้ฟ้าnaaF suuF dinM langR suuF faaH[is] hard-working; engaging in back-breaking labor; working as a farmer, bent over planting rice
หน้าใหญ่ใจโตnaaF yaiL jaiM dto:hM[showing disapproval] [is] generous; broad-minded; kind; kind-hearted
noomL thangH thaaengF maaM ginM dtaaengM thaoR dtaaiM
a young man taking an older woman as a wife
หมดตูดmohtL dtuutL[is] flat broke; busted; out of money; to lose one's shirt
matL lekL gapL thoongR meuuM gamM maH yeeL
an iron fist in a velvet glove
หมาตาย เห็บโดดmaaR dtaaiM hepL do:htLRats abandoning a sinking ship.
หมาในรางหญ้าmaaR naiM raangM yaaFA dog in a manger
หมามองปลากระป๋องmaaR maawngM bplaaM graL bpaawngRsomeone chasing the unattainable; a young man chasing after a girl above his social status or a girl who is not interested in him
หมาหยอกไก่maaR yaawkL gaiLa person who toys with another person’s affections
หมูไปไก่มาmuuR bpaiM gaiL maaM[is] mutually dependent
หยิกเล็บ เจ็บเนื้อ
yikL lepH jepL neuuaH
"When you throw mud at someone, you get dirty too."
หลังติดฝาlangR dtitL faaRto have one's back to/against the wall (to have very serious problems which limit the ways in which you can act)
หลังพิงฝาlangR phingM faaRto have one's back against the wall (figuratively)
หว่านพืชหวังผลwaanL pheuutF wangR phohnRto plant a seed and hope for the best
หั่นเป็นชิ้นพอคำhanL bpenM chinH phaawM khamMto cut into bite-sized pieces
หัวกระไดไม่แห้งhuaaR graL daiM maiF haaengFto have many guests coming and going to one's house, especially suitors visiting one's eligible daughter
หัวเราะจนฟันกระเด็นhuaaR rawH johnM fanM graL denMto laugh oneself silly; laugh so hard that one’s teeth shake
หัวล้านได้หวีhuaaR laanH daiF weeRto receive something completely unnecessary
หาเข็มบนภูเขาhaaR khemR bohnM phuuM khaoRto find a needle in a haystack
หาเช้ากินค่ำhaaR chaaoH ginM khamFto live from hand to mouth; [is] just able to put food on the table but not to accumulate wealth
หามรุ่งหามค่ำhaamR roongF haamR khamFday and night; around the clock; all the time
หายเข้ากลีบเมฆhaaiR khaoF gleepL maehkFto disappear; vanish
หาเหาใส่หัวhaaR haoR saiL huaaRto cause yourself unnecessary trouble
หุ่นไม่ให้ แต่ใจรัก
hoonL maiF haiF dtaaeL jaiM rakH
"The spirit is willling, but the flesh is weak."
หูฝาดhuuR faatLto hear things; to hear mistakenly, to mishear; acoustic or audio illusion
เหงื่อกาฬแตกngeuuaL gaanM dtaaekL[used in spoken Thai] to break out into a cold sweat; to sweat profusely at the moment before one is dying
เห็นกงจักรเป็นดอกบัวhenR gohngM jakL bpenM daawkL buaaMto mistakenly seen wrong for right; see something destructive as beneficial
เห็นขี้ดีกว่าไส้henR kheeF deeM gwaaL saiFto believe that others are better than members of one's own family
เหมือนกันราวกับแกะmeuuanR ganM raaoM gapL gaeL[two objects or persons] to look exactly identical—see notes.
เหยียบขี้ไก่ไม่ฝ่อyiiapL kheeF gaiL maiF faawL[is] lazy; indolent; failing to make any effort to get something done.
เหยียบตาปลาตัวเองyiiapL dtaaM bplaaM dtuaaM aehngMto shoot oneself in the foot; do harm to oneself
yiiapL reuuaM saawngR khaaemM
"To run with the hare and hunt with the hounds."
เหรียญอีกด้านหนึ่งriianR eekL daanF neungL[metaphoric] the other side of the coin
อดตาหลับขับตานอนohtL dtaaM lapL khapL dtaaM naawnMto go without sleep; to be burning the midnight oil
ohmM phraH bpraL thaanM maaM phuutF gaawF maiF cheuuaF
"Even if you put a Buddha in your mouth while you are talking, I won't believe you."
อยากพูดดีพูดเก่ง ต้องอ่าน
yaakL phuutF deeM phuutF gengL dtawngF aanL
"If you want to speak well and intelligently, you must read." "Reading is critical to speaking articulately and intelligently."
อลวนอลเวงohnM laH wohnM ohnM laH waehngMdisordered; chaotic; disorganized; jumbled; mixed up; topsy-turvy; untidy; tumultuous; wild; boisterous; turbulent; unruly and noisy; uproarious
อะไรจะเกิด มันต้องเกิด
aL raiM jaL geertL manM dtawngF geertL
"Whatever will be, will be; que sera sera."
อ้าขาผวาปีกaaF khaaR phaL waaR bpeekLto create trouble for oneself by accepting an unnecessary responsibilities or burdens
aapL naamH raawnH maaM gaawnL
"I've been through this before; I therefore have had more experience than you." “Been there, done that”
อาบเหงื่อต่างน้ำaapL ngeuuaL dtaangL naamHmake a living by hard labor
อาภัพเหมือนปูนaaM phapH meuuanR bpuunMto have one's hard work ignored
อิจฉาตาร้อนitL chaaR dtaaM raawnH[is] envious; extremely jealous
อู่ข้าวอู่น้ำuuL khaaoF uuL naamHbreadbasket; rice bowl (metaphorically); land of plenty
aoM jaiM khaoR maaM saiL jaiM raoM
to empathize or put yourself in somebody' place (or position or shoes)
เอาหัวเดินต่างตีนaoM huaaR deernM dtaangL dteenMto do what is virtually impossible to do
เอื้อเฟื้อเผื่อแผ่euuaF feuuaH pheuuaL phaaeL[is] considerate, helpful and generous; supportive; compassionate toward
ไอ้แก่หัวงูaiF gaaeL huaaR nguuM[colloquial expletive idiom showing strong disapproval] a dirty rotten tricky old man who likes to seduce or like seducing young girls
ไฮโซบัตโลว์คลาสhaiM so:hM batL lo:hM khlaatFhigh-society but low-class" — [Thai slang for] a socialite who is crude, vulgar, indecent, inelegant and unsophisticated [usually gay male jargon]
bplaaM maawR dtaaiM phrawH bpaakL
"People who talk too much create problems for themselves."
luukF maiH lohnL maiF glaiM dtohnF
"Children most often resemble their parents."
อยากได้ยินความจริง จงฟังใจสิ่งที่เขาไม่ได้พูด
yaakL daiF yinM khwaamM jingM johngM fangM jaiM singL theeF khaoR maiF daiF phuutF
"If you want to hear the truth, you should listen to what someone does not say." "If you want to hear the truth, listen to the true intentions behind what they say."
ไม่มีปี่มีขลุ่ยmaiF meeM bpeeL meeM khluyLwithout fanfare; unannounced; without warning
ติเรือทั้งโกลนdtiL reuuaM thangH glo:hnMto condemn something before knowing the facts
dtiL kho:hnR yangM maiF daiF dtaengL dtuaaM
to condemn something before knowing the facts
ตีนไม่ถือ มือไม่ต้องdteenM maiF theuuR meuuM maiF dtawngFto sit around doing nothing
ผู้ดีแปดสาแหรกphuuF deeM bpaaetL saaR raaekLa person of high birth; a person who acts like an aristocrat
ตีนหนาหน้าบางdteenM naaR naaF baangM[is] a hard worker
ผู้ดีตีนแดงphuuF deeM dteenM daaengMa high-class person; bourgeois ; bourgeoisie
ไม่เป็นสับปะรดmaiF bpenM sapL bpaL rohtH[is] good for nothing; ineffective
ไม่เป็นโล้เป็นพายmaiF bpenM lo:hH bpenM phaaiM[is] disorganized; lacking is substance; ineffectual
ลิงหลอกเจ้าlingM laawkL jaoFto make fun of someone in power
ยื่นแก้วให้วานรyeuunF gaaeoF haiF waaM naawnMto cast pearls before swine
ปล่อยลูกนกลูกกาbplaawyL luukF nohkH luukF gaaMto give someone their freedom
นกปีกหักnohkH bpeekL hakLto fall on hard times
กบในกะลาgohpL naiM gaL laaMa person of limited perspective; an uneducated person who believes that he knows a lot
ไก่ได้พลอยgaiL daiF phlaawyMto get something for which one is not worthy
ลูกไก่ในกำมือluukF gaiL naiM gamM meuuM[is] under one's total control; maleable
แมวนอนหวดmaaeoM naawnM huaatL[is] honest and straightforward
ความวัวไม่ทันหาย ความควายเข้ามาแทรก
khwaamM wuaaM maiF thanM haaiR khwaamM khwaaiM khaoF maaM saaekF
"One bad thing happening after another" "When it rains, it pours."
กระดังงาลนไฟgraL dangM ngaaM lohnM faiM"singed ilang flower" — a woman with lots of sensual and sexual experiences in store, making her considerably attractive; a woman who has been married before knows how to please a husband
เล็กพริกขี้หนูlekH phrikH kheeF nuuR[is] small but powerful; mighty-mite
ฟังไม่ได้ศัพท์ จับเอามากระเดียด
fangM maiF daiF sapL japL aoM maaM graL diiatL
to jump to the wrong conclusion; to act incorrectly based on something one hears; to pass on erroneous information because of failure to listen; to misunderstand what someone said and pass on or act on the wrong information
ใส่ตะกร้าล้างน้ำsaiL dtaL graaF laangH naamHto make a silk purse out of a sow's ear; reestablish someone's bad name; a girl's parents making good their daughter's reputation after an incident or history which damaged her reputation

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